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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

The beast within part 2

Updated - 17/1/18 - 1am

Next Update - /1/18  ( i'm tied up with work this couple of days, will update once possible ) 


Peggy was struggling to cover her privates as she sobbed on the table. Poon slapped her several times on her stomach and breast, leaving the imprint of her fat palm print on her skin. 

You could see the redness slowly surfacing as the struggle continued. Poon’s expression however was one was pure pleasure. That look on her face, there is nothing to hide the pleasure she derives from hurting and humiliating Peggy. 

How can anyone do this to her own daughter ? Where is the source of her profound hate coming from ? 

I went over to my friends, eager to share the new information I got from Soh , but the moment we gathered into a group, Poon hailed for us to go over to the table. 

Poon : come here… come over here !!! hahahah…. 

Her friend Nancy went over to the door and locked it before walking back. 

Jim : Stop hitting her…. enough… 

Poon chuckled and shook her head. 

Poon : This is the problem with you men…. Everyone wants to save the damsel in distress….sheeesh….. why ? … you see her…. very poor thing is it ?? makes you want to do something chivalrous ?? then what >?? Show her you are a good man….. that she can trust you….. then you can fuck her ??? hahaha… 

Poon added as she left Peggy alone, walking towards us. 

Poon : I know men….. I know all manners of men…. Every character…. Every one… hahaha….i know deep down… what you all think and want…. So don’t come and pretend to be all gentlemanly in this room…. Hahahah… 

Poon took a glass of alcohol from her friend and drank it. 

Poon : In this room…. Don’t worry… you won’t be judged….hahha…. you want to fuck Peggy ?? cannnnnn….. I let you….hahaha….. do you want to know a secret ?? …. Do you want to know how many men has fucked Peggy in this very room ?? hahahaha….

I could not believe what Poon was saying. How could she say something like this in front of her own daughter. 

Poon : oh…. Did I tell you…. she’s my daughter ?? hahahaha…. Oh… I have another one upstairs…. Also very pretty…. You want to fuck her as well ?? you want ?? you can fuck her too…. hahaha

There is something seriously wrong with this woman.

I exchanged looks with my friends, everyone of us unsure of what to do. Poon is clearly quite mad, deranged in fact.

Poon clapped her hands, the slap from her fleshy palms echoing throughout the room. 

Poon : Don’t worry…. Hahaha…. I’ll give you a chance… ok…. Guys…. Gentlemen… white knights…. Whatever the fuck you want to call yourselves… hahaha… let’s play a game…. I like to play games…. Hahaha… 

Her friends chuckled and I could see the excitement in their eyes. 

The women were all laughing except Peggy. 

Peggy was sobbing, shaking her head, saying ‘no’ softly. 

You could tell she knows what game we would be playing. 

It was something she played before and she definitely did not enjoy it. 

Chew poured each of us a large glass of whisky. At least 4 fingers worth of the potent alcohol. 

Chew : drink it… come on…. hahahah… 

All of us hesitated and soon realised that was a mistake. 

Poon took my glass and went to force it down Peggy’s mouth. 

Peggy : no.. no!!! NO!!..e rghh.. erngh… cough.. cough…. Blergghh!!... no!!... 

It happened really fast, the moment my glass was gone, she took another…. 

It finally dawned on us what she was doing. 

Mohan quickly the other 2 handing one over to Tommy and the 2 of them proceeded to gulp down the alcohol, frowning and patting their chest as they felt the burn of the alcohol down their throat. 

Poon : hahahahahah….. see…. You learn fast… hahaha… 

Peggy was a sobbing mess on the wet and soiled poker table. 

Chew refilled all 4 glasses and this time round, neither of us hesitated. 

We finished the drink before Poon could force them on Peggy. 

Poon : good…. Good… hahahah… now we can start the game….. 

If it was a pure drinking game, I think I would be able to hold my own for a while at least but it’s not a drinking game. 

It’s not a game of cards, or dice, or any fucking games I’ve ever played before. 

It was a sick game thought up by sick people. 

Poon gestured to the seats around the poker table and invited us to take a seat. 

Poon : sit…. Let’s play… hahahaha….. let me tell you the instructions….hahaha…hahah….

Poon pulled Peggy off the table and she literally tumbled off, biting her lips as she sobbed softly in pain. 

Poon : Go get the table cloth… !! 

It was only when I take a seat around the table when I realised something was different about the poker table. 

The height is wrong. Or rather, it was starting to be wrong. 

The table is shaped like a rectangle with rounded edges. It was moving, the height can be adjusted and it was rising higher as we speak. 

It got higher and higher as the electronic whirr of the motor filled the room. 

The table height was raised to the level of my chest. 

Now, imagine you trying to eat or do anything with a table at that height. It’s uncomfortable. 

I feel like a small child trying to reach the table top. It’s puzzling but no one said anything. 

I can only wait and see how it all plays out. 

That was the perfect opportunity for me to pass the information along and I gestured for Rizwan to come closer before whispering Soh’s instructions to him. 

He nodded and I could see he was a little tipsy. Rizwan is not a drinker, the alcohol was starting to affect him and I could see he was trying hard to stay sober. 

He passed the message along to Mohan who in turn told Tommy. 

The ladies saw us whispering to one another and they chuckled. 

Nancy : don’t need to whisper boys… hahahah.. the game hasn’t started yet… hahaha….

Peggy appeared, shaking and sobbing with a large table cloth.

Poon gestured to her friends who were sniggering as they bent down to get under the table. 

What the fuck ? 

Why are they getting under the table ? 

Poon grabbed the table cloth from Peggy and threw it over the poker table. 

The lot of us kept looking under the table as Poon’s friends giggled excitedly like little girls playing a game of hide and seek. As the table cloth was spread out, I realised it covered the sides all the way to the floor. 

You can no longer see the ladies under the table, all were hidden from view by the silky lush red of the cloth. 

I looked at my friends who were as lost as I were. 

Peggy’s sobbing for harder and louder as Poon dragged her roughly by her arm towards the table. 

Then she forced Peggy to climb on by pinching her by the side of her stomach. 

Peggy : aHHHH!!!!.... 

Peggy climb onto the table, shaking and sobbing openly. 

I tried not to look at her naked body as Poon poured herself another drink before she explained the game to us.

Poon : The game is very simple… hahahaha.. it’s a game of control boys…. A game of control…. 

Poon barely finished her statement when I felt someone tugging at my pants. My friends too were shouting as everyone of us tried to stop the pair of hands before the table from taking off our pants. 

Only Tommy was free of the assault as he looked on in horror. 

Suddenly Peggy screamed out in pain, her shriek filled the whole room as everyone looked at her crying with a finger full of flesh being pinched and twisted by Poon at her neck area. 

Peggy : AHHHH!!!! AHH!!!!! Istop please !!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! 

Poon : cooperate gentlemen… hahaha… please… hahaha…. 

Jim : Fuck this shit….

I saw the bruised and red patch around Peggy’s neck as she collapsed onto the table, burying her head onto her arms as she sobbed. 

I removed my pants and the rest followed suit. 

Poon : Good… hahaha… hahaha…. Here’s how we play this game…. 

Poon handed me a glass with a red marking on it. 

Then she grabbed a fistful of Peggy’s hair, making her get into position. 

Peggy sobbed harder as she forced her body to get into position. 

Jim : ey… hey.. hey !!1. what are you doing ?? hey… what are you doing !! ?? 

I panicked the moment when Peggy came in front of me and she knelt down on the table. 

With the table being raised to my chest level, and Peggy kneeling on it, her privates were not right in front of my face. 

I could feel the immediate rise of my erection, pushing against my cotton boxers. 

The ladies below the table began to cheer as I felt a hand grab my hardening cock. 

Jim : What are you doing !!!... 

Poon laughed as I heard her friends exclaim that the cocks of my friends were erected too. 

Poon : See….. we all love a hard cock…. But I know… it’s hard to get hard looking at us… we’re well past our prime after all…. Hahahah…. 

Poon told me to hold the glass I have in hand in front of Peggy’s privates. 

Jim : What !! why ?? 

Poon : Here’s how the games goes….. it’s a game of control….. and all you have to do… is not to cum….. hahahaha… we want you to remain hard…. … but no cumming ok ?? hahahah…. 

This is unbelievable. 

Poon went on to say that while we were being teased, Peggy was to finger herself to orgasm. 

Poon : You see… my daughter… …. She squirts… when she cums… hahaha… quite a bit too…. So…. You will hold the glass… and you will collect her squirts…. And make sure it reaches the red line. 

Mohan : This is ridiculous… how can you do this ??? 

Poon : She is my daughter… I can do anything I want… hahahaha….. 

RIzwan : Peggy…. Don’t do this…. don’t listen to her…. 

Poon laughed as if Rizwan had said something funny. 

Poon : but you see… my daughter is doing it willingly…. Yes Peggy ? … are you doing it willingly ?? answer me ?? hahahaha

Peggy sobbed as she nodded her head. 

Poon sped up the explanation. 

It’s a race to orgasm between Peggy and the 4 of us. 

The moment Peggy cums, one of us will be taken out of the game, but that is not all. She needs to cum a total of 4 times before anyone of us did. 

When she cums, the game will stop and everyone will be allowed a short break before resuming. 

Then the race will begin again. 

The more of us Peggy takes out, the better it is for her. 

Poon : If you cum….. you will need to fuck…. One of us…..hahaha.. or you can choose to dip your cum stained cock into Peggy’s fertile womb…. Oh dear… hahaha….

Poon chuckled and said she and her friends would not think twice about having a cum filled cock inside their vagina but for poor Peggy, there is a chance of ruining her life is she gets pregnant at such a young age. 

Poon : Peggy is ovulating this couple of days….. ooohhhh… her tight vagina…. Her nubile fresh cunt waiting for your cocks… hahahaha…. Aren’t you the least bit tempted ?? hahaha.. hahaha…..

I shut my eyes and kept willing myself to stop more blood from flowing to my cock but I can’t. I just got harder and harder.

I tried to think of how disgusting and sick Poon and her friends were but I can’t either. I struggled to get the image of Peggy out of my head. 

Her tight naked body with her knees spread in front of me. 

Then there was the smell. 

Her privates were so close to me, I thought I could smell this sweet scent of maple and berries coming from her vagina. This sweet youthful and womanly scent of her love hole. 

I clenched my teeth as Poon went on, telling us that it’s ok to lose control. 

Poon : It’s ok you know… it’s ok to lose control…. Just fuck me… or my friends… hahaha.. let my dry wrinkly pussy clean up your hard cock of cum… hahahaha…. Or there is always Peggy… hahahaha….. 

Fuck. I cannot believe I was clenching my fist so tightly. 

Poon : As for the glass…. You see the red indicator…. Hahaha… yes,, I’m a fair game maker you see… long as the total amount of Peggy’s squirts reaches the red line…. Well…. I have a morning after pill for her…. insurance …. For you guys… hahaha… fair enough ?? hahahah…. So don’t worry about fucking her… ahahah…

This is absurd. The odds are skewed against us. 

The only way Peggy can win this is if she cums 4 times before each of us. 
Even if we cum first, we can always chose to fuck the old grannies instead of Peggy but something seems off. It’s too easy. 

Poon would not have thrown in the morning after pill as insurance if she knew there was a chance we will choose to save Peggy instead.

Poon : Alright.. the night is still young… let’s play… hahahaha… hahaha… 

Suddenly I felt someone grab my cock and I gasped .

Jim : erhg !! 

My boxer was being removed, I was naked within seconds. I felt the smooth silky texture of the table cloth on my thighs and privates, like the seductive touch of lingerie. Then a hand grabbed my cock and started to stroke me. 

No. no. no….. 

This cannot be happening. 

My friends started gasping as well. 

Poon hit Peggy hard on her head and she screamed. 

This is so humiliating. 

Peggy sobbed as her fingers trembled. 

Jim : No… no… no… don’t do it… don’t do it…. 

My cock got harder and harder as I watch Peggy’s fingers touched her own vagina in front of my face. 

It was so close, closer than the average distance from where your monitor is when you work. 

Her pussy lips parted and I saw the sweet fleshy lump of her clitoris. It was small, like a cherry as she slide her finger down south to the entrance of her love hole. 

Peggy : sob…. Sob… sob…. Ernghhh.. sob… sob.. ernghh…. 

In between sobs and moans, Peggy started to masturbate herself in front of me. 

Fuck… fuck… 

I tried to turn away, I don’t want to look but it was not use. 

The hand stroking my cock was not helping either. 

Jim :erarhhghgg!!! 

I have to control this. I have to control myself. 

Peggy sobbed and begged at the same time, looking at me. 

Peggy : Please…. Please…. Please don’t cum… please… please… no….ernghh… ernghgh….1!!! 

She was not helping either. 

Imagine a pretty girl fingering herself in front of you, sobbing and begging you not to cum while a hand is toying with your hard cock under the table. 

How do you control and dictate your line of thought in situation like this ? 

I gripped harder onto the glass with my hand and put in in front of Peggy’s privates. 

Jim : arghh… let me know when you are almost there… earghhgh !! 

Seeing my groan made Peggy panic. 

She rubbed herself harder and faster. 

I could see how wet she was as she rubbed her pussy lips. 

Her fingers rubbing motion couple with some circular movements caused her to gasp and moan against her wishes. I could see small droplets of her natural lubricant stain the sides of her thighs and the table cloth below. 

That’s how close she was to me.

Peggy was dripping wet by the time Poon hit her and made her change direction to face Mohan. 

Mohan : holy fuck… arhghhh… 

He clenched his teeth as chuckles erupted from the ladies below the table. 

Peggy’s eyes were closed as she played with her own nipples, rubbing and flicking them as she tried to concentrate on the humiliating act of forcing herself to cum. I passed the glass to Mohan who quickly took it with shaking hands, putting it in front of Peggy. 

Peggy : erghh.. eerghhh.. eghh… 

Mohan’s grunts were getting louder as well. I could see the forceful shake of the hand that was grabbing Mohan’s privates. It was causing ripples to travel outwards on the table cloth.

Mohan : arghh.. argh…!!! 

Peggy :No.. no… don’t cum please.. don’t… I’m… I’m almost there.. arhh.. ernghh!!..e rnghhhg!!! 

Mohan : no… no… I’m…. I’m almost there… 

Peggy’s moans and screams intensified as she shook her head, sobbing and begging Mohan not to cum. 

I tried not to look but seeing the side profile of Peggy’s tight body was still a huge turn on for me. 

Her supple and firm breast. 

Her sweet rasin like nipples. 

Her silky hair that cascaded down the sides of her face. 

Peggy leaned backwards, spreading her legs as she intensified her rubbing of her cunt, forcing herself to cum before Mohan. 

Mohan was shaking his head as he clenched his teeth. 

Mohan : No.. no… no.. arghhh… 

Peggy :erngghhh.. ernnhhg !!!1 no… don’t cum please… don’t cum please… enghhh.. ernghhg !!! aHH… I’m cumming… I’m cumming soon… ernghghhnhh please don’t cumm… 

Mohan bit down on his teeth as I could hear the delirious chuckle of Chew below the table. She must be the one stroking Mohan. 

Mohan’s hands trembled and I could see the glass moving all around as Peggy announced her impending orgasm. 

Peggy : I’m cumming… arhhh… arhh…e gnng… ernggg… erngng!!! I’m cumming… eRNGHH!!!! ERNGHH!!!!! AHHH …!!! 

I gripped the sides of the table as I forced myself to hold out for a while longer. 

Peggy screamed as she tried her best to focus on the location of the glass Mohan was holding. 

Then without warning, there was a loud squirting sound as Peggy’s wild scream filled the entire room. 

Peggy :ernnghghgh !!!! AHH!!!!!!!!!!! ERNGHGHGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


The squirt came like a jet of water coming out the fire fighter’s hose, most of it hit Mohan on his face rather than go into the glass. 

Mohan was shouting and groaning as he was baptised by Peggy’s cunt juice while struggling to hold the glass steady. 

Peggy’s pelvic region thrusted upwards into the air as she continued rubbing and jerking her privates towards Mohan. 

Mohan’s opened mouth was the recipient of quite a bit of Peggy’s sacred nectar as he gave one last groan. 

Mohan : arhhh.. cannot… cannot.. fuck !!! aHGGGH!!!!!!!!!!! 

Mohan came, shouting and jerking as Chew whistled and shouted in joy from under the table. 

I was almost there too and I felt the stroking stop just in time. That sourish pressure retreated slowly down my shaft and into the back of my testicles as I groaned, gasping for air beside a collapsed Peggy. 

Chew’s head came out of the table and amid Mohan’s protest, I watched in horror as Chew’s mouth opened and devoured Mohan’s cock like a monster, sucking up every drop of his cum eagerly. 

Mohan : arghhhh!!.. no.. no… aenghghg !!! 

I turned away, too disgusted to look at my fallen brother. 

Mohan stood up and back away on unsteady footing as Chew emerged from under the table. 

Poon : hahaha… hahaha.. well… lucky you… lucky you… hahahaha…. You came after Peggy… TSk.. what a pity… hahahaha…. 

I looked at the glass near Peggy’s privates and realised although the interior was wet, there was hardly any of her squirts inside it. It was too hard to capture them. 

Poon grabbed Peggy by her hair and forced her to get into position again, this time in front of Rizwan. 

Poon : Come on…. let’s go again… you rest enough… hahaha.. hahaha… 

Rizwan : WHAT !!!... we need more time… 

Poon : hahaha… why ? … Peggy doesn’t need more time…. Do you Peggy ? hahaha

Peggy sobbed and shook her head, resigning herself to her fate. 

Peggy was sobbing as she forced herself to get into position again. 

I braced myself for another round of assault but was surprised when no hand reached for my cock. 

Instead I saw Tommy and Rizwan cringed when the game kicked off again. 
I turned to check on my friend and saw Mohan desperately trying to fend off Chew but it was too late.
Mohan was almost in tears as Chew already had her mouth around Mohan’s cock, sucking on it loudly. 

Poon shouted at Peggy to begin and she got into a squatting position this time round in front of Rizwan and Tommy. 

Then the moans and rubbing begin once more. 

Tommy and Rizwan started groaning almost immediately as Peggy rubbed her spent vagina in front of them between sobs. 

Poon was grinning as she went closer. 

My cock was still free , it was then I realised that Chew must have been the one stroking me earlier. Her right hand on Mohan while her left on me. 

With Chew gone, this was a good time for me to take a breather. 

The moans and screams started to fill the room again and I pressed my eyes shut, trying to force my erection to go down. 

With all attention on Tommy and Rizwan, it was my perfect chance to rest. 

Rizwan : I’m cumming…. Fuck… fuck… 

Tommy : No!!! NO!!!... I’m cumming too… 

Jim : Hold it… hold it !!! 

Peggy was sobbing with tears running down her face. She kept shaking her head, asking them not to cum as she tried to rub her still sensitive vagina. 

Peggy : No… please… no… don’t… don’t…i… i…. please… 

Rizwan :i…aHHH..ARHGHH!!! I’m…..i’m sorry…. 

Tommy : fuck… fuck.. aernghhg !!! I’m..i’m sorry.. !!! ernghh!!! 

Peggy tried to rub herself harder but her still sensitive post orgasm clitoris was causing her significant trouble. 

Poon was laughing and shaking her head. 

Poon : So fast game over soon… I thought you young man will last longer… hahaha.. hahaha… 

Peggy broke down and stopped as Rizwan and Tommy shouted and groaned together at the table. 

I saw the flip of the table cloth and Nancy’s head was the first to come out with Linda closely behind. 

Their mouths descended like hungry zombies eager for flesh as they sucked onto my friend’s throbbing and erupting cock. 

Rizwan : aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!1

Tommy :aernghhgghgh!!!! 

Peggy sobbed on the table as Poon shook her head, laughing in a condescending manner 

Poon had to literally drag her friends off my friend’s cock as she made them choose. 

Poon : So… you want to fuck Peggy…. Or you want to fuck my friends over here… ahahahah.. hahaha…. 

Tommy looked like her was about to strangle someone, so did RIzwan, but as their eyes drifted to Peggy who was curled up into ball, sobbing on the poker table, they did the unthinkable. 

Tommy shouted with a grunt and grabbed Nancy, ripping her clothes off before pushing her down onto the couch behind her. 

Nancy: hahaha.. hahah whoooo.. whooooo… whoooo… ahahah

Rizwan did the same, pressing Linda down onto the couch at the side. 

Poon laughed so loud she sounded like a witch high on her own evil concoction.

I stood up and saw Chew licking the side of her lips after swallowing Mohan’s cum. She started to walk towards me together with Poon, eager to continue the game. 

Before Chew could get close enough to me, Mohan shouted as well, a mix of frustration and anger as he literally threw Chew onto the carpeted floor and spread her legs violently much to her glee and delight. 

Chew : ahhh… ahhh.. ahhh.. woooo.. wooo… hahahaa…. Ahhaha…. 

I turned to look at Poon who just poured another 2 large cup of whisky. 

She grinned and she offered me a cup. 

I drained it quickly, slamming the glass onto the table. 

Poon : Just us left Jim….. you ready to play… ? ahahahahah 

I breathed heavily as I tried to control all aspects of my body. From my anger to my erection to my own thoughts. 

The alcohol was starting to take effect in me.

Poon : Let’s play Jim… hahahaha… 

I thought I would be playing a similar game with Poon at the bottom of the table but I was wrong. 

Poon grabbed Peggy and dragged her over to me.

Jim : What are you doing ? 

Poon made Peggy face me and said ; 

Poon : We don’t have enough players for this game now… let me make a call.. hahaha..

Jim : What ? ?... 

Poon went to a cupboard and opened it with a key. 

It was a louvered cupboard. 

The moment it opened, I saw the flash of the buttons and the screens within. That’s the controls for the CCTV. I just need to switch it off. 

Poon used a phone inside the cupboard and made a call. 

She hung up and closed the cupboard, locking it before she came over. 

The sound of her friends’ passionate love making filled the room as they screamed for Poon to join them. 

Linda : wooooo.. wooo.. hahahaha.. his cock is hard .. woo… hahaha… 
Poon…. What you waiting for….hahaha.. hahaha

Chew : Join us Poon… hahahaha.. wooooo… erghh.. ernghh !!! ahhhh… ahhh!!! 

Just then there was a knock on the door. 

Poon went over and opened it and I felt my deflated cock rise again. 

Paige was at the door, with her 2 friends. 

She was still in her that slut like tight dress that I would love to fuck her in. 

There was not even an ounce of surprise on Paige’s face as she walked into the room. Her friends too acted as if they had seen this before and were unimpressed by it. 

Following close behind were Nelson and Derrick. 

Their eyes widened immediately as they asked what the fuck was going on. 

Nelson : What the fuck !...

Derrick ; What is happening here ??? 

Poon shut and locked the doors, saying that we now have enough players. 

Nelson and Derrick was quickly initiated into the game they there was nothing to describe the shock on their faces. 

Nelson :This is a joke right… this is a joke ?? 

Derrick : What the fuck…. Does Soh know about this ??? 

It happened so fast, there was no time for anyone to digest the situation. 

Before we realised it, Peggy was once again sobbing on the table in front of Nelson and Peggy. 

Poon and 2 of Paige’s hot friends were under the table. 

This is not good. 

I could feel my erection coming again

Paige was now the one standing beside the poker table. 

She’s pretty alright, but she had this mean streak to her look. A combination of come fuck me if you can afford my golden pussy kind of demeanour. 

She looked almost uninterested as she pinched her sister and made her kneel in front of Nelson. 

I felt someone grab my cock again as Peggy’s knees spread, sobbing as she began to rub herself in front of my friends. 

Now the situation is worse of then before. 

I looked down and I could only see the table cloth moving. 

I don’t know who is grabbing my cock, was it Poon or Paige’s 2 friends. There’s a high chance it was Poon, but then it might also be Paige’s friends. Another 2 of those cock teasing social media posing babes. 

My cock throbbed harder as I watched Peggy sob and started to moan again as she rubbed her clit in front of Nelson. 

Paige : let’s not waste time….. I have my own games to play….. 
Paige tried to climb onto the table to hold her sister down but something happened. 

The table slit to one side and I could see it happening before I could react. 

The structure is falling. 

It was not meant to take so much weight and the uneven distribution of the 2 girls weight caused it to tip over. 

Screams erupted as the table collapsed and turned, I was the mechanism which controlled the height of the table being mounted underneath the table on the right side. 

The weight was a little uneven to being with, with Peggy on top and Paige clamouring on, that was all it took to topple everything. 

The table cloth buried the girls beneath the table and the sudden mess of confusion and chaos made everyone stop what they were doing for a moment. 

Paige cursed and swear as Poon shouted vulgarities at Peggy, blaming her for the accident. 

The lot of us guys backed away as the surveyed the damaged table. 

Inside my heart I was secretly pleased that the game was over, there was no need to play such a ridiculous game. 

Poon had a bruise on her head and a cut on her hand, her temper flared and Peggy was kicked and slapped for that. 

Paige’s friends scurried over to Paige’s side as they too nursed some scratches and bruises. 

I was suddenly reminded of what I needed to do as I looked around the room. 

There were no napkins lying around so I quickly went over to the drawers and cupboards, opening them one by one. 

I shouted to my friends as well. 

Jim : Look for towels and napkins…. Quick…. 

What looked like us trying to get something to help the injured girls was actually an attempt to try and go through the contents of the room. 

Poon was too occupied with scolding and hitting Peggy that she paid no attention to the lot of us who were ransacking her entertainment room. 

Nelson and Derrick were completely lost but were soon brought up to date by Tommy and Mohan as they whispered Soh’s instructions to them. 

Rizwan found some towels and went over to the bar counter to grab some ice. 

I opened cupboards and drawers, but there were no sign of the passport. 

I looked at my friends and they shook their head as well, Tommy got some napkins and he went over to the girls. 

Then I saw Rizwan gave me a look as he gave me a nod. 

He found it. The drawer by bar counter. 

It took a good 10 minutes for the girls to calm down but tempers were still high. 

Poon’s mood was totally ruined and she even lost her temper at her friends. 

Nancy : Eh… you need to get fucked la…. Don’t lose your temper at us just because you didn’t get it ok…. 

Poon : Fuck you… I let you all go first… and this is how you repay me… 

Chew : Poon…. You siao ah… when did we ask you to let us go first… I never force you ok…. 

The squabble got more heated and Poon was openly shouting at her friends, chasing them out of her house. 

Poon : fuck off… fuck off…. All of you… just fuck off…. 

Her friends too hurled vulgarities as they grabbed their clothes and left the room. 

Poon shouted at Mohan , Tommy and Rizwan to get out as well. 

Poon : Send those fuckers back la!!!!.. waiting for fuck!!!.. still want to fuck them is it..!!! 

I shook my head, unable to comprehend what was Poon thinking. 

Her temperament is just horrible. Saying stuff like that to friends. 

Poon gave Peggy a tight slap before storming out of the room. 

Poon : Fucking slut… see your face also no mood to do anything… 

The commotion has gotten Soh’s attention and he too appeared at the entertainment room.

Soh took a look at the situation and he asked Poon what was going on. 

Poon : Fuck off !.... 

She stormed off up to level 3. Soh gestured to Nelson and Derrick and they quickly pulled on their pants to go after Poon. 

Soh : Keep an eye on her…. let me know if she does anything…. 

I got up and start to get dress as well but was stopped by Paige and her friends. 

Paige : no.. you stay !!.. 

Jim : Why ? ….

Paige : if everyone of you leaves… who can I play with ? hahahahah…. 

Paige sniggered as she looked at her sobbing sister before she circled me. She even looked at my erection which was still visible before whispering something to her friends. 

Paige : Soh… you may go…. Leave us alone…. 

Soh : No… I think it’s it’s late… we should all get some rest… Peggy…. Come here…

Paige : oh no… Peggy stays right here…. 
Soh : Jim… come .. let’s go…. 

I walked towards Soh and I heard Paige sneering at me from behind. 

Paige : scared to play with us ? … hahha… you ball less cock… hahaha… did my mum scare you ?? … haha… 

Soh shook his head at the level of maturity we are dealing with and I told him what I saw. 

Jim : The passport is in the drawer beside the bar counter…. The CCTV controls… I know where it is… 

Paige : Come…. Win the game… and… Peggy gets to rest…. Hahaa… you want her to get some rest don’t you ?? … hahaha…. 

Soh looked at me and added. 

Soh : can you do it ?? 

I nodded. 

Jim : I can… 

Soh : your call.. 

Soh turned and left me standing at the entrance of the entertainment room. 

Paige laughed and asked me to shut the door. 

I closed both doors and locked it. 

What’s there to be afraid of now ? 

Me, a guy, Paige and her 2 slutty friends that I would not mind fucking their brains out to teach them a lesson. 

They’re young, they can take a few shove, probably a kick or 2 from me if needed. 

Their bones won’t break, they won’t roll up and die and I won’t be fucking some grannie’s old wrinkled pussy. 

What’s there to worry ? 

I walked back towards the group, waiting for Paige to speak. 

I can’t stand that haughty look on her face. 

If I get to fuck her brains out, I’ll teach her a thing or two about respect. 

Peggy sobbed quietly on the floor as Paige smirk before opening a cupboard below the car counter. 

Then she started to strip. 

Paige : Jane, Lisa…. Let’s play with the mask… hahaha.. 

Jim : what the fuck are you doing. 

My cock was rock hard even though my mind was having trouble rationalising my thoughts. 

This whole family is mad. Their friends are mad too. 

Lisa and Jane helped Paige get ready before getting Peggy to her feet.

Paige sniffed Peggy’s hair before taking a bottle of whisky and she started to pour over herself.

Jim : What are you doing ?? .. are you mad ?? … 

Then she took out this black leather mask. It’s something right out of your typical Japanese porn. It covers the entire face with the nose part sticking out like a snout of a dog. Peggy’s hair was tied up and the mask was put onto her. 

Lisa and Jane zipped it shut and locked it before putting this black leather collar around Peggy’s neck that comes with it’s own leash. 

Jim : what are you doing ??? 

Then Paige’s hair was too tied up and she too put on the mask. 

It finally dawned on me what Paige was doing. 

I immediately tried to spot the difference between the 2 girl’s body but I can’t 

They are the same height, their skin tone is the same. Their figure is the same, their breast are equally supple and firm. 

I know Peggy is on the left and she was shaking slightly, sobbing from her mistreatment the whole evening. 

I have to keep an eye on her. Just follow her with my eyes. 

Paige’s mask was zipped shut and she wore a identical collar as Peggy. 

What is she thinking ?? 

Where is she going with this ? 

Paige leaned closed to her friends and appeared to whisper something , then Lisa and Jane started to hit Peggy. 

Jane grabbed onto Peggy’s collar while Lisa started slapping Peggy’s vagina. 

Piak piak piak !!! piak !! 

Lisa gave a good 5 slaps as Peggy’s collapsed onto the floor in pain. 

Jim : stop that… what the fuck !!! …are you mad??? 

Lisa laughed and did the unthinkable. 

She went to Paige who spread her legs slightly, and she delivered the same 5 slaps to Paige’s vagina causing her to groan in pain as she too collapsed onto the floor in front of me. 

This is not happening. This is a nightmare. 

Then Lisa and Jane lifted up the large table cloth, obscuring both Peggy and Paige from my view for a good 10 seconds. 

When the cloth finally came down, I was 2 sobbing girls on the floor. 

Lisa : listen very carefully to what I have to say…. Hahahaha… 

Without moving from where I was, I need to choose which one is which. 

Jim : Then what ?? 

Lisa : hahaha.. then we’ll tell you…. if you get it wrong….. you’ll have to fuck Peggy… hahahaha… don’t worry… we’ll hold her down for you… hahaha….

Jim : If I get it right ??? 

Lisa : hahaha.. then you keep choosing… and choosing… until you get it wrong… ahhahaha. 

I smirked at Lisa as I looked at the 2 sobbing girls on the floor. 

They’re identical. I really cannot tell who is who but I bet Lisa and Jane knows. 

This is another stupid game. 

The odds are stacked against me, but what if. 

What if I can make Lisa and Jane think Paige, is actually Peggy ? 

That would be interesting. 

But first, I need to know who is who. 

I walked closer to the girls and Jane asked me to stop.

Jane : hey.. hey…stay there… you cannot come this close !!.... 

I ignored her and she tried to push me but a light shove was all it takes to send her onto the floor. 

Lisa came forward as well, trying to push me back. 

Lisa : Hey … hey !!.. you cannot come so close… ahhhhhh!!!... 

I literally carried Lisa’s small frame and sent her onto the couch at the side. 

I looked at the 2 masked girls on the floor, both of them were shaking, I could hear sobs coming from both of them. 

I tried to look for some tell tale signs who is who but there is none that I can identify.

They are really the same. 

My cock throbbed, my erection pushing hard against my boxers as I traced the outline of the 2 masked girls. 

I could hear Lisa and Jane chuckling from behind, satisfied that I could not tell who is who. 

Then I saw something. 

Something that put a smile on my face. 

I grabbed the girl on the left and she yelped a muffled cry. I did the same for the girl on my right and the same thing happened. Another muffled cry. 

Jane : What are you doing. 

I pulled both girls onto their feet and before Lisa and Jane could react, took her table cloth on the floor and pulled it up, covering myself together with the 2 masked girls. 

I pulled Peggy towards me and whisper into her ears. 

Jim : Pretend to be Paige.... ask your friends to leave us…. 

Peggy nodded in acknowledgment as Lisa and Jane shouted in the confusion. 

I swung Peggy and Paige around, switching their positions several times, then I grabbed both of them on the mask at the part where the snout was the same time the cloth was pulled away. 

Lisa : What are you doing !!! 

Jim : I’m ready to choose…. 

Jane : who ?!!

I nodded at Paige on my left and I could see both Jane and Lisa were a little unsure who is who as well since the position changed. 

I let go of Peggy who calmly stood up and nodded her head. She said something but it came out muffled as well. 

Peggy sat down and just gesture to Lisa and Jane to carry on. 

Paige was shaking her head, and she was screaming but the mask and the snout muffled her voice. With me pressing on the snout part where the air holes were, all of Paige’s screams came out muffled. 

Paige tried violently to struggle but Jane and Lisa were helping me hold onto her. 

Lisa : stop struggling bitch…. Hahaha.. hahaha

Jane: hahaha… you’ll enjoy this.. hahaha.. look at his erection… hahaha.. hahaha… 

I could see Paige struggling for her life as I removed my boxers. Lisa and Jane each took one of Paige’s hand and pinned it on the floor. Paige kept kicking and kicking. 

I could hear from the muffled screams she was cursing and trying to say she was Paige. 

I held onto the snout part, blocking out the air holes as Lisa urged me on. 

Lisa : hahaha… waiting for what…. Fuck her la… after that we will choose again… ahahah.. hahaha….. 

I smiled, pushed Paige’s struggling leg apart and pressed my cock against the entrance of her vagina as she screamed helplessly on the floor, pinned by her 2 friends. 

I pushed and pushed as I feel my hard cock breech the lips of her vagina. I pushed harder and harder into her tight pussy as Paige screamed helplessly, trying to break free. 

I fucked myself in all the way, feeling the squeeze of her unwilling cunt against my shaft. Holding onto her limp leg as she sobbed on the floor, I kissed her calves as I started to thrust. 

Lisa : wah… ahhah.. you are fucking so hard.. ahhaha.. hahaha… save some for later.. 

Jane: hahaha… Paige… look at this… if we know he’s so willing… hahaah.. no need to paly so much games… ahahahah…. 

I turned to look at Peggy who was sitting at the couch, her legs crossed as she looked on quietly in that mask. 

I gripped onto Paige’s ankles as I drove my cock deep into her love hole. Her muffled screams turning me on in a weird manner. 

I could feel the fight in Paige slowly ebbing away as I increased the speed of my thrusting. 

Jane : hahah… looks like he’s going to cum inside your sister Paige.. hahaha

Lisa : He doesn’t look like he can hold on much longer… hahaha…

Paige gave out another helpless muffled cry.

I finally gave in to my desires and looked at her cute feet with her manicured toes. 

Her sweet, manicured toes. 

I could still remember how delicious they looked when I saw them in her heels earlier that evening. 

It made me feel like I want to suck on them. 

Jim : aergnnh.. aernghh. Ernghh…

Paigeh : mmmhmhmh..mmhmhhm..ermgmhmhm..mgmmhmh

I opened my mouth, and suck on them I did.


I felt Paige’s body tensed up immediately when I put her toe into my mouth. I don’t know what went into my head but somehow seeing her cute little feet and with repeated images of seeing her in heels that evening made me want to taste them. 

All of her toes. 

I slurped and stuffed all of Paige’s toes into my mouth as I could feel the strong shiver she was sending down her legs. 

Her feet is just the right size and her toes are petite and closely packed. Sucking hard and swallowing a mouthful of saliva, I was hit with this unexplainable sense of arousal. 

Jim: sluzppss…zzzzz urrrhmmm.. sulurrzzzzzppp 

Paige’s body was reacting as well. 

The reaction though, I can’t really describe. 

My cock was still embedded deep in her vagina. Her squeeze of her pelvic muscles felt different the moment I started sucking on her toes. 

Her muffled groans turned to a high pitch whine. 

I ran my tongue against the back of her toes, all 5 of them as I angled her feet for access. 
From right to the left, I let my tongue graze across her digits and then back again. 

Try running your tongue across the back of your teeth slowly, now imagine it to be 5 times smoother and softer coupled with that helpless tremble as you do it. 

I could feel the obvious difference in which my cock felt when I started licking and sucking Paige’s feet. The squeeze of her vagina on my shaft felt more sensual than before. It felt like someone using their knuckles soothing out your shoulder ache but the pressure was applied on all sides of my penis. 

Engulfed in a environment of warmth and Paige’s moist pussy, I slurped up another loud gulp of my saliva before licking the soles of her feet. 

Paige : errrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! aHH..erHGGGH!!!! 

Paige’s moans were punctuated with whines of a helpless puppy. 

Lisa and Jane were laughing as they shared a bottle of whisky, drinking directly from the bottle. 

They were still pinning Paige’s hands down but I could see they were doing it without much effort as I fucked her with her feet in my mouth. 

I took a breather and release her saliva coated feet from my mouth. 

Now, imagine yourself doing missionary and you are holding onto the girls’s feet so her legs stays upright, where is the obvious position of your hands ? It would be her ankles. 

Supported between the fleshy ridge of your thumb and index finger, you will be able to lift up her legs easily while you have your way with her but with Paige, I held onto both her feet instead. 

Squeezing my hands around the centre of her feet, I raised her creamy legs and thighs high up as I ploughed deeper into her love hole. 

Not contented with just holding onto her feet, I started to squeeze them with varying degree of strength. 

Paige’s toes were shivering like naked moles in the snow as her whine’s got louder and louder.

She seemed like she was enjoying it. 

I dug my thumb without warning into the soft soles of Paige’s feet the same time I withdrew my cock and fucked it all the way in causing her body to jerk violently. A gush of warmth engulfed my already wet cock and I felt my nether region got a little wetter. 

I repeated the motion as many times as I could as Lisa and Jane carried on their teasing. 

Lisa : what a slut… hahaha….. moaning in this manner…hahah.. you didn’t moan like this when you were fucked the last round… hahaha… 

Jane took a big swig of the bottle, swallowing the single malt with a frown on her face followed by a long hiss. 

Jane : haha… Paige…Paige…. Your sister is very horny tonight…. Hahaha… do the ice whipping… haha… do it to her again… ahahha… 

Jane gesture to Peggy who was sitting by the table to come over. 

I paused my fucking for a brief moment as I turned to look at Peggy. 

She was a little unsure what to do before quickly coming over to my side. 

Paige tried to get up and I could almost make out her saying something but Jane and Lisa’s hysterical laugher coupled with their teasing drowned out all of the muffled noise coming from Paige. 

Peggy pushed the snout part of the mask into my ears and when I heard what she was saying, I was slapped with another wave of sick arousal. 

I could not believe Paige did this to Peggy. 

Well, if that’s the case, it’s only fair to give her a taste of her own medicine. 

Jim : get me the ice cubes…. 

Lisa giggled and said she will get it. 

Lisa : alright !!!yeeeyyy!!!!...pussy whip this slut… hahahahahaha…. 

Jane held on to Paige as she shouted to Lisa to hurry. 

I continued my fucking slowly, drawing long slow strokes in and out of Paige’s vagina . She was shaking her head but I was not feeling the same level of resistance I felt when it started. 

Massaging her feet would earn my a loud whine and a long moan followed by a sensual squeeze of my cock. 

The insides of her vagina felt like a spa retreat for my dick. The constant attention given by her vagina walls and the abundance of her love juice showered my cock gave me a feeling I never experience before in my life. 

Like having alcohol rubbed onto your skin and feeling the tingle when it evaporates just that it’s all warm. 

The kind of warmth you can only find in a wet cunt. 

Lisa came over with a glass that had a ice ball in it. 

I changed position, withdrew my cock and turned my body around. I straddled Paige with my back facing her head. Holding onto her left leg, I put my right leg in between her legs and angled it backwards, forcing her right leg to pull back, effectively spreading her apart. 

Lisa and Jane stopped holding onto Paige altogether and the rushed to the front of the action. 

Jane : I want to see this… hahaha.. hahaha…

Lisa : yes.. yes… do it… hahaha.. your sister always squirts when doing this… hahahaha…dam sick and funny.. hahahaha… 

I immediately felt Paige’s hands on my back, she was hitting me with her palms and fist, I could make out the faint pleas for me to stop but I don’t know why. 

Those pleas didn’t sound right to me. 

It sounded as if she was begging me to do it. 

To do what she did to Peggy to her instead. 

Taking the ice ball I pressed it onto Paige’s vagina, eliciting a scream that filled the room. 

Paige : erhghghghghghg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The reaction was violent as the cold clashed with the warm skin of her pussy. 

I rubbed the ice ball up and down Paige’s vagina, pushing it through her vagina lips and rubbing it upwards to her clitoris. 

The ice ball melted away slowly, coated with a shiny glazed of Paige’s cunt juice. 

Where is the pussy whipping you say ? Well, it not ready to be whipped yet. 

I continued the ice treatment on Paige’s vagina until the cold caused my palm to be numb. 

I reckon if my hands were numb from the biting cold, Paige’s vagina would be too. 

I dropped the ice ball which is now half it’s original size back into the glass as the girls gathered excitedly facing Paige’s vagina. 

They were obviously high from the drinks , and they were squealing and shouting at everything I did. 

Like the claw of a beast, I used 3 fingers to claw at Paige’s cold and numb vagina from the bottom of the entrance to the top near the clitoris. 

Then I let it run down again before closing my fingers together so my palm formed a cup of sort. 

I rested my cupped hand on Paige’s vagina and I could feel the tension in her body. 

Her hands were no longer hitting me. 

They were holding on. 

Holding onto my waist for the inevitable. 

I could hear her. 

I could hear Paige saying no. 

Muffled cries of uncertainty. 

I kissed Paige’s left leg and licked her calves and felt the rise of her flat tummy caressing my hanging testicles.


I delivered the 1st blow with my cupped palms onto Paige’s privates and the girls erupted with cheers and celebrated Paige’s moans with swigs of alcohol. 

The quivering of Paige’s body was hard to describe. 

I rest my cold palm on her rapidly warming cunt and I could feel the rise of her body, her flat tummy. It rose and touched my testicles like she was grinding upwards. 

PIA K!!!!!!! 

Paige : EGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! ! 

Paige trashed about on the floor as her body arched upwards as much as she could, moaning and screaming. 

Her muffled pleas were no match for the hysterical laughes and squeals of delight from Lisa and Jane. 

I smacked Paige’s vagina again , 3 times in a row 

PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! 
PIAK !!!!

The moment I landed the last pussy whip on Paige’s abused vagina, I saw the squirt of her love juice onto the carpeted floor. 

It was just a short spurt, like the weak push of water coming from a faulty fountain pump.

I rubbed Paige’s vagina, covering the entire slit rapidly. 

Paige : erngnhhh !! ernghh!!! Ernghhg !!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! 

Without warning, I bitch slap her vagina again, coaxing out a larger push of her juice. The stream of cunt juice went further, almost hitting Lisa’s feet. 

Lisa : HAHAHAHAHAHA ….EWWWW.. you cock hungry slut… hahahahah.. hahaha…. Almost hit me… hahaha…. Faster.. faster… hit her faster…hahaha

I rubbed Paige again and her arching of her body intensified , it’s as if she was trying to fuck my testicles with her tummy as I rubbed her wet privates. 

Then I rattled off a succession of slaps on her pussy, concentrating on the region around her engorged and swollen clitoris. 

PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! PIAK !!!! 

Paige : Aerngnngnhhh !!!!!!!!! Aerngnngnhhh !!!!!!!!! Aerngnngnhhh !!!!!!!!! Aerngnngnhhh !!!!!!!!! Aerngnngnhhh !!!!!!!!!

Paige’s moans grew in intensity so did the amount of love juice that was flowing out. 

I felt the tightening squeeze of Paige’s hands around my waist as she screamed at the top of her voice before a long sustained stream of liquid gushed out of her vagina like the jet of a fire fighter trying to put out a blaze.

The stream lasted a full 2 seconds before becoming a series of short messy burst. 

The region of carpet around Paige’s bottom was soaked and drenched. The room smells sexy and sweaty of fresh sex. 

Paige’s moans and whines were mixed with desperate gasp for air. 

The mask only had a few small holes for air but there are ample space below the neck part since it’s not that skin tight. 

I got up with my throbbing cock as Lisa tried to play with the wet patch on the carpet before smearing it on her friend Jane. 

Jane : that is the furthest I’ve seen your sister squirt Paige… hahahaha…. I think it’s a new record… hahahaha 

She took another long swig of the bottle , laughing and giggling before her face scrunched up.

Covering her mouth, Jane retched and ran off to the back of the entertainment room, opening a door which I presume is the bathroom. 

Lisa laughed at her friend and she pick up the bottle before settling onto the couch with her sleepy eyes. 

Lisa : well… don’t stop… hahaha…

Lisa turned to Peggy who was holding up pretty well except for the fact that she kept playing with her fingernails nervously. 

Lisa : what shall we do now ?? hahaha…. Let him cum inside your sister ?? hahahah…. Shall we do that ?? hahah…

Lisa answered her own question and drank more from the bottle. 

Lisa : It’s fine… your mum always make her take the pill after it’s done anyway… hahaha…haha…. It’s all in the drawer… burppzzzz… 

Lisa got up unsteadily and gestured for me to do it. 

Lisa : do it.. do it…. Show us… haha.. show us … how you cum inside her…. hahaha… 

I looked at Lisa before turning to look at Paige who was panting and grasping at her mask on her floor. 

Lisa looked like she’s going to be knocked out soon at this rate. 

I told her to sit back and enjoy her drinks while I do the rest. 

I went to Paige and lifted her mask slightly, increasing the gap around the neck area. 

I could feel the heat emitting from the mask and I could almost imagine what it is like wearing it. 

I could also see the droplets of sweat, no doubt mixed with tears and saliva sliding down the sides of Paige’s neck.

I took the leash and coiled it around my fingers, shortening the length till I was almost at the collar. 

I tugged it and Paige moaned. 

She muttered something but I could not make out what she was saying. 

I pulled her up off the floor and made her get on her knees. 

She cooperated, in a manner which even surprised me. 

I held onto her leash, jerking her head upright as she balanced herself on all fours. 

I pressed my mouth against the leather of her mask where I estimated where the position of her ears were. 

Jim : You want me to cum inside you ?? …. Do you ?? 

Paige shook her head, I could hear her pant. I could even feel the rise of her hair on her body as my erected cock press onto her. 

Jim : Then you do as I say…. 

Paige nodded her head. 

Lisa : come on…!!! fuck her !!.hahahah… fuck her now !!!.. ahahah

Lisa commented that Paige was being unusually quiet today as she looked at Peggy. 

She threw the key for the mask over to Peggy who received it with 2 hands. 

Lisa : come.. let’s drink… let’s drink… hahaha…. 

I grabbed my erected dick still throbbing with cum and pushed it into Paige. 

Paige : ernnhhhhhh !!!!!!ernnhn ~~~~~~~~~ 

I kept my cock inside her and used the leash to hold her head close to me. 

Jim : your friends are drunk…. They’re confused….. are they not ?? 

Paige nodded her head. 

I could not resist putting in a few strokes into Paige’s tight cunt and I did it, causing her her squirm and moan as she adjusted to my dick in the new position. 

Jim : If they know…. There’s a mix up….. it’s not good for you is it…. ?? think of… how… talks like this… would spread…. Among your friends….. 

Paige panted as she shook her head. 

I could hear her mumble a few ‘no’. 

I paused and waited for the idea to sink in as I continued fucking Paige with long deliberate and slow strokes. 

Pressing my mouth to her ears again, I added. 

Jim : imagine this gets out…. Your reputation…. Arghhhhh ~~ 

I felt Paige squeezed my cock with her vagina as I speak. 

Paige : please… please… don’t… 

Jim : shall we keep this….. secret…. Together ?? 

Paige nodded her head eagerly and I felt another squeeze of my cock with her vagina walls. 

I could not resist asking her as I tightened my pull around her neck. 

Jim : you’re enjoying this aren’t you ?? … huh ??? 

Paige did not reply me. 

Jim : You’re enjoying this…. being put down…. Having your cunt slapped and whipped…. Answer me…. 

I shook the leash and Paige nodded. 

Jim :You see… I was wondering the whole time… why…. Why would you do such a thing to your sister…… and half way through slapping your vagina…. It finally dawned on me….. 

I grinded my cock against Paige and indulged in the tightness of her love hole as I speak. 

Jim : that you must have tried it before…. On yourself…. Am I right ?? 

Paige gasped and she nodded again. 

Jim : Your whole life…. People have been deferring to you….deference …… just because you are rich… higher up the social ladder….. 

Paige gasped as I grabbed her breast and started to play with her nipple. 

Jim : but who knows… who knows all little Paige wants….. is to be put in place….. like a helpless little slut….. am I right ? ?

I jerked the leash, pinched her nipple and thrusted into Paige as she moaned. 

She nodded her head weakly as her breathing got faster.

Jim : I’m going to cum inside you… is that what you want ?? yes ?? 

Paige shook her head and pleaded with me not to. 

Jim : that doesn’t sound convincing at all…. I can tell you want it… to feel what is it like…. That gush of warm cum rushing up your privates…. Something you can never recreate on your own…. 

Paige : no.. no.. please… no…. use a condom… use a condom… 

I could make out what she was saying even though it came out muffled. 

Jim : but I don’t want to….. 

Paige ; please….please…. 

Jim : you see…. It’s this…. total lack of control… that turns you on…. unable to dictate what others do…..i think you secretly envied your sister when you tortured her….. that’s what gets you off…. Thinking and pretending you are her after the session….. 

Paige : no…no… that’s not true… no…. 

Lisa : hey… hey… what is there to talk about… fuck her.. !!! cum inside that bitch… hahahaha…..i want to see your cum dripping out of her vagina… hahaha.. hahah…. 

I slowly reared my body back and I held onto the leash with my right hand while holding onto Paige’s left hand. 

I let her keep the use of her right hand for balance as I started to thrust into her. 

Paige : ernn..ernnhh.. ernhh.. ernghh!!! Ernghhhh !!! 

Jim :arnghhh.. arnghhh..a erghhggh !!! arghhh !!! 

Lisa ; yes.. yes… good… hahaha… hahah…. 

Peggy unlocked her mask but she kept it on and she removed the collar. 

Lisa : faster… faster !!!! ghahaha

Paige’s body lowered as I fucked her from behind, her breast jiggling front and back as the momentum caused her firm boobs to bounce. 

I gradually lowered the leash as I controlled the distance her breast was to the carpet. At the right height, I held onto the leash and stopped. 

As I fucked Paige, her breast and nipples will be brushing against the hair of the carpet. Not touching fully, but not clear of it either. 

Paige’s moans were louder than before. 

It was obvious she’s enjoying the fuck. 

Lisa giggled and she did something crazy. 

She actually came behind me and started to push my body. With each forward thrust, Lisa would push me, forcing my cock to go ever deeper even by 1 more mm. 

Paige squirted again, lubricating her vagina well beyond the comfort and tightness I would have liked. 

Lisa just laughed and laughed. 

One hard shove from me moving back and Lisa was down on the carpet, laughing as she remained on the floor. 

Lisa : don’t stop…haha.. don’t stop.. hahaha.. don’t … ahhaah…..ahhaa… 

As her voice faded off, I could feel the end nearing. 

The tightening of my shaft right down to my testicles. 

I paused, trying to reason with myself. 

Seeing that Lisa was out, Peggy removed her mask, her hair and face drenched with perspiration. 

Peggy came over and hit Paige on her head several times. 

Peggy : You bitch !!!.. ARHGHGHGHGHGH!!!! 

Jim : stop.. stop!!! Stop!!! Peggy stop… !!! 

Peggy : she let a old man cum inside me last month !!! a disgusting old man !!! aharghghgg!!! 

Peggy sobbed as she collapsed onto the floor in front of her sister as I neared the end of my journey. 

Jim :arghhh.. ARGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Holding onto the leash like a jockey urging his ride to go faster, I gasped for a deep breath of air as unloaded my semen deep into the recess of Paige’s vagina. 

Paige : ernnghghghgghhg !!!!!!ernhg!!!! 

I pulled the leash backwards and I plastered my sweaty face against her mask. 

Jim :arhhghghghgh!!! I’m cumming.. I’m cumming !!! aRHGHGHG!!! 

I jerked again and again, depositing my cum inside Paige as she moaned and shake. 

Paige : errnnhnh.. oh my god… ernfghhh.. oh my god….. 

Her moans gave way to a whine and when I next make out what she was saying, it surprised me to the core. 

Paige : feels so good…. Ernghh.. eghh. Gasp.. gasp.. erng… feels so good… ernghh.. erngh…

I pulled my cock out and staggered backwards. 

Lisa was out cold on the floor. 

Jane did not come out of the bathroom. 

Peggy was sobbing too. 

I took the key from Peggy and unlocked the mask for Paige. 

As I removed it to reveal a perspiration streaked face, I saw an expression that I never expected to see. 

Paige’s eyes was half closed, a smile on her face as she gasped for air. 

Paige : feels so good…. My god.. it feels so good…. 

I pulled on my pants and shook my head at this dysfunctional family. 

I went to the drawer and got Peggy’s passport before heading to the cupboard. The simple cylinder lock was easy to deal with, a couple of hard pulls and it came off. 

I switched off the CCTV controls and went to get Peggy’s clothes for her. 

Jim : quick… put it on….

Peggy sobbed as she put on her clothes. 

All this while Paige just laid on the floor, chuckling. 

Paige : You think….it’s that easy… hahaha… to just leave with her ?? … hahaha…. 

I turned to look at Paige. 

Jim : You cannot do this… to your sister…. She deserves her freedom…. 

Paige struggled to get up and when she did, I could see the remnants of my cum dripping down the sides of her thighs. 

Jim : stay back…. 

I warned Paige to stay away as I told Peggy to go and look for Soh. 

Paige : You cannot win my mum… she will know… she will go after Soh… and his company…. Hahaha…. 

Paige kept advancing towards us. 

Jim : we’ll deal with one thing at a time….. 

Paige hugged me without warning , putting her arms around my neck as she looked at me like she was observing some life form she has yet to see before. 

Paige : I can help you…. 

Jim : What ? !..... 

Paige : I said…. I can help you…. hahahahha…. 

I looked at Peggy before turning to Paige. 

Peggy : No… don’t trust her !!... no!!.. she will not help 

Paige smiled as she kissed me.

Jim : what are you doing ?? … are you mad ?? 

Paige : hahaha…. I’m serious… I’ll help… on one condition…. 

Peggy : No…. don’t believe her !!... 

Jim : What condition…??? 

Peggy :She is lying to you… don’t believe her… she is a snake… !!! 

Paige : hahaha… oh please my dear sister… you have no idea how badly I want you out of thi fucking house…. The sight of you disgust me…..

Peggy : oh fuck you !... 

Paige : fuck you too… haha…. 

Jim : Shut up… both of you…. 

Peggy : Let’s just go now… we have my passport… let’s go… 

Paige : ahh….. mummy will know….i will tell her… hahaha…. 

Jim : What condition is it…. ?? 

Paige : you leave… and you don’t back… ever….. the house is mine… 

Peggy ; half of it is mine !!.. Daddy left it for me…. 

Paige : he left you a lot more than you can ever spend…..the moment you hit 21 and you are free……. I will still be stuck here with mummy until she dies…..

I looked at the pair of sisters as they stared down at each other. 

This is disgusting. 

Peggy nodded after a good minute. 

Peggy : I don’t care…. I just want to leave…. I don’t even want to see you people again…. 

Paige : good !... hahahaa…one more thing…. 

Peggy : What ? !! 

Paige : There is still another party tomorrow…. And….mummy….. has some male guest… 

Peggy : Fuck you…. I’m leaving now…. 

Paige : Then how ? …. Hahaha… someone needs to fill in.. not me…. hahaha… 

Paige gave me a flirty look.

Paige : I only want you…. hahha whatever your name is…. Haha.. 

Jim : What !!... you’re out of your mind…. 

Peggy : let’s just go…..!! 

Jim : I need to speak with Soh….. 

I left the girls in the room and went out to look for Soh. 

He was in the kitchen with the rest of the team and they looked at me eagerly for a piece of good news. All the helper and staff were dismissed, only the lot of us remained. 

Soh : What’s the situation ? 

Jim : I got the passport…. The CCTV is off….. Paige’s friends are out drunk…. 

Soh : What about Peggy ? and Paige ?? 

Jim : Peggy is fine…. Paige is fine too but can we go now ?? 

Soh : No … not yet….. there’s another party tomorrow…. 

Jim : Soh… this is a good opportunity…… rather than wait until the moment we send the mother and child to the airport and cruise terminal, we can do it now…. 

Soh : This will leave the party in shambles…. 

Jim : Paige is the birthday girl…. Not Peggy…. 

Soh : but Poon will know she is missing…… 

Just then Paige entered the kitchen. 

Everyone turned and gasped as a moment of silence enveloped the kitchen.

Paige : I believe I can help…. 

I looked at Paige , fully dressed, not in her tight bandage dress before. She was wearing Peggy’s clothes, simple and plain shorts and top. 

Soh : and why would you do that ??? 

Paige : ahhahaha…. Comes with a price….you’re a businessman no ?? hahah.. 

Soh : What do you want ?? 

Paige : Mummy has a key…. A key she keeps with her at all times…..i want that key…. 

Soh : What does it open ?? 

Paige : None of your business…. 

Soh : And for that price….. what do we get in return… 

Paige smiled, brushed her hair back and replied. 

Paige : I can be Paige…… and…. 

She changed her posture, gave a sad doeful look before turning her back to everyone, letting her shoulder slouched and completed her sentence. 

Paige : I ….. can also… be Peggy….. sobzz. Sobz… 

It was at that moment , truly, that I believed that are monsters in this world. 

Monsters among us. 

Monsters that would a beast to hunt. 

Paige smiled and walked towards Soh and offered her hand. 

Paige : are we in business ??? 

The rest of us looked at Soh as Peggy came into the kitchen with a bag, eager to make her departure. 

Soh took a deep breath and shook Paige’s hand. 

Soh : Yes we are…. don’t you dare cross me if we are in business…. 

Paige : hahaha….. 

Paige chuckled as she leaned her body against me. 

Paige : I’ll need someone to make sure I behave then….. 

Paige gave me a eager look as my eyes widened and I looked at my friends who were gathered around the kitchen with their mouth half opened. 

Soh : what the…. Fuck….. have you done Jim ? 

I shook my head and shrugged my shoulder. 

Jim : Just my job…. Just my job…..

Soh shook his head and began organising things. 

20 minutes later, we’ve decided on the order of movement. 

Paige will stand in as Peggy’s double after she leaves the next day during the party.
She will need to juggle both identities but it should not be much of a problem as long as we can staged it such that Paige is playing with Peggy in her room and she doesn’t want to be disturbed. 

After the new plan was finalised, Soh popped the most important question. 

Soh : Tell me about the key…. 


Paige poured herself a glass of water and leaned against the kitchen counter. 

Paige : Mummy keeps the key with her at all times. It can be in her pocket, around her neck, tucked into her panties, squished among her fats, I don’t know. It never leaves her. Not even when she showers. 

Soh : why is it so important ? 

Paige : When this house was built, Peggy’s dad commissioned a standalone lock system….. keys to each individual room….. masterkey for each level of the house, and one grand master key to unlock all the rooms. 

Mohan : one key …. To rule them all…. 

Paige : Not really… it’s just to unlock doors…. 

Paige let on that the grand masterkey for the house is missing for the longest time. No one, not even Peggy’s dad knew where it is. It was gone during a major renovation of the house many years ago. 

Paige : We can request for another one from the company but the only person authorised to do it is already dead…. Anyway…. Mummy holds the master key for the basement level. 

Soh : What’s in the basement ? 

Paige : Valuables….. if you must know….valuables that we don’t keep in the bank… or a safe deposit box…. 

RIzwan : why ?? 

Paige : Not everyone gets to stay in a place like this by making an honest living your life…. Go figure… 

Rizwan : ohh….. 

Paige : Anyway, what’s in there is none of your concern….i just need the key…. For a while at least…. 

Soh : I’m sure we can create a diversion or sort… get you the key… and you do whatever the fuck you want in there….. 

Paige : hahaha… I’ll need 10 minutes…. That’s more than enough for me….

Soh folded his arms and thought about it for a moment. 

Soh : Well, there’ll be guest around for the 2nd night of partying…. Your mum will be busy entertaining the guest…. I’m sure we can find an opening….. the challenge is we don’t know when that might come up…. And if it does come up, whether you will be ready to capitalise on it…. 

Paige : No…. not when the guest are around…. I can’t fucking be running up and down the stairs with a bag of stuff in hand can I ? ….. right in front of my mother’s face…. 

Soh : Then it will have to be after the party then…. 

Paige : It has to be after the party when all the guest are gone…. I want you guys gone as well….. only I will enter the basement….
Soh nodded and walked around the kitchen for a bit as he tried to think of something.

Paige : This also meant that you would need to find a way to get the key….before mummy goes to bed….. she locks herself in the room during bedtime….. and make sure it’s returned after I’m done….

Eric : Wow…. This is like mission impossible…. Can we break down the basement door instead ? …. 

Paige did not reply Eric and she went on. 

Paige : just 10 minutes… I only need 10 minutes…. 

Soh sighed and looked around the kitchen. 

Soh : Anyone has any ideas…. Or suggestions….now’s the time to speak up…. 

Tommy : how about when Poon is showering… how long does she take to shower ?? 

Paige : It depends… can be anywhere between 10 to 60 minutes…. If she soaks in the tub…. It’ll be longer…. 

Tommy : Then let’s do it when she bathes….. look at her hair…. Imagine having to wash that shit…. How long she’s going to take to wash it… dry it… and get dressed and all…. 

Soh : So what ? … you are going to ask Poon to wash her hair is it ?? … 

Mohan : can we spill like food in it or something… hahaha… Knn… I think will be very funny… 

Tommy : Yeah… I can picture her trying to wash out the pasta or something.. hahaha… 

Paige : Don’t be stupid… mummy is not an idiot…. You do that on purpose, you will only put her on guard….. 

Tommy : Then why don’t you give us the idea then ?? 

Paige laughed and folded her arms. 

Paige : you guys are the one that needs my help…. This is my payment…. You go figure a solution…. 

The kitchen went quiet for a while before I spoke up. 

Jim : I….. I may have a idea….to get Poon to shower…… But…. 

Soh : but what ? …. 

Jim : it’s a little extreme….

Soh : How so ? 

I told the team what I have in mind and it took only 2 seconds before everyone broke out laughing. 

Tommy : How the fuck are you going to do that hahahahah….

Mohan : What the fuck ?? .. you serious brother ?? hahah…

Jim : I’m serious….. there is no way Poon would not shower after that…. 

Soh : ok…. Can you include Tommy in the plan… ? I think it would be good if Tommy can go into the bathroom with Poon 

Tommy : What >??!! Why me ?? 

Soh : You are the most good looking one already…..and I see how those aunties look at you… I think you stand a better chance… 

Tommy : what the fuck… 

Jim : Yes… I can….but…. it’s going to be messy….

Tommy : I demand a raise… 

Soh : sure… as long as you are up for it…. 

Jim : Tommy…. You need to stall Poon in the bathroom to buy everyone time…. 10 minutes… at least…. 

Tommy : fuck… whatever… I don’t think I can get an erection anyway… don’t think she can fuck me…. but what about the key…

Soh : The moment you undress her, or she undress herself….. find it…. And keep her occupied such that she won’t notice it’s missing…. 

Tommy : ok fine…. 

Soh turned to me and said if this doesn’t work, it’s all for naught. 

Peggy : but… but this will mean….. i… i…. 

Paige : oh shut the fuck up…..Peggy…. there is no way this guy is worse off than the other fat and ugly bastard you have taken…haha…

Peggy : Fuck you Paige…. 

Paige : well… fuck you too…… 

Peggy : I can’t wait to get out of here…. 

Paige : Please do….. and don’t come back…. 

Soh cut off the girls’ bickering and firmed up the plan.

Soh : ok… so it’s set… Jim gets Poon to shower together with Tommy…. Tommy passes us the key…. We get Paige her 10 minutes….but we cannot stop here…. I need contingency …. 

Nelson will be on gate duty while this was happening. 

Soh tasked Eric to shut off the water mains. 

Soh : Shut it off…. This will drag things out longer…. Imagine having shampoo and shit all over and no water….

Paige : we have a water tank …!... it’s take a while to run it dry…. 

Soh : Mohan… kitchen….. Rizwan… powder room…… Derrick, level 2… whichever room or bathroom you can access…. Go…. The moment you are ready… give the signal…. Paige would most likely be the only one who will have ready access to her mobile phone…. Text me…

Paige : cool…. I can’t wait… hahahahah… 

Jim : What about your 2 drunk friends up in the entertainment room ? 

Paige : hahah.. let them sleep it off… and they’ll be gone in the morning…. 

Soh : I will bribe the rest of the helper to keep their mouth shut…. Any questions so far ? 

Everyone shook their heads and we were dismissed.

The team was allocated a guest room for us to rest while we rotated for duties at the main entrance and outside Peggy’s room. I had a quick word with Paige before I spoke with Peggy. She looked a little apprehensive but she has no choice but to go along. 


I was woken up by the commotion in the room when Rizwan came in after his shift at the gate.

Rizwan told us Poon actually woke up in the middle of the night to check on the main entrance before heading back to bed. 

Soh kicked me at 4am to tell me I’m wanted at Paige’s room and that he will take over my shift.

I asked Paige what she wanted and she did not say anything except give me that look. 

That look as she spread her blanket, inviting me into bed with her. 

Jim : I need to rest….. for tonight…

Paige : I don’t give a fuck what you need….. I only care about what I need…….haha… 

I fucked that slut again before fingering her to orgasm, keeping myself on the brink for the evening.

Paige came hard and squirted all over her queen size bed, leaving a visible wet patch of her own cum stains on the bedsheets. 

I wanted to leave but Paige wanted me to stay. 

You think that slut wants to cuddle ? to feel safe ? 

To get cosy ? …. 

Of course not. 

She’s too sick to ask for something normal people want. 

Paige was exhausted and she needed to sleep but she demanded that I finger fuck her and wake her up every hour, forcing an orgasm from her before she goes back to sleep. 

Paige : I want you to make me cum and squirt every hour….. wake me up roughly, fuck me with your finger…. Hold me down…. I will struggle…. I will scream… but I want you to hold me down and do it again and again till I cum…. Till the point I break… 

I had to re-run what she just said in my head twice just to be sure. 

Paige : I want to wake up…. Sleep deprived…. With a dry vagina while you force an orgasm out of me…. 

Jim : you…… are out of your mind…. 

Paige : Do it…. Or the deal with helping Peggy is off…. 

I looked at Paige with her sleepy eyes as she pulled the blanket up to her chin, covering her naked body. 

Paige : Are you angry …. Hahah….. I like your expression when you are angry…haha.. I like the idea of you taking your anger out on me….. 

Paige chuckled and turned away, drifting off to her dreamland as I set my alarm for the next wake. 

When the alarm went off on my phone at 5.30am, 

I pulled off the blanket even though I was exhausted. I’m sure you know the feeling of being forced awake and sleep deprived. There’s this feeling of frustration. 

This angst that you just need to release. 

I roughly pushed my finger into Paige as she gasped awake by the sudden intrusion into her privates. Her hands instinctively tried to stop me but I forged on. 

As requested, I covered her mouth and looked into her sleep deprived eyes. I rubbed and fucked her hard with my fingers as she struggled, forcing an orgasm and squirt out of her before I let her go. 

Paige : erhghhhhh!!!! Erhghghghghg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Her eyes teared up as she no doubt was taking a couple of seconds to figure out what was happening. 

I could almost imagine myself in her position. 

Sleeping naked on my bed, with my tight nubile body that no one can have when suddenly I was roughly fingered awake by a stranger I hardly knew. 

Paige came with muffled scream, leaving saliva all over my palm as she rolled over on her side and fell back to sleep. 

Watching her pant and moan in exhaustion, I settled back to the couch by her bed. My erection was pushing painfully against my pants but I just wanted to rest. 


I did it again. 

I’m tried, really tired but I felt this flush of strength when I made Paige cum. 

Her struggle, that look in her eyes, I could tell she was torturing and pushing her boundaries of tolerance. By the 4th time I woke her up at 8.30am, Paige was crying and sobbing. I could see her pleas were real, she had enough but I don’t know why. 

I carried on. Paige’s legs were kicking as she fought with all the strength she could muster but I gritted my teeth and held her down. I fucked 2 fingers deep into her vagina, digging and scraping as the gush of her cunt juice build up.

I held her down, sucked on her tits and fingered her to another wet and squirting orgasm before putting my fingers, wet and wrinkled with her cunt juice to her lips as she sucked on them like a baby with a pacifier. 


I jolt awake every time my alarm went off, I wanted to just go back to sleep. 

Paige was snoring slightly; she couldn’t care less about her wet bedsheets. Her body was tired, she’s exhausted and she just wanted to snooze. 

I decided to skip the 9.30am and catch up on my sleeping debt. 


I felt a little better when my alarm went off. 

Paige was still out. 

I woke up with a massive erection, Paige’s room smells amazing . There is this deep musky scent. It’s a scent of sex. 

Of a naked and wet female.

I got onto the bed and as I straddled Paige, her eyes opened. 

Before she could focus , I covered her mouth again, and I started to rub her vagina. 

Paige struggled and kicked, but I held on. 

Paige : No no… no!!!... stop!!!... no… no… I said stop !!! no!! ernghhh.. ernghhh!!! 

The intensity of her stares only spurred the muscles in my tired arms further. I drilled my fingers into her wet cunt, feeling the squeeze of her vagina walls against my fingers. I had 3 fingers inside Paige, my index and ring finger spreading the opening of her love hole inside her love canal while middle finger prod as far as I could. 

Her muffled screams sent vibrations throughout my arm as she came again, squirting a small amount of thick copious liquid from her abused vagina. 

By the time I was done, Paige was moaning and groaning on the bed. She chuckled, giggled, kicked her legs in the air as she clutched her tummy before curling up into a ball. 

Paige : ok… enough… enough…. No more… no more… I need to get up and change….. for the lunch party…. 

I was starving by the time I left Paige’s room and I went straight to the kitchen and grabbed my breakfast. 

As I ate my sandwich, I saw how wrinkled my fingers had been from the fingering. I checked to make sure no one was looking before I closed my eyes and sucked on my own finger, savouring the taste Paige had left behind. 

I did wash my hands before I eat, but I could still smell Paige. 

I was lost in my thoughts for a couple of seconds before snapping myself out of this. 

What the fuck is wrong with me ? 

This job is really bringing out a side I never knew I had. 

28th January 2017


The lunch party was nothing to shout about. It was a gathering for relatives and it was considerably more subdued. There were no teasing or abuse of any kind. Paige showed up in another tight sleeveless dress with a deep plunge at her cleavage. 

I could see some relative’s eyes on her, especially the older men. 

Uncles of hers I presumed. 

There’s a couple of younger cousins, all guys. They were blatantly checking out Paige’s body, no doubt thinking what they would do to their own cousin’s body if given the chance. 

It’s like Paige was giving off this thick scent of hormones. It was definitely getting the attention of the males in the family. 

This is biological as much as it is psychological. 

I thought about that musty scent in Paige’s room. 

I’m a healthy breeding male while she is a healthy female of the opposite sex. 

That amount of arousal that Paige was giving me probably meant she was ovulating. 

If she is so appealing to me, the rest of the men must have felt the same way too.

Or perhaps it was all my imagination. 

The high tea was a pretentious affair between Poon and a few of her friends. Picture a few aunties snacking on finger sandwiches , sipping tea and pretending they are British and speaking English with a slang. 

There is nothing wrong with having afternoon tea. Just that the way Poon was trying to mask her Singlish made it amusing. 

Poon : Oh… that is so awful…. Terrible…terrible …..

Luckily one of her auntie friends was a bit more directly. 

Poon friend : Just say si bei jia lat la…. What awful…. You all full of nonsense… 

Poon rolled her eyes and went on as if her friend did not contribute anything meaningful to the conversation.

Paige only had 1 friend over during that period and they spent it soaking in the pool. 

Peggy had gotten Soh to help her stash her bag in our vehicles earlier that afternoon. 

She was literally counting down the minutes before she could get out the place once and for all.

By now you probably have a picture of what I wanted to do to get Poon to shower. 

Yes, I’ll fucking cum in her face and hair. 

What more compelling reasons can you have to take a shower ? 

Ladies who have experienced the mess of having your man cum in your face should know how hard it is to wash them off. 

If the water is too warm, it coagulates into a sticky paste, the water has to be cool. 
Just the right temperature. 
Too cold, you end up rubbing and wiping the cum deeper into your pores and face and hair.

There’s also your makeup, your fake eye lashes, your contact lens if any, your hair. 

I learnt my lesson the hard way on my wedding night. 

My big day. 

I did it on my then wife’s face with all her makeup and hair in full glory. 

Needless to say, other than a verbal fuck, I had nothing exciting to remember my wedding night for. 

Now, i’m not going to clutch my cock and run around the room trying to cum on Poon. That is stupid. 

Which is why I needed Paige and Peggy’s help as well together with Tommy.

With 3 of them to help with the positioning of Poon, it would make things easier.

First, Paige would stand in for Peggy for most of the evening. She would of course tell Poon that she is playing with Peggy in her room, this would give the sisters an excuse to be out of sight once the main party is more or less over. 

If Poon is headed up to Paige’s room after the party, the girls will have to switch back, Peggy will have to play her role as the victim while Paige does the guiding. There is only one aim, to get me to cum, fast and quick. 

Paige, on the pretext of getting her mother to have a better view of me playing with Peggy, will position her closer. Peggy, although very much reluctant to have sex with me, was willing to go along. 

What Paige said is true to a certain extent.
There is no way I will be worse off than some of the disgusting old men her mother made her fucked over the years. 

When my orgasm is near, I will give the signal, pull it out and give Poon a shower on the pretext of losing control. 

As a contingency, I will try to cover Tommy and Poon at the same time. He can help her bath, and fuck her if needed. I’ll try to go for Paige too, if Tommy’s card doesn’t work, Paige can always go into the bathroom to help her mum clean up while wiping herself down. 

The best case scenario would be to get my semen on all 3 of them. 

Tommy can help Poon with her clothes, Paige can grab the key during the confusion. Viola.

Midway through washing up, water will stop, chaos will ensue , giving Paige the time she needs in the basement.

As the hour approaches, I could feel butterflies gathering in my stomach. 


Birthday song was sung again and Paige cut her 2nd cake of the day.


Guest were starting to leave and the confidence I had earlier of pulling it off were starting to fade a little. 


Paige made a big show of shouting at Peggy, asking her to head up to her room as I followed behind them.


I kept a looking at level 3. From my vantage point, I have a clear view of everyone coming up. 

All I have to do now is wait. 


I heard some chuckling, someone laughing. 

I saw Poon come up the stairs as she turned behind her laughing and chatting with someone.

I saw a man behind her. 

And another. 

And another. 

My heart sank as I watch the group finishing up the last few steps and reached level 2. 

Fuck, if they are going to play poker, there goes our plan. 

Poon did not say anything about entertaining friends after the party. 

I looked at Derrick who was loitering around level 2 and he turned up and gave me the signal. 


Poon is not stopping at level 2. 

I heard the laughter and chatter got louder as Poon started on her ascent to level 3. 

I quickly went inside Paige’s room and I shut the door. 

Both the sisters had their arms folded as they looked at me. 

We only have seconds to spare. 

Jim : Your mum is coming up… with 3 other men…. 

I could see Peggy’s expression turn grave as she leaned against the cupboard. 

Paige had a frown on her face as she rubbed her hair and grunted in frustration. 

Paige : fuck !....grrrrrrr…..

Paige looked around the room searching for ideas before running towards the door and she locked it. 

Jim : What are you going… 

Paige turned to her sister, speaking in a nonchalant manner. 

Paige : Bitch… you want to fuck 1… or you want to fuck 3…. 

Peggy : What are you talking about !! are you mad ?? 

Thud thud thud… thud…..

Poon knocked on the door, asking Paige to open up. 

Poon : Paige… open up… what are you doing with Peggy… I need her… hahah.. to entertain some …. Of my friends… hahaha… 

Paige : choose…. You can fuck the 3 out there…. Or the one in here…. 

Jim : What ? … how will that help anything ??? 

Peggy : I’m not fucking the 3 men out there….fuck you…. 

Paige : Then just fuck this one in here…. As long as possible… let him fucking mess you up…. And the rest won’t touch you…. 

Peggy : Fuck you !... 

Paige : It’s your choice… bitch…. 

I could hear Poon knocking on the door again. 

Thud thud.. thud…. 

Poon : Paige dear… I’m coming in…. 

I could hear the key being inserted as the lock snapped. 

Poon opened the door and I could see the keys in her hand. 

4 keys on a gold key ring. They must be the masterkey for each level. 

Poon held them on her hand as she entered the room, smiling in a sly like manner. 

The men behind her entered the room as well. 

They were all middle age men, probably touching their fifties. They have the same body shape, round, pot bellied with a horny grin. Horny and dirty old men eager for a taste of youth. 

Poon : Ohh… what do we have here….. what are you going with Peggy dear ? …. 

Paige : I’m about to get her to fuck him… why ?? 

Paige pointed to me before folding her arms and looking at her mother. 

I noticed a hint of hostility from Paige when she talked to Poon . 

It dawned on me that moment that up till the point I’ve entered the house, I have yet to hear Paige have a decent conversation with her mother before. 

Even the day before at the entertainment room, when she entered with her friends, their nonchalant attitude as they carried on the game their mother was playing. 

Paige’s level of impatience, saying she had her own games to play. 

I’m not sure if I should take that as a hint of Paige’s relationship with her mother. 

I heard more foot steps from behind and Soh appeared with Mohan.

Poon smiled at Paige and asked her a question. 

Poon : what did I tell you Paige….. if Mummy don’t give… you cannot take… 

Paige : What !....what are you…… 

Before Paige could finish her sentence, her eyes widened and she started hurling vulgarities at Soh. 

Paige : FUCK YOU SOH!!! Fuck you !!! 

Poon pointed to Peggy and asked her to fuck off. 

Poon : Get the fuck out… and don’t come back….ever…. 

Jim :What is happening ?? 

Soh seemed calmed and composed as he gestured for me to head over to their side. 

Paige : no… no … no!!! NO!! Mummy NO!!! NO!!!! 

I turned to look at Paige who had a look of horror on her face as she backed herself against the wardrobe filled to the brim with her cock teasing dresses. 

Paige : NO!!!! 

I asked Soh what was happening and he told me he thought about it, and decides to re-negotiate the terms of the contract. 

Jim : You sold Paige out…. 

Soh : This is business…. 

I watch the door to Paige room slowly shut as her screams get drowned out by the sound of the 3 uncles trying to pacify her. 

Paige : NO …NO!!!!!!!!!!! please NO MUMMY!!! MUMMY NO!!!! 

The door shut and I could see the rest of the team waiting down at level 2 and 1. 

They too looked a little lost. 

Soh : I owe everyone an explanation…. Peggy.. go on ahead…. We’ll wait for you here…. 

We watched as Peggy descended down the stairs to the basement. 

Jim : What is happening Soh ? 

Soh : Poon…. Is still the lease holder for our office… she is still a client….and let’s not forget for a moment… that… in this household……………. there is no such thing call good or bad…. It all depends on your perspective…. 

Jim : huh ? what are you saying… but… but doing this to Paige…. Is.. is that right ?? 

Soh ; She did it countless times to Peggy…. is that right ?? 

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and nodded, at a loss for words. 

3 minutes later, Peggy appeared again, with a small black haversack on her back, all smiles on her face. 

Soh : all set Peggy ?? …. 

Peggy : All set… for the rest of my life…. 

My eyes went from Peggy to what she was clutching in her hand. 

She had the grandmaster key all along. 

Soh : guys… our contract with Poon ended early……. Let’s go home… 

As the lot of us filed out of the large estate, I looked up to the level 3 window with it’s light still on. 

I wondered how long that light would remain on that evening. 

Soh : We’ll send Peggy to the causeway… then it’s a wrap…. 

Soh told the team that Poon was grateful that he told her about Paige’s scheme to steal her key. 

Soh : Poon gave a small bonus… I think this calls for a celebration…. BBQ at our office perhaps…. 

Mohan :swee la… 

Rizwan : On !... 

We started the engine and the convoy of vehicles left the private estate. 

We turned onto the main road and merged into the expressway without me realising I was still sniffing my fingers, trying to catch a scent of Paige. 

This was followed by a short farewall to Peggy at Woodlands, just a stone throw away from the checkpoint. 

She has a car waiting for her, a driver sent by her grandfather. 

Peggy : Soh… thank you…. if you ever need my help….. you know where to look for me…. 

Soh : You going to be staying in Malaysia for good ? 

Peggy shook her head. 

Peggy : at least for a while….i want to go back to school…. 

Soh : stay safe Peggy… 

Peggy gave Soh a hug and waved to everyone of us. 

Peggy : Soh… I owe you my life…. Please give me a chance to repay you…. call me… 

Soh smiled and waved her off. 

We watched Peggy enter the car and disappear into night and Soh dismissed the team. 

Mohan : Soh…. You should have asked for a million bucks la… can retire shake leg… hahaha… since she so rich… 

Soh : ask your head la… 

Mohan : Aiyah…. She already say until like that… owe you her life leh… you too old for her also… 

Soh gave Mohan a kick on his backside as the group of us laugh. 

Soh : You think I old cow eat tender grass is it…. 

Eric answered on behalf of Soh. 

Eric : Mohan….. Soh…. Don’t need money… he collect favours….. hahaha… you never know if one day…. Who knows….. that favour might be worth more than money…. 

I smiled as the group continued bickering before deciding to head for supper. 

Little would I expect that in 2 months time, Soh would be calling in his favour he accumulated over the years. 

All of them. 


As much as Soh would have everyone take a break, the projects kept coming in. 
Nothing crazy happened for the past month or so after our adventure with Poon and her daughters. It was just work as normal. 

There was a spike in airport pickups and once we were even roped in to be fake audience at some investment forum. 

Right after the speak was done speaking, our group was to rush up and register for his so call paid workshop that cost a few thousand dollars each. 

I can’t believe we would be doing something like this, but end of the day, we’re all trying to make a living. 

I pitied the folks, some of them retirees who signed up for the course. 

Yeah, get rich quick investment schemes usually don’t end well. 

Then there are those motivation talks. 

That is a little more elaborate. The team had to go through 2 hours of training before hand before the organiser inserted us into the audience and clients. 

I had goosebumps as I tried to get myself pumped up, shouting ‘yes,yes,yes , I can do it !!’ at the top of my voice with the others who actually paid for something like this. 

I could not bear to absorb an ounce of the fake motivation and seemingly un-positive energy from the speaker. 

Maybe I’m the odd one out. 

The majority of people attending it seemed pretty motivated. 

“yes, I will top my sales !! “ 

“ yes ! I will achieve my dream “ 

“put your hands up…. Say it with me…. I can do it !! “ 

“now make some noise…. Are you ready for your dream life !!! “ 

I mastered the art of rolling my eyes as I clapped and whistled , raising my hands to the speaker as if he is lord. 

My ordeal was over after 3 hours and as many of my fellow motivated participants leave the hall, I gathered with my friends backstage. 

Their equally glum look spoke volumes to how we view the session. 

The speaker came backstage and thanked Soh for his help, settling the invoice with Mohan at the same time. 

Speaker : So guys.. are you motivated !!! ??? hahahah 

We just smiled but none of us offered a word. 

Speaker : Yeah… I could see it as much from your expressions….. you don’t buy this shit I’m selling…. And I don’t blame you …. Doesn’t work for everyone…. 

Jim : Why… why are you doing this ?? … I mean… don’t you think it’s a little…. Cult like ??? 

Speaker : hahaha… different strokes for different folks…. People are motivated in different ways…. I just manage to gather likeminded people together…. And make money off them…. Many of them are regulars…..suckers man… lot of them are…

Jim : wow…. I like your brutal honesty…. 

Speaker : just making a living la…hahaha.. 

The speaker gave us his name card, introducing himself as a self taught investor, an entrepreneur, self made millionaire , and motivational speaker. 

Jim : wah !... millionaire ah…. 

The speaker laughed and gave us a piece of advice. 

Speaker : ….. I’ll tell you a hard truth…. Bitter pills are hard to swallow…. And this advice is free…… 

He told us that if one day, we ever find the need to pay money, to let a stranger come and get us to shout in an enclosed space trying to convince ourselves we are motivated to move on. 
We’re fucked. 

Speaker : Remember that ok…. And if you need to pay someone to let you know you’re fucked. Pay me…haha…

Jim : Isn’t this morally wrong or something ?? … 

Speaker : No…. people need an avenue to escape…. I provide that avenue… 

Jim : so did anyone of those ….. those regulars of yours…. Really achieve their goals and all…. Tops sales and shit…. 

The speaker packed up his belongings and smiled. 

Speaker : You want to be the top in sales, you should be out there selling, not sitting here for half a day listening to me bullshit….. hahah… I hope that answer your question… ciao guys…. Till next time…. 

Eric jabbed me on my arm as the speaker left. 

Eric : why ? you also want to be motivational speaker ah….

Jim : I cannot la…. I don’t have the charisma…. Hahaha… 

We attended multi-level marketing seminars too, joining the long queue to sell the company’s product. 
We stand in as fake workers for companies when authorities came to conduct a check on the headcount. 
There was once all of us were dressed up as landscaper. 

That was when we all agreed Mohan looked good with a chain saw in hand. 

Jim : You got the murderer look… good…. 

Tommy : Mohan… you take chain saw can… don’t take the grass cutter ah… 

Mohan : Why … you chee bye… want to make racist joke right… 

The guys laughed and Mohan rebuked Tommy. 

Mohan : You Knn Chinese….. you old liao only got 1 job left…. Take 1 table sell newspaper by roadside to motorist…. I indian…. Smelly also money changer… 

Everyone chuckled as we pointed a middle finger at Mohan. 

Tommy : hahahaha….i think by the time I old… no such thing liao la…. Maybe I sell tissue paper… 

Rizwan : You all ah…. Then I how… taxi driver ah…. 

Mohan turned to Rizwan and added. 

Mohan : Brother… you open mama shop….. Derrick sell fishball noodle…. Eric…err.. Eric I think got the taxi driver look la…. Haha

Eric : fuck you la…. 

Mohan : Then ah.. then err… Nelson….Nelson his pattern is go temple become caretaker….as for Jim…..Jim got the kopi kia look… I think he coffee shop sell coffee….

I laughed as I shook my head at the comments Mohan made. 

Even Soh was laughing. 

Soh : so next time old already…. Eric drive taxi… go temple pick up Nelson…. Then Rizwan mama shop buy snacks, then we gather at the coffee shop where Derrick is selling fishball noodle , Jim selling coffee , and Tommy sell tissue paper is it ? hahahahah… 

Mohan : what about me ?? 

Jim : You… you money changer right….. you sit at the coffee shop la… I not enough small change I look for you…. hahah

The group of us roared with laughter as we waited for the headcount project to end. 

I looked at the serene waterway at Punggol and took a deep breath of the fresh morning air. 

Life really doesn’t get better than this. 

After the count was completed, we were dispatched to our respective stations for the so call landscaping works. The team returned the gear and loaded up our vehicles before heading off for another job. 

Bodyguard duties, helping at events, even the occasional stand in as bouncers at night clubs, you name it. 

Odd jobs like this might sound trivial but Soh is making a good profit. 

We finally had a bit of a break in the middle of march when Soh said we can finally have our gathering or BBQ. 

10th March 2017 

There was no work that day. The BBQ pit was set up and Soh even ordered food from a catering company.

Everyone including family members were invited. 

Eric turned up with his girlfriend Wendy and his daughter Claire.

Tommy came with his grandmother, wheeling her in on her wheel chair. 

Rizwan arrived with his grandparents who looked surprisingly fit and active despite their age. I remembered him telling me when were were trainees that both his parents had passed on and he was brought up by his grandparents. 

That was the first time I met them. 

Derrick and Mohan arrived together without bringing anyone while Nelson too came with his grandmother. 

What about me you say ? 

I wanted to bring my daughter along but my ex-wife was not agreeable. 

She asked if there were suitable baby care facilities at my workplace and I said no. 
With Tricia just recovering from a flu, my ex-wife said she would be more comfortable if our daughter gets more rest at home. 

I was disappointed but I agreed. 

I didn’t feel like showing up alone that day so I brought the only person I could think of. 



You can probably imagine how Mohan and Eric reacted when I stepped into the compound with Denise by my side.

Denise was dressed casually in shorts and a singlet. She wore a pair of sneakers and walked into the compound, looking a little shy. 

Tommy : Woahhhhh…. Chio bu leh…. Jim… hahahah…. 

Mohan and Eric could not believe what they we seeing and I saw them talking to each other before running to get Soh from the office. 

I introduced Denise to everyone, making it clear that we are just friends. 

Soh came out and he too was surprised to see Denise there with me. 

Soh : Oh…. 

Denise : You asshole !.... 

Denise made a show of wanting to throw a corn cob at Soh but I held her back. 

Denise : I’m just kidding… 

Soh , ever the gentlemen apologised to Denise properly. 

Soh : It’s all in the past…. I’m sorry…. Just business, nothing personal…. 

Denise shook Soh’s hand and everyone helped themselves to the food. 

Mohan could not resist making some jokes about having milk at the BBQ and Denise gave him a glare that ensured he stayed at least 2 metres away. 

We ate, we chatted and we laughed. 

I sat beside Denise as she peeled a prawn for me. 

There was this flush of warmth as I looked at Tommy feeding his grandmother. 

I envied Eric as he danced with his daughter Claire before chasing her around. 

Denise : Miss your daughter ?? 

Jim : yeah… all the time… 


The lot of us gathered around the BBQ , drinks in hand

Soh : Thank you guys…. Really…. All this… would not have been possible without you all… 

Rizwan : Soh.. you going to cry ah… 

Soh : Fuck you la… hahah.. 

It was just a simple gathering but it brought about emotions that have not experienced in a while. 
We are more than colleagues, more than just army mates, more than just friends. 

There is this bond between the group of us that is impossible to explain.

Eric’s daughter was cheeky and playful, running around and trying to play with all of us. 

In the end, she ended up taking selfies with Denise. 

Jim : all grown up already…. Easy liao la…

Eric : hahaha… you wish ah…. 

Eric’s daughter Claire then went on to try and identify each of us by name and the funny antics we did back in our younger days. 

Clarie : My daddy say you are kan cheong spider….. my daddy say you snore very loud….. 

“ my daddy say you do things very slow “ 

“ my daddy tells me you always don’t know where you running in the jungle “ 

The memories of our trainee days flooded back into my head, bringing with it images and smiles I already forgotten. 

The group parted ways at 10pm that day. 

11th March 2017 


Moving day for Denise and I promised to help. 
She has gotten a job at a café while she takes night classes for her degree. 

I don’t know if it was deliberate, but Denise had picked to move to Pasir Ris, just a stone throw away from my parents place where I was staying. 

She rented the whole 3 bedroom flat for herself and I could not help but ask her how can she manage to pay the rent, her night classes on her part time café pay. 

Denise : I’m a lot richer than you think I am Jim…. A lot… haha…. Herman bought some bluechip stocks for me…. or rather… he bought them using my name and my account… so…. Technically… they’re now mine… 

Jim : wow….

Denise : it’s not a lot la… hahah… still gives me an average of 6-700 a month in dividends…Plus some savings of mine, and the job at the café…. Just enough to get by…. I’m comfortable…. 

I got her settled in and she celebrated by having sex in all the rooms of her new place. 
With me of course. 

13th March 2017 

I will never forget that faithful day. 

The day when our lives are ripped apart by a series of events. 

Eric picked me up at Pasir ris with his daughter in tow. 

Eric : Don’t mind ah… I drop Claire off at the child care first…. 

Jim : morning…. Where did you all go ?? 

Eric : Stayed over at Wendy’s place for the weekend lor… 

Claire : Morning Uncle Jim… 

Jim : K2 already right… going to go primary school soon…. 

Claire : yah… hahaha…. 

We arrive in Hougang and Eric pulled over by the drop off point and switched off the engine. 

I could hear the noise and the hustle from the childcare centre as I alighted. 

Eric : Quick.. quick.. they having breakfast already… !! 

Eric was already off towards the main entrance with Clarie’s bag. 

Claire almost caught up to her father when she ran back to the vehicle. 

Clarie : daddy wait… I forgot my bottle…….. 

I opened the passenger door for Claire with a smile as she reached into the seat for her bottle. 

Then I blacked out. 

I fucking blacked out. 

I don’t know what happened. 

I really don’t

My ears were ringing and there was a continued buzzing sound in my head. 

I tried to open my eyes and everything was a blur.

A thick grey cloud of dust drifted towards me from the childcare centre. 

I could hear screams, anguish screams of pain and despair coming from the centre. 

A figure emerged, walking unsteadily from the cloud of dust. 

I saw Eric walked out, his face covered in blood as he clutched onto his stomach. 

I pushed myself off the ground and turned to looked for Claire. 

She was on the floor too crying as she scraped her knees and palms. 

Eric staggered towards his daughter and I quickly supported him. The moment I felt Eric’s weight on me, I lost balance and we collapsed onto the floor. 

Blood seeped out from Eric’s stomach and I grabbed his hands, pushed it on the wound and applied pressure on it. 

I was shaking, trembling. What the fuck is happening. 

I’m afraid. I was really scared. 

As a grown man well into my adult hood, I cannot recall the times when I’m actually scared. 

And at that very moment, I was petrified as I tried to dial for emergency services. 

I called and ambulance, on the verge of tears, I told them my address and I needed help. 

The operator was calm and hold me to hang on. 

Operator : Hang on brother… we are receiving multiple calls…. We’re on our way…

I dropped the phone as Claire crawled over to Eric 

Claire : Papa….Daddy…. daddy…. Daddy… no.. no.. no.. daddy… 

Eric was shivering as well. 

Claire saw I was holding onto the bleeding wound and she too put her hands on mine as she cried, tears streaking down her puffy cheeks. 

The cloud of dust cleared up a little and when I turned to look towards the childcare centre. My heart sank. 

The first thing that greeted my eyes caused the first streak of tears to cascade down my cheeks.

A toddler. 

No more than 4 years old. 

He walked out, daze, blood dripping down his sides. 

I saw his right hand, his fingers. 

They were gone. 

They were all gone. 

And he was just walking. Walking out. 

Another little girl ran out, crying as she held up her left hand with her right. 

Her entire left wrist was limp and she was bleeding from her ears. 

I can’t breathe. 

My heart was finding it hard to pump oxygen into my head. 

Then I saw a figure run past me. 

A construction worker. His neon vest and yellow cap on him as he paused outside the childcare. 

He shouted towards the main road in a language I don’t understand. 

He’s probably from India, or Bangladesh , I don’t know. I turned and saw a dozen of other workers running over. They were doing some construction work by the road. 

Without waiting for his friends, the worker ran into the childcare. Moment later, he emerged with 2 toddler in hand. 

He was shouting and shouting. He was crying too as he laid the 2 lifeless body on the grass patch just a distance away from me. Then he ran back in again.

I could see the lick of orange flames coming from one wing of the childcare centre. 

A couple of adults staggered out with crying and screaming kids in tow. I could hear the sirens of ambulance approaching. 

The construction workers entered the school, each one of them carrying out a child or 2. 

A few broke down by the grass patch after seeing the lifeless children. 

Barely 5 were able to continue heading back in an even so, I saw tears streaking down their eyes as they brought out the endless stream of kids. 

“ uncle… uncle…. Pain…pain pain… aHHHHH “

“ mama…. I want mama “ 

“ papa…. Papa where are you “ 

The cries and screams filled the air and I saw more people arriving to help. 

Residents staying from nearby blocks ran down. 

The town council cleaners too, ran into the school with no protective gear at all. 

A taxi driver who happened to drop off a passenger also ditched his cab aside. 

I saw 2 road bikes streaking up the grass patch, one of the cyclist falling on his sides before scrambling up. 

I could hear him curse under his breath. 

Cyclist : fuck.. fuck.. no… fuck no…. 

They were both Caucasians. Instead of running into the school, they immediately went to the group of screaming kids. 

I overheard one of them say they’re doctors. 

Eric’s breathing slowed and he just looked at his daughter. 

He didn’t say anything. 

He just looked at Claire with a smile. 

Claire continued sobbing, calling out for her father. 

Eric : jim… 

Jim : NO!!.. no don’t you fucking say a word Eric…. Don’t you say anything… don’t do this to me…. fuck… don’t do this to me… 

That feeling was like someone taking a knife, heating it up and pressing it on my bare skin as I felt Eric slipping away slowly. 

There was none of those exaggerated Hollywood panting and choking of blood. No smart ass speech, nothing. 

It was just Eric. 

His body felt heavier by the minute, his hands felt cold. 

Claire : papa… daddy.. daddy… are you ok… please… tell me you are ok… daddy !!... 

The ambulance arrived and I saw the paramedic immediately rushing in. 

Then the next ambulance arrive, and another, and another. 

The construction workers by then were covered in a thick cake of dust and dried blood but they kept going. 

Those that could went on. 

The row of bodies got longer. Residents gathered by the side of the scene, some of them taking pictures and videos of what was happening. 

A paramedic came over and checked on Eric. 

They asked me to move out of the way and within a minute, they had Eric and Claire up the ambulance, leaving me alone at the scene. 

I sank down onto the grass patch as I pinched myself to make sure I’m awake. 

That this is not a dream .


I heard this loud rumble and more screams filled the air. 

A portion of the school has collapsed. 

The 1st parent to arrive on the scene screamed for her child, calling out her name desperately. 

I saw a old man, unsteady on his feet as he wobbled on his walking stick. 

He was calling out for his grand daughter. 

Oldman : Ah boy ah…. Ah boy !!!.. ah gong is here… ah gong is here. !!! 

I felt this lump on my throat as I choked on the dust and my own saliva. 

I bent forward and vomited as I saw a lady clutching onto her lifeless daughter. 

Her screams left this permanent scar on my eardrums as she shouted for her daughter to come back to her. 

Lady : come back to mama….. come back to mama please baby… please…. 

I saw another grandmother scurrying over, dropping her bags of shopping on the floor as she shouted for her grandchildren. 

I slammed my fist onto the soft ground , trying to numb the pain in my heart as I heard a little boy shout for help while clutching his sister in his embrace. 

Boy : my meimei…. My meimei not moving…. Sobz.. sobz… help… help…. Sobzz… my meimei… 

I immediately went over and checked the little girl as tears streaked down my cheeks. 


I looked at the little boy, his eyes red and he was bleeding on his head. 

Boy : Uncle… please… sobzz… uncle… save my meimei… 

A paramedic slid onto the grass patch beside me. I could see he too was choking back on his emotions as he accessed the kids. 

He looked to be in his early 20s. 

He was biting down on his teeth, grinding them hard as he remained professional. 

I struggled to get onto my feet then there was another ground shaking roar a distance away. 

A police officer grabbed me and asked if I’m ok seeing all the blood on my body. 

Jim : I’m fine.. I’m fine… help the kids… this is not my blood. 

The entire road was choked up within minutes by all the emergency services. 

Fire fighters descended upon the scene and the kids just kept coming.

I saw the construction heaving as he brought out 2 more crying kids. 

He lost his balance and fell, I immediately went over and helped him. 

The boys he brought out were bleeding on their arms. 

One of them had a finger bent beyond the normal angle. 

I finally mustered up enough courage to enter the school together with the construction worker. 

I could no recognised the school in that state. There was blood everywhere. 

The walls which should have been adorned with the children’s artwork were now filled with palm prints. 

Little palm prints of blood . 

I lifted a cabinet and the worker pulled a lifeless child out. 

A firefighter came in and asked me to leave for my own safety. 

I nodded but not before carrying another sobbing toddler out into the open. 

I dropped the toddler down and my body just acted on it’s own. 

I went back in and grabbed another. 

Just one more. Just one more.

I ran back into the school and saw a fire fighter trying to break down a door. 
Another came with a ram and within seconds, they got it open just a crack. I helped to push against the door, trying to prise our way into the room, I saw there was a cabinet, it had tipped over, jamming the door shut. 

The 3 of us managed to get it out of the way and when we did. All 3 of us froze for a good 2 seconds. 

That room was for the infants. Babies barely 18 months old. 

I saw a bloodied teacher cradling 2 in her hand as she wept. 

Another older teacher had her body over a small baby less than 6 months old. 

She tried to protect the child from a chunk of falling concrete and ended up giving her life for it. 

2 toddlers were crying as they hugged onto each other. 

The fire fighters shouted for help but it was too chaotic on the site. Everyone was shouting and screaming. 

Heartbroken parents holding onto their offsprings. 

We got all the infants and toddlers out into the open . 

I went back in again, and I felt someone drop a large stone on my chest as I picked up a dead infant, her pink red bunny still cradled in her arms but she was no longer breathing. 

I brought the entire cradle out as I washed my dust covered cheeks with tears. 

I saw this helper run towards me as she collapsed onto the floor. That must be her employer’s kid. 

Someone offered me a bottle of water, I don’t know who. 

I drank up and I could feel myself falling. 

I black out.


When I opened my eyes, I was leaning against a pillar. 

I don’t know how long it’s been. 

There’s a dog just few steps away from me. 

I could see the handler holding onto the leash of the dog. The dog belonged to SCDF and I could tell it was exhausted. 

I’ve never seen a dog pant like that before. 

It’s eyes, I could see it was crying too as it jerked against the leash, eager to head back to the rescue. 

It’s paws were bleeding, it’s snout had scratches , his handler trying to calm the dog down. 

Dog handler : shhhh.. shhhh… ok boy…. Ok boy… calm down… calm down… you’ve done enough…. Calm down… 

The dog whined and whimpered, leaving bloodied paw prints just a few feet away from me. 

How painful it must be for the poor dog. 

Man’s best friend. 

I could imagine it being able to smell the survivors just a distance away yet unable to do anything. 

The handler tried to feed the dog some water. 

A distance away I saw another dog running over, it’s handler running close behind. 

The new arrival came over to it’s exhausted friend and they sniffed each other, communicating in a way we would never understand. I watched the shepard licked the blood of it’s panting friend before wagging it’s tail eagerly as it’s owner arrived at the shelter. 

Dog Handler 2 : Road’s jammed up all the way…. We ran here… 

The handler patted his dog and looked towards the collapsed portion of the school. 

Without a word, the 2 of them disappeared into the mass of rescuers . 

I called Soh and told him what happened. Soh asked me to head down to the hospital. 

Soh : I’m on my way…. They called me…. I told the rest as well… 

I struggled onto my feet and I ran. 

I ran 3 streets as I tried to put as much distance as I can between me and the heart breaking screams that filled the entire estate. 

I managed to get a cab to bring me to the hospital in Simei. 

Soh told me the ward Eric was in and I rushed up, attracting curious stares from patients and staff alike for the blood I have on my body. 

A couple of them asked if I needed help but I told them I’m fine. 

I got to the ward and I saw Tommy on the phone outside as he gestured for me to get in. 

I entered the ward into a blanket of silence as I looked at Claire slumped over Eric’s body. 

Where are the doctors, where are the nurses ? Why are there no electronic beeps of equipment monitoring his vitals ? 

I looked at Mohan with his bloodshot eyes. 

I looked at Rizwan who was squatting down, his head buried in his arms. 

I looked at Nelson who was opening weeping. 

Wendy , Eric’s girlfriend was sobbing by the bed. 

I grabbed Soh and he shook his head at me. 


This is a nightmare. 

Someone tell me this is a nightmare. 

Claire : papa…. Daddy !!! DADDDY!!!!! DADDDY!!!!wake up !!!!! 

The anguish cries fully illustrated how helpless we are in the face of death. 

A cycle no one is immue to even though we are at the top of the food chain. 

Claire’s screams tugged every single nerves that regulated my tears as I gritted my teeth. 

What Clair did next surprised everyone of us. 

She ran over to Soh, shouting and screaming at him. 


Soh bit down on his teeth but said nothing. I could see he was on the verge of a total breakdown. 

Claire grabbed a fistful of Soh’s shirt in each of her hand and shouted at him, raising every hair I had on the back of my neck. 

Claire : Daddy says all of you are his best friends !!!! he says all of you will keep him safe !!!! HE SAYS YOU ALL WILL KEEP EACH OTHER SAFE !!!! WHY…. WHY !!!! 

Claire sank to the ground , sobbing and crying for her father. 

A nurse entered the room and she saw the situation we’re in with Claire sobbing on the floor. 

I was the closest to her and she told me that they needed to move Eric soon. 

Nurse : We have a lot of patients coming in….we need the room… I’m sorry… 

I took the nurse outside and tried to ask for more time.

Jim : Please… give her a bit more time….her father was everything to her…her mother left them when she was born…. Her father raised her on his own… 

The nurse was caught between a rock and a hard place as she agreed to give us 10 more mintues. 

Tommy was talking in a hush manner into his phone as he massaged his forehead. Soh grabbed Mohan out of the room and I could hear the tremble in his voice. 

Soh : as…. As long as…. We breath…. Eric’s pay check will continue to go to Claire… until the day she gets married.. you hear me !! 

Mohan nodded. 

Soh was struggling to deal with the reality when Tommy came over to the lot of us with a grave expression on his face. 

Tommy : Soh… I need to tell you something…. 

Soh : What….. 

Suddenly the hospital corridors were filled with screams and gasped as staff gathered around the TV at the waiting area. 

Within seconds I could hear someone saying. 

Another childcare was hit….

A total of 3 now.

Tommy grabbed Soh by his shirt, stressing the urgency of his news. 

Soh : what is it… 

Tommy : I spoke with a friend from SCDF… his team determines the cause of the fire and explosion…. 

Soh : and ? 

Tommy lowered his voice to a whisper and I could the colours drain from Soh’s face. 

Tommy : Potassium nitrate …..fireworks Soh…. They were all improvised explosives made from fireworks…. 

Jim :What…. 

I felt this cold chill run up my spine as Soh’s breathing got faster and faster like someone on the verge of an asthma attack.

Tommy : only 1 person can bring in that amount of fireworks…. Ah Peng….. 

Soh grunted like a wounded animal and smashed his fist into the walls of the wards as the group of us held onto him trying to calm him down. 

Soh : let me go.. !! LET me GO!!!! FUCK!!! 

Police officers stationed outside the wards came running over and I quickly put up both palms apologising for the outburst 

Jim : sorry brother… sorry… we just lost someone…sorry… 

Soh was still struggling and grunting as Mohan and Tommy restrained him. Nelson and Rizwan came out too and I reassured the officers the situation was under control. 

By the time we managed to calm Soh down, he shut himself out for a good 5 minutes, not responding to any of us. 

His hands rest on his knees as his head bent low, looking at the ground beneath his feet. 

We gathered around Soh and we waited. 

It was on all our minds but no one would say it. 

It was not up for us to say it. 

13th March 2017 



When Soh finally raised his head to meet our eyes, I could feel he was a changed man. 

Something was different about him 

The way he looked. 

The way his eyes stared. 

We waited. 

I could feel it coming. 

The wave of heat rising from beneath my body, as I clenched my fist. The anger, the frustration. 

The thirst. 

We waited. 

And it finally came. 

Soh : Find him….


Soh : find him…. Find out where is he…. 

Soh got up and reached into his pockets, pulling out 2 phones and his packet of crushed cigarettes. He handed one over to Tommy who immediately began scrolling through the list of contacts. 

Soh walked out for a smoke and Rizwan went along just to keep an eye on him. 

Tommy : Ah Peng has multiple lines…. We’ll split it and try to get him on the phone first…. We’ll probably have to head down to the Kelong…. 

Within seconds, I was already dialling one of the 2 numbers given to me. One was switched off, the other one connected but no one answered the call. 

I kept hitting dial the moment the ringing stopped. 

Again and again, I hit the call button. 

There must be an explanation to this. 

Soh came back 10 minutes later just when the same nurse came over to me and said they really need to vacate the room. 

Nurse : I’m sorry sir…. We really need the room….. patients are coming in and they’re already lining them along the corridors… we need to get ready…. 

Before I could give the nurse a reply, Mohan charged in and thrust his phone towards Soh. 

Mohan : Soh…. Ah Peng…. He’s on the line…. 

Soh immediately grabbed the phone and walked away. 

I told the nurse to let me talk to Claire and Wendy about the need to move Eric. 

Heading back into the room, I knelt down beside Claire who was still hugging onto her father’s body. There is this desperation in her sobs and pleas as she mumbled softly, talking to her father. 

That ache in my heart cannot be described with words. Perhaps it’s because I’m a father myself. I would not want my daughter to be crying for me, pleading for me to wake up. 

Claire should have been able to enjoy the innocence of her childhood, she should have had the opportunity to grow up bask in her father’s love but it was all gone. 

Jim : Claire……Wendy….. the… the nurses need to move Eric…. Many other patients are waiting for the room….. 

Claire : No…. no.. don’t take my daddy away from me please… no….. don’t take my papa away…. 

Wendy hugged onto Claire who screamed into her embrace as she cried for Eric to wake up. 

I looked away, out the window, trying to hold back my tears as I heard Claire pleaded for Eric to give her one last hug. 

Claire :Papa…. Hug me one last time !! please…. 

Claire : Daddy…. Daddy!!! I love you…. say you love me one last time please !!!! 
I clenched my teeth as the waiting staff entered, their eyes red and choked with emotions as Claire tried to hold onto Eric’s lifeless arm.

Claire : daddy !!! you promised !!!! you promised to watch me grow up !!!! 

Clarie : You promised to wait for me to bring you overseas !!! Daddy !!! PAPA!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! 

Claire pushed herself off Wendy who too was sobbing uncontrollably as they followed the staff down to the morgue of the hospital. 

My eyes pressed shut as I exhaled. 

Looking back down the corridor, I saw Rizwan running towards me, gesturing for me to gather at the lounge of the visiting area. 

When I reached the lounge, Soh was already tasking everyone with his orders. 

Soh : Nelson , Tommy, Derrick….. stay here…. Eric’s funeral arrangement… everything… take care of it…. Do what you can for Wendy and Claire…. Charge everything to the company…. 

Turning to Mohan and Rizwan, Soh wanted them back in the office.

Soh : go through the schedule… cancel all the jobs…. Mohan…. Money… I want to know how liquid we are….. Jim…. We’re going to see Ah Peng…. 

We parted ways and got into Soh’s car. 

Jim : Where are we headed ? 

Soh : Geylang…. A coffee shop… 

I put the car into drive left the hospital. 

The radio was filled with news of the tragedy that has befallen the country. Repeated updates of the latest casualty counts were being updated every 15 minutes. 

As of the time we pulled into the expressway, the newscaster put the figure at 56. 

Of which 47 are kids and toddlers. 

I tried to change the channel but it was everywhere. 

Everyone was reporting about the incident. 

Authorities have yet to issue an official statement but major international news networks have already called it an act of terror. No organisation has stepped up to take credit for the attack as yet but the few usual suspects and organisation names have been floated by so call experts. 

Condolence messages poured in from world leaders together with offers of help and assistance. 


The roads around Geylang were all jammed up. There appears to be an accident at a major junction. I parked a good 5 street away from the coffee shop.

Soh commented on my blood stained shirt and handed me a spare top of his which he kept in the car. It was a little loose for it’s fine, I changed out before walking towards the meeting point with Soh. 

I called my ex wife and checked in with her, asking if she’s ok. She told me she’s find and her parents had already picked up our daughter from the daycare. 

Soh and I arrived at the quiet coffee shop where the few customers present were glued to the TV. 

The large screen which should have been playing a football match or sports channel on your typical day is now focused on the events that are unfolding in the country. 

We took a seat without ordering drinks, everyone’s eyes was transfixed on the screen which showed a reporter standing along Geylang road. There was a flurry of activities and I could see a couple of police vehicles blocking the entrance to a particular lorong. 

Fuck, that place was just 3 streets way from where we were. 

The ticker text along the bottom of the TV was saying that there is now a hostage situation in Geylang. 

Traffic was choked up along the entire main street. Cars could hardly move.

Gunmen attempted to set off another explosive device but were unsuccessful. They barricaded themselves inside the childcare centre, taking the staff and kids hostage. 

There was a loud crash and everyone gasped as the camera fell and the reporter ran out of focus. There were screams and shouts as chaos followed. Gunshots were heard and the whole country watched on as 2 police officers were shot in cold blood on live TV from masked men who appeared from nowhere.

The screen went off before switching back to the broadcast studio where another news caster say there appears to be a connection problem. 

I turned my head, so did Soh when the gunshots came again, nearer this time.

Jim : Fuck …. It’s just a few street down…. 

We saw people running towards our direction and away from the fighting.

Soh tried to call Ah Peng to ask where is he. 

Soh : Where the fuck are you !!!! ………..then get out and run what the fuck !! 

Soh hung up after 3 seconds before saying that Ah Peng was stuck in the street where the shooting is. 

Jim : exactly where ??

Soh : He’s in his car…. Too scared to move… along the main road… just before the junction..

Jim : Fuck… 

I hesitated for a moment before asking Soh to text me the car plate number and description. 

Jim : Ask him for it… I’ll go get him…. 

I ran off towards the direction of the noise and within seconds came into view of the dead police officers. Their weapons were gone. They were lying face down and a large puddle of blood pooled beneath their heads. 

A mini bus had crashed into the police barricade. 

I could see several masked men entering the day care centre their comrades had taken. 2 of them were out front of the gate, waving their knives and weapons at residents from neighbouring units, warning them to get back to their house.

I checked my phone and Soh had send me the description and car plate number for Ah Peng’s car. A silver Toyota. 

I crouched low and was about to cross the street when I heard a smattering of kids screaming. 

Looking down the alleyway, I saw kids running out of the day care centre. 

They were screaming and crying, scattering in different directions. 

A couple of them was running towards me. 

Then I saw more masked men appearing from the day care. A dark marooned mask and black caps masked their faces. They were chasing the fleeing kids. 

I saw one chasing after the little girl and little boy running towards me. 

Tears streak down their faces as they shouted for their parents.

Fuck ! There was no way they can outrun that man. 

I slammed my fist against the damaged police vehicle and I ran towards the fleeing kids. 

The masked man saw me and he reached behind his back, drawing out a knife. 

This is it, this is where it all ends for me.

I quickened my pace and I could feel the burn in my thighs as I tore up the ground, charging towards the 2 kids. 

I grabbed the little girl just as the masked man grabbed the boy before I could push him back.

Jim : NOOOOOOOO!!!! 

Right in front of my eyes, he stabbed the little boy in the stomach, pulling out a blood stained knife as he lunged towards me. 

Jim : Fuck !!! aHHHHHHHHHH!!! 

I was about to turn and run with the screaming girl when I saw a heavily tattooed man appear out of nowhere. 

Tattooed Man : ARGHHH!!! 

His shout was followed immediately by the hissing sound of a burst artery as he stabbed the masked men several times in his neck with an ice pick. 

The injured boy was flung onto the floor, sobbing for his mother.

Jim : fuck… fuck…. No… no

I ran towards the injured boy as the gate beside me opened. 

Several men emerged, they were all armed. Parangs, metal poles, cleavers, you name it. 

There were only 5 of them as they walked towards the childcare centre. 

I applied pressure on the boy’s wound.

Jim : It’s ok…. It’s ok… don’t move….boy… don’t move….

Shouts erupted and the gates and doors or more houses and units opened up. 

Men flooded onto the streets. Malays, Chinese, Indians, the Hainanese, the Hakka, the Hokkiens, Teochew. For every person running away from the impending clash, there were 3 more heading towards it.

The girl I was holding onto started calling out for her father before breaking loose. I watch her run towards a tall and heavy built man, his hair dyed a golden shade of yellow and I could see the tattoo of a deity peeking out from his unbuttoned shirt. 

A thick gold chain went around his wrist as he bent down and scooped his daughter up. 

I heard him ask where is her elder brother. 

Little girl’s father : Where is Kor kor ??? ( brother ) 

Little girl : kor kor…. Korkor still inside…. Kor kor still inside sobzz.. sobzz….

There was another commotion at the entrance of the day care. 

3 kids screamed and ran out but before they could get far, a succession of shots rang out and one of them collapsed immediately onto the ground. 

That was the tipping point and like the pull of a switch, the gathering men and residents of that particular Geylang street charged and rushed towards the childcare centre. 

Masked men ran out too, using kids as shield. 

I watched on, petrified by the scene unfolding in front of me. 

Long regarded at the underbelly of a prosperous country, Geylang was a neighbourhood rife with crimes and prostitution. Illegal gamblings, secret societies were rampant along the infamous streets. 

Hardly a day goes by without some incident happening in the area. 

Rival gangs slug it out regularly in the cover of darkness to settle their scores, while illegal street walkers ply their trades. 

Sexual enhancement drugs were easily available by the streets and if you know where to look, you can get drugs of all sorts from dealers hiding in the shadows. 

Who could forget the various legal house for prostitution? 

With such reputation , it is easy for many of us to forget something about Geylang. 

It too was a neighbourhood, inhabited by people. People like you and me. Fathers, mothers, grandparents. 

The older generation may have their differences when it comes to business, territories and trade within the infamous neighbourhood, but with only a handful of day care services at the fringe of the neighbourhood, many of their kids and grandchildren go to the same school. 

So what if their fathers has been to prison ? 

So what if their bodies were adorned with tattoos and scars ? 

Their past actions were of no consequence compared to the love they have for their kids. 

I watched as the men plunged sharpened stakes and knives into the body of the hostage takers with total disregard to their own safety. Several of them suffered injuries of their own when they came into contact with the hostage takers.

There was no hesitation, none at all. 

I watched as a Chinese man took a knife in his abdomen and yet without flinching , he sent his into the attacker’s neck.

Another gunshot rang out, puncturing the thigh of a huge indian man, sinking him to his knees. A masked man plunged his dagger into the man’s sides, rupturing his kidney as he unloaded a fresh flow of blood from his body. 

There was no room for breather as I watched a old man throw a old rope around the man holding the revolver ‘s neck, choking him backwards and onto the ground. 

I watched at the 2 bodies struggled and go into spasm on the blood stained floor. 

That amount of trashing as the masked man grasped at his neck. That rough gagging and choking sound would stay with me for the rest of my life. His eyes looked like they were going to pop out of it’s sockets but there were no signs of the old man letting go. 

A young kid who don’t look a day over 20 jumped in, stabbing the choke victim several times in his neck before running away. 

There were no shouts, no gang cheers of any kind. The men worked with a eerily quiet efficiency as they disposed of the intruders to their neighbourhood. 

It was all over in less than 5 minutes. Men streamed out of the childcare, some were crying as they hugged their lifeless child. 

One ran out, screaming for help as he clutched onto his daughter who was bleeding from her head. 

Another came out with his sobbing son, thanking the gods that he is ok. 

2 little girls who seemed like they were sisters ran out, they were on the brink of tears but broke down completely when they saw their grandfather lying in a pool of blood. 

They hugged onto their grandfather, crying for help that never came. 

I looked at the old and tanned man lying on the ground. His skin were wrinkled and he’s probably touching 70. His tanned complexion were adorned with several tattoos and I could see needle marks on his arms. He’s probably a drug abuser. 

I would have never given someone like him a second look on the streets yet I found it impossible to tear my eyes away from that moment when his 2 granddaughter held his hand and cried. 

The man was still conscious, I heard him telling his grand daughter in Chinese. 

Old man : 阿公老了。。。不用紧。。我什么都不怕。。只要你们没有事。。

(grandpa is old, it’s ok.. I’m not afraid of anything… as long as you girls are ok..) 

I saw another man emerge from the childcare with a infant in his arms. He ran towards the old man on the ground, calling out to his father.

I could not take this any longer. My heart would not allow it. 

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I caught a reassuring glimpse of the dark coloured uniform of a paramedic and I handed over the boy to him.

As I left the street, columns of paramedics flew past me towards the day care centre flankes by police officers with their weapons drawn. I could hear the echoes of the cries that were getting louder behind me. 

The screams of a anguish father left childless, to the desperate cries of a kid looking for her parents.

Every one of us is different, from the way we look, to the colour of our skin, to the kind of gods we worship yet we all speak a common language of pain and loss when it happens to us. 

The cries are the same. The colour of our blood are the same. 

I could feel my phone vibrating in my pants as I ran towards the Toyota Ah Peng was in. 

He saw me coming and he got out. 

His face was pale, as if he had just seen a ghost. His eyes were red and bloodshot. 

I could smell urine from his clothes as I grabbed him by the shirt. 

Jim : What have you done… what the fuck have you done !!! 

Cars honked for Ah peng to move now that the road was starting to ease up. I pushed him back into the vehicle and he drove down another street before turning to park at a illegal spot. 

He was shaking as he drove, mumbling to himself. 

I dragged him out of the car towards the coffee shop where Soh was waiting. 

The moment Soh saw Ah Peng, he shouted and grabbed him before punching him across the cheek. 

Soh : What have you done !!! 

The few patrons of the coffee shop cast Soh and Peng a uninterested look before turning away. Drama happens often in this part of the country. 

Ah Peng : Soh…. Soh…. I don’t know… I really don’t know …… I didn’t know they… they would…. 

Soh : What the fuck were you thinking !!!... are you that hard up for money ?? !!! 

Soh whispered harshly at Peng, asking how much did he bring in. 

Soh : How much ? How much of it did you bring in ?? 

Peng : i…. I sold them a total of 50 boxes… over 2 years… 

Soh : WHAT!!! Are you mad ??!! 

Peng finally snapped and shoved Soh, pushing him on his chest. 

Peng : who are you to criticize me ??!!! were you not making a profit as well ??!! I sold it to you too !! 

Soh walked up close to Peng, hissing sharply into his face. 

Soh : I only took 1 box at a time…. It’s for some rich fuck with his own boat…. Where he can just sail out to some god forsaken island and shoot them off and impress some girls !!!.... 

Peng came back almost immediately.

Peng : How do you know ??! HUH!!! ?? how do you know ?!?! have you seen it?? Hur ? have you see him finish all his firecrackers ??? with your own eyes ??? 

Soh was at a loss for words. 

The 2 old friends stared down each other at the coffee shop. Each thinking of what else to say no doubt. 

Peng : I also sold it to some rich fuck with his own boat….. he also wanted to impress some girls…. How the fuck would I know he would use it for this… !!! 

Soh sank down onto the chair and buried his face in his palms.

Peng grabbed a chair and took a seat beside Soh. 

Peng ; Help me Soh… I’m afraid… I’m scared shitless…. What should I do ?? … 

Soh sighed and lit up another cigarette. 

Peng : the client…. The client wanted some more…. he said my route was the safest …. That he needed me to continue bringing stuff in for him….. I don’t want to but… but I’m afraid what they would do to me… they know where I stay….. what should I do ?? 

Soh : Who ? …. Who is the client. ??? 

Peng : Edward Fernando Chan… 

Soh : What the fuck is that… is that 3 person or 1… 

Peng : 1…. That’s his name… I don’t know if it’s real…. 

Soh : How do you usually deal ? 

Peng : Cash…. In malaysia…. We would meet, he would tell me what he wants… and..

Soh : What about the goods ? ….. 

Peng : I dropped them off…. In a warehouse in singapore…. 

Soh : He pays you personally ? 

Peng nodded his head. 

Peng : He would pay me on the spot…..

Soh : when did you last speak with him ?? 

Peng : just… just a couple of hours ago….

Soh : What did he say ?? … 

Peng : He…. He warned me to keep my mouth shut…. And that I was to continue bringing stuff in for him….and…. he…he wants to meet again…. I told him I’m scared….. that I don’t want to be involved….. he… he said it was too late… I’m already involved…. That we must strike while the iron is still hot…… he said he will meet me soon….

Soh : When ? 

Peng : he’ll call me… I don’t know… probably after this shit storm has died down a little…I really don’t know….

Soh : Did he say why he want to meet ? 

Peng nodded

Peng : He said he wanted more shipment. ….he wants to talk…..He did not go into details…. 

Soh nodded and told Peng that he’s staying with him for the next few days. 

Soh : You will stay with me… you do not fucking leave my sight or I will kill you myself… you hear me ?? … 

Peng nodded. 

We got into Soh’s car and when we turned on the radio, there was confirmation that a 5th day care centre has been hit while it was being evacuated. 

The news broadcasted that all schools will be suspended for the next 2 days and all residents were to stay at home for the time being and avoid unnecessary travel. Social media were flooded with videos and images of the tragedy. 

There were still no official statement from the authorities. 

Even the North Korea had issued a statement by their supreme leader. That such acts of atrocities should not be condoned. May the innocent children find peace wherever they are.


I dropped Soh and Peng off before making my way back. 

The funeral arrangements for Eric has been finalised, it would begin later that evening at the void deck of his flat. 

I’m headed home to grab a quick shower before heading over to Eric’s place. 

I got home and I saw my parents in the living room, surrounded by bags of groceries. 

Rice, instant noodles and bottles of water. 

I asked if they are ok and they said they’re fine. I told them Tricia is fine and back home with Anna. 

I had a few missed calls from Denise. I called her back and told her I’m ok. 

Denise : You sure ? … you don’t sound ok… 

I told her I’ll drop by her place in a bit but I can’t stay long. 


I bought dinner up to Denise’s place. 

She gave me a hug the moment she opened the door. 

Denise : you ok ? … 

I nodded. 

I sat the food down on the table and broke down. 

Denise : fuck Jim… don’t scare me… are you ok ?? is Tricia ok ?? what happened…. ? 

I told Denise what happened earlier that day, that I was there when it happened , and that Eric has passed away. It took a while for Denise to register the shock and she broke down as well. 

We just held each other in embrace for a while before breaking off. 

I told her I needed to go. Denise said she wanted to drop by the wake too. 

Denise : Text me the address… I’ll head over tomorrow…



We were all gathered at the void deck of Eric’s place. 

Claire sat staring at the photo of her late father, a plate of uneaten rice in front of her. 

Wendy was talking to a couple of her colleague. She broke down as it dawned on her that she could too have died if she had been working that day. 

The group of us sat, silent around the table. 

No one touched the drinks, no one touch our phones. No one spoke. 

We just stared blankly into space. 

Soh’s arms were folded, his eyes were closed. 

This has to be the most depressing day of my life. 

Ah Peng was there too, his head hung low. He was jittery, even the screeching sounds of car wheels made him jump. 

He would have to live out the rest of his life with the weight of this on his shoulder. 

The silence around the table was broken by a vibrating phone. 

Ah Peng’s vibrating phone. 

He took a look and grabbed it, gesturing it nervously as he turned to Soh. 

Peng : It’s him..!... it’s Him!!... Soh.. SOh… how… how…. 

Soh : answer it… 

Peng picked up the phone and you could hear the fear in his voice. With everyone of us glaring at him, it made him even the more nervous. 

Peng : yes…. 

He kept quiet and just listened for a good 30 seconds before looking back at us. 

Soh : What did he say ….. 

Peng : Edward…. He wants to meet…. At the usual place…. 

Soh : Where ?? … 

Peng : Pengerang……. My grandmother house… there…. 

Soh : You deal in your grandmother’s house ?? 

Peng shook his head.

Peng : No… no…. there’s a makeshift café / provision shop of sort… it’s beside a plantation….we would meet there…. 

Soh : When are you meeting him ?? 

Peng : in 5 days time…. He’ll call…. I was to wait….for him… back in Pengerang…. How Soh ? … what should I do ?? 

Soh : You’ll meet him….. we’ll all meet him…. 

Peng : what… how… you can’t… he will kill me.. he might kill me…. 

Soh : Not if we kill him first…. 

Peng was grabbing his hair as he cursed and whined at the table. 

All of us looked at Soh. 

Soh : those….. taking care of elderly parents/grandparents…. Step away from this table… now…. 

Tommy : Fuck you Soh…. Fuck you…. 

Soh ignored Tommy and went on. 

Soh : Those with kids…. Step away from this table as well… 

I saw Soh turn to look at me and I gave him a middle finger.

Soh : by standing at this table……Do you all…… have any idea…. What I’m about to ask of you….

Rizwan put his hand on Soh’s shoulder and gave him a squeeze.

Rizwan : Soh…. The reason we are at this table…. is so that you do not need to ask….

Soh’s eyes teared up and he pressed them shut tightly, trying to hold back his tears.

Mohan spoke first as he raised his packet drink to the table.

Mohan : for Eric….

The rest of us : for Eric….

Soh sniffed and wiped his eyes with the back of his hands before turning to me.

Soh : Jim……do you think…… we can borrow some of Riona’s toys…. From the range….

Jim : it’s not enough…..

Soh : how do we get more ?

I gave Soh a squeeze on his shoulder.

Jim : Leave it to me….

I stepped away from the group and went through my phone contact. It was right among the top.


I hit the dial button and waited for it to connect.

Anurak pick up the phone after 5 rings.

Jim : Khun Anurak….

Anurak : Who is this….. how did you get this number….

I hesitated for a moment as I thought of how to introduce myself.

Jim : I’m Ryan….

Anurak : Ohh… brother Ryan….

The cheerfulness in his voice died down almost immediately as he composed himself.

Anurak : I’m sorry….. for what has happened in your country…. It’s….. horrible…

Jim : it is….

Anurak : What can I do for you….

Jim : I need… some more toys from you…. a lot more….than the previous round….

Anurak was quiet for a while before replying.

Anurak : Brother…. The borders are tight…. After what has happened in Singapore….everyone is jittery….. I don’t want any trouble….. I’m just business man….

Jim : I know brother… is there anything you can do ??

Anurak : are you involved….in what has happened ? ….

I could hear Anurak’s voice turn a little ominous on the line as he questioned my intention. I remained calm and told him no.

Jim : No.

Anurak : Then why…. Why do you need the toys….

I gave him the most honest answer I could.

Jim : Because I know who is responsible…. The toys are meant for them…

Anurak : Oh…..

Anurak said he will call me back in 5 minutes.

I looked up into the clear night skies and realised how quiet the streets were.

The attacks had taken it’s toll on the country.

Soh : JIM!!!

I heard Soh call out and I ran back to the void deck.

Nelson had his phone tuned to the radio.
There was an announcement being made.

A group called the LFO ( Liberation from oppression )has taken responsibility for the attack.

The radio was broadcasting a message they recorded and uploaded online.

LFO : People of Singapore… have long been oppressed under the rule of your government…. You are buckling under the weight of trying to survive in this city of yours. We, the LFO brothers are here to liberate you. We shall free you from the shackles of your meaningless lives.

We have infiltrated your country right under everyone’s nose. We are everywhere. We bear no allegiance to religion and we do not care about politics. My brothers and I just want the people of this country to live free.
Free of the rule of law, free of bills, of taxes.

Singapore is just a start. Our ideals shall be carried by the wind and spread throughout the world.
There is no stopping us. We are in your midst. We are entrenched in your life. We want you to join us. Join us and be free.

There is no point in resisting. My brothers and I shall topple this country in a matter of weeks. We wear no uniforms, we will not be identified by the colour of our skin or the language we speak. We blend in like the rest, striking when you least expect.

We have already crippled this country with the 1st wave of attacks.
There will be more attacks, they will be bolder, bigger and there is nothing you can do to stop us.

Join us brothers….. join us and be free.

The message ended with a static buzz before returning to the newsroom.

Nelson shut off the radio app and I felt my phone buzzed.

It was a message from Anurak.

Anurak msg : ….. 9k usd each…..5.56. 3usd each…

I whispered to Soh about the price and he gestured for Mohan to step aside together with me.

Soh : guys…. We’ll go to jail for this….they’ll hang us for this….

Mohan : Only if we get caught…. Only if we get caught….

Soh nodded and asked Mohan for the total amount of liquid cash the company has.

30 seconds later I asked for 7 units and 300 rounds of ammunition in a text message to Anurak.

An account for a local bank was sent to me 5 minutes later.

Anurak sms : pay first…. And I’ll send it to any location of your choice…. In malaysia…. You can bring it into Singapore on your own….

Jim sms : It will stay in Malaysia… I’ll text you the address after payment….


15th March 2017


We all stood, silent with our heads bowed as Eric was being cremated.
Claire had fainted once from seeing her father’s cortege enter the cremation slot.

She clawed at her chest, as she shouted for her father.

I ran out of tears.

My heart ached as well but I could not bring myself to show anymore emotions. I was numb.
Numb with anger.

The death toll was still climbing.

In 2 separate incidents where the parents lost both kids in the attack, the parents committed suicide together, jumping off the flat where they lived with the kids’ favourite toys in their arms.

I cannot imagine the grandparents , well into their seventies having to bury their child and grandchildren at the same time.

I touched the backpack I had beside me, feeling the rough straps. I was packed, my passport is in my pocket.

We would all leave and make our way to Ah Peng’s place in Pengerang after the cremation.

I could still smell the shampoo of my daughter Tricia when I held her earlier that day. I could still remember how heart warming it felt to hear her call me ‘papa’

I told my ex-wife I will be away for a few days for work.
I stuck a note with my banking pin on my passbook in my drawer for my parents in case anything happens.


The lot of us parted ways and we entered Malaysia via different routes and checkpoints.
Some took a ferry, some went to woodlands, some took a large detour to Tuas, it didn’t matter.

Our meeting point is the same.

It was a little over 9pm at Peng’s place in Pengerang


Soh and Peng were the first to reach and they had dropped by the local supermarket and stocked up on food and supplies. I entered the place and waved off a buzzing mosquito. Cartons of water stacked 4 tier high were lined against the wall of the old house.
Crackers, snacks and instant noodles filled up 4 big bags as well.

Mohan and Tommy were the last to reach having to take a large detour. The situation at the checkpoints were less than ideal too give security checks being more through than usual.

I waited alone at the main road of Peng’s place. 

There were no street lamps, the dirt road was totally deserted. It’s literally in the middle of nowhere. Peng’s house was surrounded on all sides by oil palm plantations of various age. The younger saplings to the east offered a great view to the landscape and terrain of this magnificent country. 

Sprawling acres of land that never seem to end. 

The stars dotted the skies and you could see them much more clearer over here. 

I was waiting for Anurak’s man. 

They would be delivering our orders to Peng’s place. 

The agreed time was 10pm 

I waited till 10.30pm before I heard the grind of a old car engine heading towards me. The headlights were off and I could not see how far away it was but I can hear it. 

A motorcycle as well. 

When the 2 vehicles finally stopped in front of me, I saw a man got out. I’ve seen him before. He’s the hotel staff that was trying to take a picture of Riona. 

Without even a greeting, he handed me the key to the car, hopped onto the motorcycle driven by his friend and they disappeared back the way they came. 
I got in and backed the car into the compound. 

Opening up the boot, I was hit with the smell of durians. There were sacks of them in those thick brown paper bags. 

I heard the door behind me opened up and the guys came out. 

Rizwan : Woah….. that smells really good… 

We unloaded a couple of sacks before finally seeing what we were after. Loaded in similar bags, I could see the muzzle of the rifle sticking out of one of them. 

We brought everything into the house and unloaded it onto the table.

My heartbeat became irregular. One moment I was afraid, another moment I was excited. 

I touched the cold steel of the weapon and the moment I gripped it in my hands, I felt this wave of reassurance. There is something comforting about it I cannot describe. 

Derrick : Jim…. Look…. 

Derrick pulled out a card from a shoe box. Inside was the magazine and ammunitions we asked for. 

It was a hand written note by Anurak. 

“good luck brother”

I put the card aside and Nelson asked how did I get a contact like Anurak. I gave the team a condensed version of what happened at the hotel with Riona. 

Soh : You son of a bitch… and you kept it from us…. 

Jim : I never thought we would need a contact like this anyway…. 

We spread out within the house, each settling into a corner of our own. 

Ah Peng lit up his cigarette with his shaky hands as he turned on the TV. 

A few days has passed since the attack but the memories were still fresh on the people’s mind. Several ministers have spoken up about the incident but we have yet to hear from our prime minister. 

Soh walked around the room, throwing pieces of old cloths at us as we started to clean the weapon. 

Mohan : This feels awfully familiar Soh… hahah… 

Soh : Remember what I said before… you clean it…. You take care of it…. And when the time comes… it will take care of you….. especially you Nelson…. Your rifle always the most dirty… 

A couple of us chuckled but stopped when Soh choked on his next statement. 

Soh : While…. While Eric’s one is the cleanest…. 

There was a breaking announcement on the news. The prime minister, Welly Chin is scheduled to make an announcement on air in a few minutes. 

Peng increased the volume and his shaky hands lit up another fag. 

It has been years since I dismantled a rifle and I was surprised, gleeful infact as I knew exactly what to do. 

I removed the bolt carrier, checked all the parts and started to clean them. Every single piece. 


The screen on TV showed a gathering of reporters as the whole country waited for the prime minister to appear. 

And when he did, you could tell he hasn’t been sleeping well for the past few days. 

Who could if such a tragedy happened on your watch ? 

He cleared his throat and took a sip of water. 

PM : Dear citizens and residents of Singapore. The past few days has been one of the most challenging period this administration has ever seen. The loss we suffered as a nation, is painful as it is heart breaking. 
I have visited the sites of the attacks, and I have visited the victims and survivors in the hospital, and yes, I have attended the funerals and wake of a few victims. 

There was a slight pause in the speech but the flash of the cameras never stopped. Local and foreign media alike were eager to hear what the prime minister have to say. 

I slid my firing pin back into the chamber as all eyes in the room remained glued to the screen. 

The prime minister leafed through a couple sheets of paper, glancing through his prepared speech before folding them and putting them in his pocket. I could see an aide of his heading towards him but a simple gesture of his hand was enough to stop him.

PM : We are a young nation, and events such as this truly demonstrated how vulnerable we are in this world. Such a tragedy should not have happened but it already has. Every night …. while we sleep safe and sound in our homes, in our beds, ……….countless dedicated men and women protect our borders. 

Nothing pains us more, nothing… hurts these men and women more than the realisation that perhaps something along the way had gone wrong, and that somehow….. some way…. These…..extremist have slipped through the cracks and manged to carry such an attack. 

It would be unfair to blame these dedicated men and woman who even at this moment, are working to ensure the country’s safety. 

The TV crackled and there were some static interference but all it took was a smack from AH peng to make it right again. 

PM : This has been an agonising week for many of us, while we have managed to stop 2 other attacks in time, we must not be blinded by the fact that we are still vulnerable. The threats by LFO will not be taken lightly. The people responsible for such atrocities will be taken to task ! 

There was a sudden commotion in the press conference and we could see the eyes of the prime minister darting towards the side of the camera. A reporter had attempted to run onto stage but was held down by the security personnel before being dragged out. I could make out glimpse of LFO from the speakers.

2 of the security personnel went up the stage to try and usher the prime minister off but they were shove aside. 

PM : These fanatics…. They are already among us…. 

I assembled my weapon and got up on my feet. 
Tommy emptied the shoe box onto the table and started to feed the ammunition into the magazines. 

PM : We will not bow down to the threats of terrorism ……… life will go on in this country….we have not come this far only to falter at threats made by cowards hiding behind masks. 

Leaning on the rostrum with one arm and a finger pointing at the camera, the prime minister displayed the rare gangster streak in him which political observers say got him elected in the first place. 

PM : It doesn’t matter who makes the threats…… we will fight…….anyone that threatens our way of life……..and our right to survive. We shall fight them….. 

Soh’s phone rang at that moment, it was a video call. From Eric’s daughter, Claire. 

Soh put her on , leaning the phone on the ledge so she could see us. 

Claire was crying, holding onto Eric’s photo. Her eyes were bloodshot and her cheeks streak with tears. 

Claire choked back her tears and she pleaded with us. 

Claire : Uncles… please…. Sobzz.. sozb… come back home….sobzz.. please…. All of you…. 

Rizwan was the first to break down and he turned away. 

Claire : Daddy ….. daddy won’t want you to do this…… please….. 

I turned to Soh who squeeze his eyes shut. He admitted that he told Claire that we will be getting the people responsible for this… 

Claire : please… uncle…. Uncle Jim… come back…. Daddy won’t want you to do it…. Sobzzz.. please…. 

I clenched my teeth and looked down, unsure of what to say. 

Clarie : Uncle Tommy… please… your grandmother… sobzz.. sobz… please.. all of you… just come home….. Papa won’t want you guys to do this.. please… look at him… look at him in his eyes !!!! 

Clarie thrusted the photo of Eric into the phone’s camera as Nelson collapsed onto the chair. 

Claire : don’t…. don’t do it…… sobzz.. sobzz.. Papa wouldn’t have agreed !!! sobzz.. sozzz AHHH!!! 

I felt the warm streak of tear slide down my cheek once more as Claire shouted into the phone in her desperate attempt to stop us. 

Claire : Daddy is not around to tell me stories about your days together anymore !!!!! sobz…. Sobzz.. I …. i…… I want you all to tell me…. please… tell me everything you know about my papa….. please… come back…. all of you… you need to come back….zobzz… sobzz… 

Soh shut off the phone with trembling hands. 

The TV crackled with static once more and another slap of the set turned our attention back to the screen.

With a hardened expression as he tried to control his emotions, the prime minister took a leaf from one of the greatest speech ever given. 

PM : We shall fight them ………………we shall fight on the seas and oceans……

Mohan grunted as he sheathed his machete into the pouch. 

PM : We shall fight them in the streets….. on the roads…. On the very path your kids take to school…… 

Nelson got up and started to put on the rifle sling. 

PM : We shall fight them on the beaches,…… we shall fight them in the streets of the CBD…… no matter where they may be….. we shall fight them

Derrick grabbed a handful of ammunitions and started to feed them into the magazines together with Tommy. 

PM : We shall fight them in the hills, in our alleyways…………………we shall defend our island home…… no matter the cost….. 

I got up, handed a rifle to Soh who took a loaded magazine from Tommy. 

PM : We shall never surrender……….. 

There was a moment of pause as the prime minister gathered his emotions before wrapping his message up. 
When he looked back up at the camera, he delivered a message to LFO. 

PM : And to the organisation responsible for this ………you did not cripple this country…… 

The lot of us got on our feet as Soh lit up another cigarette. 

PM : You just woke a sleeping lion… 

Right on cue, the TV crackled again to a static screen and Soh spoke to everyone in the room. 

Soh : Last chance to walk away……. 

No one spoke. 

Soh looked at each of us in the eye, nodding as he did before settling at a empty spot where Eric should have been standing. 

Soh : Promise me one thing…… that we all make it back home … promise me…. 

Everyone nodded and Soh took a deep puff of his cigarette. 

Ah peng looked on nervously and asked, clutching his phone with his shaky hands….

Ah Peng : What do we do now???? 

Soh : Now we wait…….. .now we wait……. 


I could not sleep that night.

The humid weather coupled with the buzz of bugs around my ears kept me fidgeting for the better of an hour. 

Ah Peng’s place is not a slum but it’s not a luxury resort either. 

There were 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms and if you want to go au natural, you can just step out of the house and pick a spot. Hell, you could take a dump by the side and no one will care. Not a single vehicle has passed the road by Peng’s house since delivery by Anurak’s men. 

I checked my phone and saw a few messages from Denise. Nothing out of the ordinary, just checking in to see if I’m ok. I told her I’m out for work, will be back in a few days. 

My heartbeat was irregular. 

Now that the euphoria of the moment has passed, I’m filled with mixed feelings. 

One moment I’m hit with all the negative thoughts of what will happen if something goes wrong, what if in the middle of the night, the authorities charge in and arrest all of us ? 

What if we are not the only clients Anurak has ? What if he is also dealing with the same assholes that hit us ? Would he sell us out ? 

He knows where we stay, just a simple message is all it takes to fuck us up. 

What if Ah Peng decides to bail in the middle of the night, disappear altogether ?

Then how ? 

I turn to look at Ah Peng who was curled up on the floor beside Soh. 
He was wearing a gold watch, I could see the stack of dollar bills he has in his front shirt pocket. He’s got to be loaded from smuggling in shit all these years. He could probably retire somewhere, enjoy the rest of his days but there he was, lying on the same thin mattress on the floor just a few steps away. 

I could hear Nelson and Tommy talking in the living room. 

They were taking the 1st watch. Soh wanted to make sure no one sneaks up on us, and to make sure Peng don’t run off in the middle of the night. 

I adjusted myself and turned to my sides, touching the rifle beside me. 

It has to be one of the weirdest feeling ever. 

Sleeping on the same mattress with a rifle. I touched the weapon, running my hand down the carrying handle, letting my finger trace all the bumps. I could smell the oil, I could smell that cold musty metallic scent. 

Some dogs bark in the distance and it set off a chain reaction with more dogs barking for about a minute or so. 

Then for no reason at all, the barking started again, it’s intensity went up a notch before stopping abruptly. 

I got up and tried to look out the window but it was pitch dark. 

Tommy and Nelson had stopped talking. I crawled on my fours over to the bedroom entrance and I could see the 2 of them peering out the window openings. 

Jim : What’s happening ?? 

Tommy : I don’t know… I can’t see shit…. 

Nelson : Probably just dogs fucking around…. 

I went back to the room and somehow manage to fall asleep. 

16th March 2017 



We were woken up by a rooster. 

Yeah. A rooster, or a chicken I don’t know. 

It started crowing and everyone started to stir. 


Peng was up and there’s a kettle of water on the stove. 
He made 3 in 1 coffee in a large pot and we helped ourselves to the drink. 

Stepping out into the wilderness so early in the morning, I shivered as I sipped my coffee. 

The air was so fresh that if I closed my eyes, I could practically imagine myself in some exotic island having my holiday. 

It brought back memories of my in camp training days. 

That aching feeling in your back and bones when you first wake up during your field camp. 


Rizwan, Soh and Peng took the car and went out to grab breakfast for the group.

We switched on the TV and tried to catch up with the latest news back home. 

The dedicated channel was showing re runs of the speech by our prime minister. 

Nothing happened the entire day. 

Not a single vehicle passed the road too, it’s truly a nice and quiet place to chill out if not for the situation we are in. 

We rotated our duties, ate our food, read the papers and we waited. 

And we waited. 

17th March 2017 



It was my turn to stay up with Rizwan and the distant barking of dogs started to act up again only this time round it lasted only a short while. 
I peered out into the dark plantation and I had this uneasy feeling in me. 

It’s as if someone or something is watching us. 
I shook it off and went back to the couch where Rizwan was taping up his backpack with tape. The metal buckles, the zip, any metallic parts that could reflect light were all covered up with black tape. 

Rizwan : You ok bro ? 

Jim : Yeah… just a little nervous…. 

Rizwan : Me too man…. Me too…. 


Peng and Soh were in the midst of unpacking breakfast of fried noodles and roti prata when the phone rang. 

Everyone froze for a second and Ah Peng looked at Soh. 

Soh put a finger to his mouth, gesturing for everyone to stop whatever they are doing and for Peng to answer the call. 

Peng put it on speaker and tried to answer it as naturally as he could. 

Peng : Hello…. Yah…… 

Edward : Peng ……….. where are you….. 

Peng : At home……. What is it…. 

Edward : Which home ? …. 

Peng : My old house …. You ask me to wait here right….. 

Edward : we need to meet…… I need to get more stuff into Singapore … it’s urgent…. 

Peng : errr.. Urgent…. But…. But the situation now…. 

Edward : I’m sure you can do it….. money is not an issue…… 

Peng : ohh… but it’s still…..

Edward : we have to do it soon….. before Malaysia shuts herself down as well…. 

Peng : huh ? … what….what do you mean ?? 

Edward : hahaha.. you will see… I have a surprise for the locals here as well…. 

The lot of us exchanged looks and I swallowed a gulp of saliva. 

Fuck. He’s going to hit Malaysia as well ? 

Edward : The same place outside the plantation….. that coffee shop….. we always meet……. You know right….

Peng : Oh… ok… yes….

Edward : It’s not there….. take the same road, go in deeper for about 6-7 km……I’ll see you there later…. 12pm… there’s another makeshift outpost…..but before you turn in…. stop at the coffee shop…..

Peng : oh… why… 

Edward : buy coffee la… hahahah…. 

Peng : Ok…. Ok… 

Edward : get 6 coffee…. Black…. And if anyone wants to hitch a ride in….. give them a lift… you understand ?? 

Peng : Oh…ok… ok…. 

Edward : don’t be late…. Hahah… you need to try and get my stuff across to Singapore by tomorrow night…. Empty your car boot….. my guys will help you load….. See you later… hahaha…. 

The line disconnected and Peng immediately ask Soh what to do. 

Mohan : We need to tell someone…. Warn someone… if they are going to hit the schools here….. how many more will die ?? … fuck !... 

Soh : Tell who ?? …. You tell me… who can we tell ? …. Where can we go ?? ….. who would believe us ?? …..

Soh slammed his palms on the table as he kicked a chair in a frustrated manner. 

He paced up and down the room, trying to think. 

Peng lit up his cigarette again, puffing so fast that I could see the red glow of the tobacco burn down the length of his fag at twice the normal speed. 

Soh took a deep breath as he brushed back his hair. 

Soh : We cannot wait… we have to hit them….. we hit them before they make a move…. 

Jim : How ? … 

Soh pointed to Peng and laid out his plans 

Soh : One thing at a time…. Peng will go…. And he’ll tell us everything…. How many of them…. Are there…. 

Soh put his finger to Peng’s chest. 

Soh : give me the location…..and when you are there… you will tell me the layout….how many rooms, how many windows, how many doors…. You here me …. Do you ?? Peng !... 

Ah Peng nodded as he said he will try. 

Peng : i…. I will try…. 

Soh gestured for a ipad lying on the coffee table and Derrick brought it over. 

Soh : Map… map… open up the map… 

Soh got Peng to show us the location of the meet on google map. 

Peng : We’re here…….. the main road….. over there…. That’s the coffee shop Edward is talking about…. 

Soh orientated the map and zoom out a little to get a better picture. 

Soh : The oil palm plantation is too open….. the might see us coming…. We probably have to bash through the jungle and approach them from the back…. 

Jim : It’s a long trek….. look…. Using the google map scale as a reference… we’re looking at…. Probably a 4km trek…. 

Soh : We can’t exactly approach with the vehicle….. Look… there are 2 dirt roads heading into the spot Edward is supposed to be at…… we can take the dirt track , circle around the entire plantation and get there……. There must be a reason why Edward wants Peng to grab the coffee first at the junction….. 

Rizwan : It’s a long straight road from the coffee shop all the way in….. the plantation here are all pretty young…… They’ll have a good line of sight to see whoever is entering…. Probably give them ample warning if he see some unwanted guest….

Soh asked Peng about the other dirt road heading in. 

Soh : What about here….? No one takes all these back roads ?? 

Peng : Hardly…. Once in a blue moon….. the dirt road is dry… in this heat… it will kick up a shit load of dust… they’ll be able to see you if you go too close…. 

Soh took a screen capture of the map and using his finger, he marked out a couple of spots. 

Soh : You’ll take this road to the coffee shop later…. This back road….. we’ll follow you…. and we’ll stop here…..this will be our form up point….. any dust you kick up will provide cover for us in case anyone is looking….

Soh marked it out on the map. 

Peng will take note of everything he sees along this path, while he makes his way to the coffee shop. 

Soh : This spot…….. when we make our move, Peng… I want you to park right here tonight…. At this junction….. when we are done… we give you the signal … you will come in and pick us up….use the truck…. You car won’t be able to fit us all…. 

Peng nodded. 

Soh : Straight road in…. direct to the house…. Come in only when we give you the signal… not too early… not too late…

Peng ; Ok… ok… can… 

Soh : we have a total for 5 vehicles in this compound…. 2 of our SUVs, Peng’s truck and his car…. And the one that delivered the rifles… that’s probably stolen….we’ll need to get rid of that as well…. 

Soh took a deep breath and lit up a cigarette. 

Soh : Clear the SUVs and the stolen car from this compound…. Peng… show us somewhere to park them…. 

Peng : My neighbour… down by the other street…. He comes back only once a year… we can park it behind his place…. This one…

Peng pointed to a smaller house we passed by on the way in. He asked us to just go ahead and take the car into his compound and parked it behind the building. 

Peng : you’ll have to double park… but you cannot see it from the main road….

Soh : ok good….. Mohan… take Rizwan and Nelson… you guys load up some water into the truck… later when Peng makes a move… you follow behind… go to the FUP……. Check out the surroundings….. I want pictures, videos… whatever is there… I want to see it… 

Mohan nodded.

Soh designated 2 large carton boxes in the living room. 

Soh ; Everything… every fuck thing you wore including your underwear, gloves…. Goes inside there… we’ll burn it when we’re all changed after we get back..…. 

All of us nodded and I could feel my heart beating faster. It’s finally happening. 

Soh : We’ll spilt up into 2 groups after we’re done……. Group one will head straight to the coast where the mangrove swamps are…. that’s where we will dispose of the rifle…. I saw a spot this morning ….that will work… group 2 come straight back to Peng’s house to wash up and change..….. there after… go get our SUVs from the neighbour’s place….. clear ? 

Everyone nodded. 

Me, Soh, Derrick and Tommy will be in group 1

Mohan, Rizwan, Nelson will be in group 2. 

Soh : We’ll head back over the border in the same pairs and groups… using the same checkpoints…after everyone is back…. Any questions ?? 

Soh wanted us to pack up the place. 

Soh : Clear your shit…. Everything…. Everything you don’t need goes into the SUV…. When we bail we got to hit the road fast…..keep only your spare set of clothes…. 

All of us sprang into action. 


Soh : Ok…. We’re shifting the vehicles… Peng, Jim… you stay here ….…. Rizwan , Mohan… 1 SUV each…. Derrick, take the durian car…. Nelson , Tommy, take Peng’s car and truck….. go fill it up…. I saw the gas is low when we bought breakfast this morning…. Move !.. 

After hiding the extra vehicles, the guys will wait for Nelson and Tommy to be back from the gas station and hitch a ride back to Peng’s place.

The guys cleared out within seconds leaving only the 3 of us in the house. 

Peng : SOh… i… I very scare leh… how… how… 

Soh : Fuck you… you think I not scare ah…. I also scare ah !

Peng : KNN… this time… this time really hong gan.. ( gone fuck ) already….

Soh : don’t worry… we’ll get them… we’ll get them…. 


There’s a fallen tree behind Peng’s neighbour’s place, it’s blocking the clearing where they were supposed to park. Mohan text Soh to say that they’ll take care of it. 


We were done at the house. I had stashed all our weapons in a crate under the bed together with each of our backpacks. I stacked up the mattress into a corner and tried to tidy up the bedroom. 

Soh was trying to follow up on the latest news from the crank TV. 

I looked out the window of the bedroom and I could see a cloud of dust being kicked up the dirt road a distant away. 

The guys must be coming back. 

I was about to look away when I paused. 

Mohan and guys were still clearing the fallen tree, it’s a bit too fast to be done so soon. 

I peered out once more and I realised that there were 3 motor bikes heading down the road to Ah Peng’s place. 

I dashed out to the living room and told Soh about what I saw. 

Peng : Are you sure ??? 

Peng ran to the window and take a look. 

Soh : fuck…. Are they coming here ?? 

Peng : I don’t know… there’s really no reason for them to take this road…. It leads nowhere…. 

The motorcycles got closer and closer. Then we saw them slow down. 

Jim : They’re slowing down.. they’re coming here…. Fuck…. Look’s like the party is going to start a bit early…. 

Soh : No.. Jim… calm down…. 

Peng : How Soh.. how ??? fuck !!.. how ?? they will surely ask me….. why are you doing here… 

Soh asked Peng to calm down. 

Soh : calm down… … relax… you are supposed to meet them at their place… not here… just say you rented the place to us….

Peng : What ? …

Soh : There is nothing wrong…. We need a place to lay low or something.. you rented it to us….we are just tenants…

Peng caught on to what Soh was trying to say and he nodded nervously. 

Soh called Mohan and told him to stay put and to get in touch with the refuelling team as well. Everyone was to hold their position while we ride this one out. 

The bikers turned into the compound and switched off their engine. 

I tried to act casual and pulled out some snacks and water. 

Peng was literally shaking. 

I jabbed him in his sides. 

Jim : Peng !!!... 

Peng : yah ?? 

Jim : Relax… say we stay here on and off…. And that we are part of your crew….

Peng : huh ?? 

Jim : To help move stuff into Singapore ….

Peng’s eyes lit up as he nodded his head eagerly, accepting that the story I offered was a better one that Soh cooked up. 

There was a total of 6 men at the door, their helmets still on. 

They fanned out, 2 went to the back of the house while the rest stayed at the main entrance. 

Peng went to the door and asked what they wanted. 

Peng : What is it… who are you ?? 

The 1st biker removed the helmet and gave Peng a wide grin. 

Edward : PENG !!!how are you !!! 

Peng : Edward ??? what are you here ?? I thought we are meeting at 12pm ?? 

Edward grinned as Peng opened the door to welcome him into the house. 
That name.

I finally could put a face to that name. 

That man was the one responsible for all this. 

If not for him, dozens of people would still be alive. I felt this twitch in my right index finger, the twitch that made me wish I could fucking gun him down on the spot right there and then. 

The moment the door opened , Edward paused. He eyed Soh and me suspiciously as we ate the snacks on the table. 

I stared at Edward in his eyes and I felt the spark of fire being lit in my belly. 


He’s tall, 1.8m at least and he’s well built. He definitely hits the gym often, I could tell from his well sculpted arms and chest. He had this cocky look on his face. 

His skin is tanned, I don’t think he is Chinese, probably mixed blood. His jawline is a little squarish, and as if his cocky face is not bad enough, he has that sideway glance. 

That sideway glance that is a sure ticket to trouble if you are at the wrong place staring down the wrong crowd. 

Edward : Peng ….. Who are they ?? 

I lost my cool for a moment and I replied before Peng did, suddenly realising I was dangerously close to breaking out into a all-out brawl with Edward. 

Jim : And who the fuck are you….!!... 

I angled my body towards him and our eyes met. 

Soh touched me on my arm and I could see Peng on the verge of breaking down beside me and it took everything I had to keep my cool. 

I turned to Ah Peng and literally shouted at him.

Jim : Peng !!!... what is this… you said no one will come here…. Who the fuck are they..?? 

Peng was at a loss for words at my sudden outburst and I quickly went on. 

Jim : You know the risk we are taking now ??? bringing your shit into Singapore…. Do you know how hard it is to do it??? !!!... we agreed no 3rd parties !! the whole fucking village knows who we are…… who the fuck are they ?? 

Peng gasped and I saw him stand up, laughing nervously as he tried to diffuse the situation. 

Peng : brother… relax.. he’s the client….. he’s the client… hahaha… 

Jim : Peng… I say many times already…. I only deal with you… 

Peng quickly turned to Edward.

Peng : Edward.. they’re my crew… can Chiong one…. Oh… by the way… why are you here ??... I thought we are meeting at your place…. That’s why… that’s why I got them here to discuss something…. 

Edward’s demeanour changed immediately as he broke into a smile. 

Edward : yo brother…. Hahahahah…. So you all are the ones doing the dirty work… hahaha…. Well done man… hahaha… have you seen the news ?? … hahaha have you seen what I have accomplished ??? hahaha

Behind his laughs I could see he had an ulterior motive. His men did not even move, their helmets are still on. He wanted to see our reaction. 
Edward gesture to his men and they removed their helmets. I looked at each and every one of them, burning their images into my head. 


Every single one. 

Edward gestured to a tablet one of his men was carrying and he turned it to face us. 

He started the video player. I felt my toes scrunched up in my boots as I tried my very best to hold it in. 

That video was taken across the road from where Eric died. 

Edward : see … see… come.. I show you….see… this is the 1st master piece…. 

I could see the shaky camera trying to focus on the childcare. 

I could not even clench my fist for fear of giving myself away. 

Edward : look… look… this car… fuck… park here… block our view… hahaha… hahha.. 

The fire in my belly started burning as I looked at that car. 

That is our car, the one that Eric was driving. 

I could feel a lump in my throat as a face came into view, I recognised him as one of the guys standing behind Edward. 

Edward : see… see this one…. Jamin…. He’s the first to kick off… hahaha…haha… 

I watched in horror as Jamin put himself in the selfie video, holding up a phone as he grin and hit a button on the phone. 

There was a 2 second pause before the camera shook violently as the childcare was engulfed in smoke. Laughter broke out in the video as Jamin giggled and laugh, trying to take a selfie of the childcare covered in smoke in the background. 

That fucker is clearly mad. 

He’s giggling on the screen as if this was some practical joke he played on his friends or something. Jamin did a victory sign with his fingers before the video cuts off.

Edward : nice ?? I have many more you know… you want to see?? I show you ?? you want to see ?? hahaha… 

Edward immediately played the video of a group of kids crying on the floor. Then my heart fucking dropped when a masked man jumped in from nowhere and stomped a little boy on his stomach. 

Then another jumped in and kicked a little girl on her face. 

I squeezed my toes so hard that I thought my toes would break. I tried to work out how much time it would take me to run into the fucking room to pull out my rifle and just pump this fucker full of lead. 

I could not care it was in broad daylight. 

I never felt such an urge to take another human being’s life before. 

Edward: hahaha..hahahahha.. look..look… hahaha see….see…. 

A childcare teacher dashed into the frame , trying to shield the screaming kids with her body. 

Then a masked men grabbed her by her hair, and slit her throat, orientating her burst vessel towards the toddlers, spraying them with her blood. 

Edward : fuck man.. this is classic… ahhaha..haha.. I have more… nice right… 

Soh turned towards Edward and cursed at him. 

Soh : Fuck you…. you hear me…. Fuck you …. 

One of Edward’s man walked forward but was stopped by Edward as he eyed Soh with a grin. 

Edward : hahaha.. good !..... good !.... hahaha.. that’s the reaction I want…. Yes … hahahaha…. That’s normal… hahaha.. that’s normal…. 

Turning to Ah Peng, Edward shook his finger at him. 

Edward : If it was Peng answering me…. he would surely smile… try to bring it across with nervous laughter… trying to pretend it did not bother him at all…. But you… hahaha… I like your frankness….hahah… it’s normal…. Hahahahaha.. it’s normal to be angry… hahaha…

Soh : Yeah…. Well you can go fuck yourself…. 

Edward : Isn’t it beautiful ?? … like a work of art ?? hahah.. haha..

Soh slammed his palm on the table and stood up. 

I got up as well and shouted at Peng.

Jim : Peng…. This is not what we agreed…. Our stand is the same… we only deal with you….you mentioned this will be the last big one ….. that’s why we’re here…. Get this fucker out of our sight…. 

Edward : hahahaha… chill man… you are too tensed up…. Hahaha…haha.. they are just kids… noisy…. Irritating kids…. Strawberry generation… useless one… only know how to play ipad… hahaha..

Peng : Relax.. relax… guys…… I’ll sort this out…. Edward… what’s the deal man …. So we still meeting at your place or not ?? don’t come and fuck up my business…

Edward : Well…. I just wanted to drop by…. And … you know…. Say hi…because you see….tskk tsk….

Edward walked around the living room, looking around Peng’s house. 

Edward : and to also look for my men…. 

Peng : What are you talking about ?? look for who ?? 

Edward grinned. 

Edward : I know you arrived here a couple of nights ago…. So i…. I sent a man down to take a look….. but…..

Peng : but what ? ….

Edward : but he disappeared…

Peng : What ?? 

Edward : then I sent another one last night…. 

Peng : What the fuck ?? 

My heart was thumping. If Edward had people watching us, he would know. He would know we have more men somewhere, but what the fuck is he talking about. 

What men ? 

We didn’t see shit. 

No one even came along the road.

Was this the reason why the dogs were barking in the middle of the night ? Was it because of the men Edward sent ? 

If so, then where the fuck are they ? 

Edward : but he’s gone too….. this worries me… that’s why… I’m here to take a look… and see if they are here… hahahaha..hahah… 

Peng : What are you talking about ?? … no one came… there’s only us here…. 

The 2 men than fanned towards the back of the house entered, shaking their head at Edward. 

Edward : well… I don’t know…. I just don’t feel good when my men go missing…. Hahah..hahah… 

Edward grinned and he looked around once more. 

Edward : I have a question…. I don’t see any cars outside…. How did you all get here ar ?? hahahah… 

Soh : It’s none of your business…. 

Peng : haiyah… haiyah…. Edward !!!...... CHEE BYE LAAA!!! .. what is this man…. They came by car…. I also got my driver here just now….. 

Peng lit a cigarette and spoke in an exasperated manner. 

Peng : I need to talk shop with them…… I ask my driver and their driver fuck off… go pump petrol… and shit… if not how to talk…. Then now you fucking come in and fuck up my whole meeting….. I was supposed to iron out the details with them so they can standby to move your shit….!! 

I looked at Peng who inhaled such a deep puff of his cigarette that he built up a good cm of ash at the end. 

That came out pretty well. 

Edward grinned 

His grin looked like that ugly painted clown’s face at some cheap carnival van. I fucking want to punch his face in.

Edward : alright… fine… hahaha… maybe it’s just me being paranoid… hahah.. hahah….i’ll see you later ok… haha… oh and guys… sorry ah… ahhaha

Edward gave us a mock salute. 

Edward : Bring my stuff in properly ok ?? … hahaha… it’s important… hahaha

Edward told Peng that he will see him at the meeting spot at 12pm. 

Edward : maybe my men chicken out at the last minute perhaps…. Hahahah.. after all… my next present will be a lot bigger… hahahaha…..maybe they decided to bail… hahaha…. 

Edward gestured for his men to leave and we looked at them start up the engine of their motorcycle and went back the way they came. 

I could feel myself holding my breath and when they were finally out of sight. I lost it but Soh lost it first. 

He shouted like a wounded animal, flipping the table in the middle of the room before lifting the chair and smashing it against the door. 

Soh : I’m going to kill that motherfucker. !!!! I’m going to squeeze the life out of him with my bare hands… !!!! FUCK!!! 

It took a while for Soh to calm down and we waited a few more minutes before calling the rest of the guys back. 

I updated the team what happened and everyone was perplexed as well. 

Rizwan : What ? but… we didn’t see anyone… no cars or motorcycle passed us either…

Mohan : maybe the dogs ate them…. Mother fuckers…. 

I sighed and looked out into the plantation. Come nightfall, you really can’t see shit out there. 

Well, on the bright side, Edward has 2 fewer men for us to deal with. 


The team proceeded as plan and Peng went for the meeting while the rest of us waited.


Peng text us to let us know he’s on his way back.

I finished up my 1.5 litre of water and Derrick immediately passed me another one. 

We’re all adults, no need to remind us to hydrate ourselves. We all know what we are going to be up against. 

It’s going to be one hell of a night for us. 


Peng got back from the meeting and he updated us what happened. 

Peng : Edward…. Edward wants us to move 2 large boxes of improvised explosives… they’re all in the car…. 

Soh : what ? good… give them all to me !!! … I’ll fucking blow his fucking head off…

Peng shook his head. 

Peng : It’s of no use… they’re all not fixed yet… just a mess of different bits and parts…. But he says its important…. That he can make a dozen of them with the parts…. He still has some leftover stockpile in the country…

Soh : what else ?? 

Peng told us the house he went to had 8 men excluding Edward. 

5 of which came along today with Edward. 
The other 3 back in the house looked like students. 

Peng : probably I don’t know… 15, 16 years old….. they…. They are all armed…. I saw guns… glimpse of it… 

Soh : Go on… 

Peng : There’s a girl in the house… or maybe more than one… I don’t know… they have someone in the room… I can hear the girl crying…. She was being raped …. I don’t know… 

The group grew silent as we listened to Peng. He drew a picture and fed us the information in bits and pieces, whatever his memory could call up, he would tell us. 

By the time he was done, it was 2.15pm 

We filled out stomachs and tried to drink as much water as we could. 

We took turns to catch a quick nap. The trek through the jungle is going to take it’s toll on our body. 

4km is probably a leisure 45 minutes walk if we were in the city. 

4km in a tropical jungle, it’s going to take us easily 90 mins or more depending on the terrain. 


Everyone was up and ready to move out. 

We loaded up into Peng’s truck in the pitch darkness. Soh strapped a torchlight at the bottom of the bonnet, illuminating just the small patch of ground in front of the truck, give and take 2 metres or so. 

No one spoke during the short drive to the designated location. 

We reached the bent where the road turns left and all of us unloaded. 

I checked my phone, reception is still good. Even my google map works and I could make out a rough indication of where we are.

We drank up again and I checked my rifle one last time. All good. 

Tommy was the first to cock his rifle. 

I pulled the charging handle as well, chambering a round into my weapon, and flicking the lever to safe. 

All of us were dressed in long pants and long sleeve work shirts. Those thick grey and dark coloured work clothes you typically see construction workers in. Soh handed out tubes of camouflage cream and we all knew what to do. 

I smeared my face with the cream, taking in that familiar smell. There was no need for a mirror, I’ve done this enough times to know what to do. 

I pulled on my glove and adjusted my backpack. There was nothing much in it, just 2 full bottles of water, a small first aid kit which is pretty much useless. What can plaster, zambak, and mopiko do anyway. 

A click of the tongue was all we need to start moving . 

Mohan moved first, his machete cutting a path from the road we were at into the forest. 

I went next, followed by Rizwan, Tommy, Nelson, Soh, with Derrick taking up the rear. 

We were lucky the terrain was pretty much flat, at least for the 1st km or so. 

Still, it was fucked up. 

That humidity of the jungle made my shirt heavy with sweat to stick on my body. Mosquitoes buzzed around my ears. 

We made detours after detours when the trees and shrubs were too closely packed together to even hack our way through. 

Palms with spike like needles branched out like the tentacles of a forest monster. I could hear the occasional curse when someone slipped, missed a footing, or held onto a branch he should not have. 

Some portions we literally had to squeeze out bodies through thick undergrowth of bushy shrubs. Veins like branches of trees stabbed into the ground like the bars of a prison, forcing us to turn away. 

1 hour in and we just covered slightly less than 2km.

We took a break and by then all of us were panting. 

Fuck, we are no longer the 18 year old we used to be. Soh was panting and wheezing, years of neglect to his body coupled with heavy smoking was finally rearing it’s ugly head. 

After a 10 minutes break, we carried on. 

The jungle is pretty noisy at night. The call of the insects, the belch of toads. You could also hear the occasional scurrying of footsteps. 

You will hear weird noises, you’ll see weird shadows. 

Your mind will play tricks on you. 

Mohan paused as he tried to see if he could cut down the palm in front of us. 

I saw a clearing to his left and I tried to move forward and it was a mistake. 

Jim : arghh.. fuck !.. 

Mohan chuckled as I felt the scratch of the angry spider run across my face and head before disappearing into a nearby bush. 

The spiderweb I walked into is huge, probably spanning across a carpark lot. I wiped the mesh of spiderweb off my face. 

The web isn’t those thin wispy strands you get at home. It’s thick, it’s sticky and dotted with the crispy shell and carcasses of insects. I wiped it down and I could rolled it into a thick later of silicon like gel. Even then, it took a bit of slinging and wiping to get it off me. 

Mohan : why you use your face to go and fuck the spider Jim ? hahah.. 

Jim : fuck you… no wonder you didn’t go there… 

Mohan : Fuck that spider is like the side of my head la dey…. 

He chuckled and a click of the tongue from Soh was all it took to remind us why we are there that night. 

We continued our trek through the jungle. Mohan checked the bearing on his compass every once in a while to make sure we are heading towards the right bearing. 

I don’t know how long it was or how far we had gone when there was a commotion from behind the column. 

Everyone halted, rifle at the ready. 

It was Soh. 

He had collapsed .

Mohan : we’re close… lower your volume… fan out…

Nelson and Tommy dragged Soh to the middle of the group while, Derrick, Mohan, Rizwan and me each covered a quadrant , forming a protective circle of sort.

Nelson : Soh… Soh.. you ok ?/ SOh??? 

Soh panted really hard, he was wheezing for air. 

We gave him some water and helped him to sit up.

Soh : I can… I still can…. I want to kill that mother fucker… 

Tommy gave us a signal, shaking his head slightly to say that Soh is out of the game. 

Soh : I can… you fucker… I still can… wheezzz.. wheeszzz.. wheezz… 

Mohan : SHHHH!!! 

Mohan’s sudden warning drew a blanket of silence across the lot of us. 

I was too afraid to even breathe as I clutched my weapon tighter, trying to make out what was happening. 

Mohan pointed out what he saw. I could see it. 

There was the flicker of lights perhaps 50 metres or so ahead of us. 

Jim : Nelson… stay with Soh…. 

He nodded and he dragged Soh against a large root of a tree. 

I was closer to the direction of the light and I took point. 

Each step I took, my heart seemed to beat a little faster. 

My throat was parched dry despite me drinking shit loads of water. 

As I got closer and closer to the light, I could hear voices. 

The jungle thin out, it was not as dense. 

I could hear men laughing, singing. 

I could see the clearing surrounding the house. 

Mohan came up beside me and he nodded his head, indicating that we’re here. 

I pointed to my sides as the group of us spread out, finding a appropriate cover.

18th March 2017 


I could still hear music and loud laughter coming from the house. 

Cheers rang out every now and then. 

We’re right there, right in front of the fucking house.

This is it.

Then what ? 

Then what ? 

Good question. 

I never thought about this before I got there. 

What do we do now? 

I can’t fucking spray the house with bullets, if what Peng said was true, they’re a woman inside. 

I looked to my friends, they all had eyes on the house as well but no one seemed to know what to do either. 

It’s like we were all waiting. 

Waiting for something to happen. 

Suddenly there was the spill of light into the clearing. The backdoor to the house was opened and 2 men walked out, talking at the top of their voices. They lit up a cigarette and laughed. 

One more man came out, he was agitated and angry. 

I could hear the screams of a woman. Another man dragged the woman out by her hair. 

She begged for him to stop but he just slapped her. 

As if that was not bad enough, a little boy ran out. 

He went over to the woman, I could hear him crying for his mummy as he hugged onto her. 

Then I watched another man come out of the house, he was carrying a infant. 

Woman : no !!! NO!!! NO!!! please !!! NO!!! I already did what you asked me to !!! NO!! please !!! AHHHHHHHHHH…. 

The screams of the woman pierced the peacefulness of the jungle. 

Little boy : Mama!!!! MAMA!!!!! MAMA!!!!.... 

That man holding the baby. I could make out his features. 


That fucker. 

I bit down on my teeth as I watch him pushed his lighted cigarette onto the infant. 

The screams perforated my ear drums as squeezed down on my rifle’s handguard. 

I could feel the pain from that helpless infant he was carrying and the anguish the mother was experiencing. 

Then I watched Jamin lift the infant up above his head. 

I immediately brought my rifle up to my shoulder and took aim but Mohan came and stopped me. 

Mohan : JIM…JIM!!.. it’s too far.. it’s too far… you might hit the baby…. You might hit the baby… 

My heart was thumping so fast. I was breathing through my mouth. 

Then there was this sickening crack followed by the painful screams of a heart broken mother. 

I shuddered and fell onto my buttocks as I swallowed a mouthful of saliva. 

The infant was no longer crying and the mother was hugging onto the bundle of lifeless baby. 

The little boy was crying and rubbing his eyes. 


The 2 loud report from the gun really woke me up. 

It was like a slap in my face as I shuddered. 

There was no hesitation. 

Jamin just fired point blank at the mother and the little boy. 

Mohan too was shocked beyond words as he covered his mouth. 
The men finished their smokes and went back into the house. 

It took me a good 10 minutes to recover from the shock.

The lights in the house went off.

The music stopped. 

The jungle was quiet. 

The crickets stopped singing. 

The calls of mating insects came to a halt. 

There was nothing. I could hear nothing except the howl of the wind from the clearing. 

It’s like as if the jungle went silent, sobbing quietly for the mother and her defenceless child. 

I looked at the clearing and felt a weird pain in my heart. I could see the bodies. 

The mother cradling her children. 

Suddenly I realise something.

My heart was no longer beating faster than normal. 

My eyes, they had adjusted fully to the dark. 

My breathing, regulated and calm. 

I dropped my backpack onto the ground with a thud, and slipped my spare magazine into my back pocket. 20 rounds in each magazine, I have 40 shots in all. 

I heard a few other thuds and realised my friends were doing the same thing. 

I took a step forward, from my peripheral sight I could see my friends moving in as well. 

Closer and closer, step by step we came right up to the edge of the clearing. 

One more step, one more step we would all be out in the open. 

Nothing between us and them. 

I hesitated for a moment and I felt a hand on my shoulder. 

I turned and saw it was Rizwan. 

He gave me a squeeze and a smile. 

I smiled as well, to myself that is. 

How true the words of the song we sang. 

Right here at that moment, I had my rifle and my buddy, and me. 

My right thumb fingered the textured lever just within reach, feeling the grooved metal. 


That click

That metallic click. A sound I would never forget. 


I smiled again , the foreign sound that don’t belong to the jungle as we switched our rifle out from safe mode. 

I exhaled brought my weapon up and lined up my sight. 

Stepping out into the clearing, I felt the gentle caress of the cold wind on my face. 

I don’t know what will happen. 

I know I’m a long long way from home. ….

I know I miss my daughter so. …

My friends and I closed in on the house, accompanied only by the constant cold wind on our backs.

And the cold wind blows. 

And the cold wind blows…………….. 


Every step I took felt heavy. 

I could see the stumps of fallen trees on the ground, the clearing was made not too long ago. Probably a couple of months before. 

Like a noose tightening around the neck of a condemned prisoner, we closed in , maintain an arc as we got closer and closer to the side of the house. 

As I got closer, I could see it in more detail.

It might look like your typical timber hut in the middle of the plantation but it’s not. It’s a concrete structure with timber panelling on the walls. Some of the walls were still exposed and bare. 

Stacks of wood lay on the ground, probably waiting for workers to layer them onto the building. I was barely 25 meters away from the house. 

It was pitch dark inside the house. Everyone must have turned in for the night. 
I already knew what I wanted to do. 

Charge in, shoot anyone that resists and round up those that didn’t. Check if there were any other hostages around, beat the fuck out of the men that I didn’t shoot for information.

Then I’ll shoot them. 

Before I could carry on my line of thought, my heart skipped a beat as the door opened again. 

A man walked out, talking to the one behind him. 

I froze for a moment as my index finger left the trigger guard and wrapped around the cold steel trigger of my weapon. 

There was no way I could miss at this distance but there was that moment of hesitation. 

I could hear the metallic fling of a zippo lighter as the man behind the 1st lit up his cigarette, the naked flame illuminating his face. 

The moment I registered that face, I lost it. 

I fucking lost it and I was not the only one. 

Mohan’s roar ceded any tactical advantage we had and I saw Jamin’s eyes widen before pushing his friend out in front of him as he ducked down for cover. 

The entire forest erupted with gunfire as my friends and I fired upon the doorway. 

The recoil of my weapon punched into my shoulder as I fired round after round at the man who was already on the ground. The fresh smell of blood carried into my nose as I registered the dismembered corpse of the fucker on the floor. 

His right hand was ripped from his shoulder while a quarter of his face was blown off, leaving a cavity where his cheeks should have been. 

I quickened my pace as I advanced towards the doorway. 

I could hear Jamin shouting as he tried to kick the door close. 

Wood splinters chipped and flew as Mohan and I were the first to reach the front of the door. 

Rizwan was shouting for the rest of watch their line of fire. 

My ears were ringing as we shouted to communicate. Firing without a earplug could easily wreak havoc to your eardrums. 

Before we could we fight our way in, the windows lining the length of the house opened up with a loud slam. 

A total of 3 windows opened up and I could hear Tommy shout for cover as Rizwan shoved me onto the ground. 

There was a return of rapid fire from the windows and tracer rounds lit up the night skies. 

Young trees with trunks barely 2 inches thick were split apart as the rounds cut right through them. 

Rizwan : FUCK!! 

I looked up and I could hear the men in the house shouting as well. 

There was mass confusion on their end and on our end as well. 

It’s worse than a fucking mass orgy. 

Mohan crawled out of their field of fire and he started shooting through another set of windows from the other elevation of the house. 

Mohan : Fuck you !!! fuck you ALLL!!! 

I looked up and I saw Tommy trying to hug the ground as the tracer rounds flew dangerously close to his position. 

Jim : Give Tommy some cover !!!! 

I brought my weapon up and aimed it at the muzzle flashes form the window. 

Another click from the push of my thumb and I switched the rifle to fire at automatic. 

I squeezed the trigger, feeling a succession of recoil hit my shoulder. Rizwan and Derrick joined me as we laid down a hail of bullets towards the window. 

The angle was wrong, we were fucking panicking. 

The shooters in the house were panicking too. 

It’s not hard to tell everyone of us is doing this for the first time. 

What do you expect ? 

That we magically become some special ops personnel capable of doing headshots in the dark ? 

From their elevated position in the house, the men fired randomly, shouting and cursing into the jungle beyond. 

For us, we were trying to shoot inside the house from below, most of our shots ended up on the ceiling. 

The timber door was transformed into a beehive with dozens of holes being drilled into it from both sides. 

Tracer rounds came from inside the house while we fired what we could from the outside. 

This is not working. 

Suddenly I could hear the rumble of a truck. It was sounding it’s horn rapidly as well. 

The rapid honk probably a signal of sort to the men trapped in the house that help was on it’s way.

Fuck, they probably had more men stationed at the coffeeshop along the main road. They would definitely hear the gunfire from their location. 

It’s like fucking national day with fireworks going off. 

Rizwan : Tommy ! get the fuck out of there !! 

Tommy got up and ran towards us as we laid down more cover towards the windows. 

The firing stopped for a brief moment and I could hear them cursing as they reloaded their weapon. 

Jim : Get back to the treeline…. We’re exposed out here !... 

We would only have a small window of opportunity to turn back. Rizwan took a kneeling position and started firing a series of shots at the window.

RIzwan : GO!! 

The lot of us ran towards the treeline, I stopped about 4-5 meters behind Rizwan and took a knee as well. 

Wham !...WHaM!!.. 

I took over the role of providing cover as I shouted for my buddy to start running. 

The clearing lit up almost immediately after Rizwan started running. 

It was like watching a star wars movie as the tracer rounds flew and embedded itself into the trees and shrubs around us. 

Jim : GO !!! GO GO !!! 

I squeezed the trigger again and again until I heard the snap of the bolt as I sent the last round in the magazine towards the house. 
I heard Mohan shouting for me to start running from behind me and I took off as fast as I can. 

We were lucky it was fucking dark.

The men inside the house were shooting randomly. Some of their tracers flew so high it went up and above the crown of the trees. 
As I turned to run, my body moved on it’s own. 

Or rather my hands moved in it’s own. 

With a simple press of the lever right within reach of my right index finger, the empty magazine fell onto the ground the same time I reached for my spare magazine in my pocket. 

I could hear the shouts of them men that just arrived. 

I could even hear the heavy slam of them closing their car door.

Slapping the magazine into my weapon, I hit the ease spring, chambering a fresh round into my weapon as I dashed past Mohan who immediately got up as well as we ran back to the safety of the jungle. 

We hardly had time to take a breather as we tried to regroup. 

Rizwan : JIM.. here !!.. over here !!... 

Mohan : where’s Derrick ?? where are you.. ? 

Derrick : I’m here… I’m here… !... 

Jim : Tommy …. Where the fuck is Tommy ?? 

The voices were getting louder. Strong beams of torch light pierce into the jungle as we immediately slammed our bodies to the ground as one such beam sliced across the area we were standing barely seconds ago. 

Mohan : fuck !.... there’s at least 8 or 9 more of them. 

I could hear the people in the house shouting at those that just arrive. 

“fucking find them and kill them …fUCK!! FUCK!!” 

Jim : Tommy … where are you Tommy !!.. 

We heard a groan and a gasp from a distance away and my heart dropped. 

I saw a figure moving and I crawled towards the slight depression on the jungle floor filled with dried and decaying leaves. 

Jim : No… no!! 

Tommy was pressing onto his shoulder and his face was pale. 

Tommy : I’m…. I’m sorry man…. I’m sorry…

Jim : fuck.. fuck !!... I was about to help hold onto his wound when Tommy shook his head. 

Tommy : I’m ok… I’m ok…. The bullet went through…. It sliced right through my shoulder blade….. it fucking burns like hell….arghhhhh….. 

I ignored Tommy and I checked the rest of his body to make sure he’s fine. 

A beam of light illuminated Tommy and me and shouts erupted from a distance away. 

My eardrums almost exploded as Rizwan and Derrick let loose a hail of fire at the direction of the light, cutting down the man that was holding it. 

The light was gone but only for a split second. 

Before Rizwan could help me with Tommy, we were forced onto the floor as the new arrivals sprayed their weapons at our general direction. 

We returned fire from the ground. Tree trunks splintered and we were buried with a blizzard of branches and leaves. 

The root of a matured tree caught right beside my face caught a bullet, sending a fistful of sharpened stakes towards my face. 

It felt like someone had given me a hard slap with needle like hands. My jaws immediately felt the moisture of blood as my tongue felt the sharp end of the wood inside my mouth. I pulled it out and continued to fire my weapon. 

Mohan was the first to shout out that he’s out of ammunition. 

40 rounds didn’t really last long in a fire fight. 

This is not even close to the 1.5 contact load we were supposed to carry . 

Jim : get Tommy back to where Nelson and Soh is …. 

Rizwan threw his weapon aside them moment his ran out and drew his knife. 

Rizwan : fuck !... 

The firing stopped again briefly and Mohan immediately got up and started dragging Tommy along the forest floor. 

Tommy grunted in pain and I passed his rifle to Rizwan. 

Jim : Derrick go.. go… go…. Rizwan and I will provide the cover. 

I kept my weapon levelled and aimed towards the general direction where the searching men were. I could still hear them talking. 

Rizwan and I walked backwards, turning every now and then to see the ground behind us. 

This has surely gone tits up. 

I shook my head, trying not to think about the 4km trek back the way we came with Tommy in his condition and a group of armed terrorist in pursuit.

Rizwan : Jim.. they’re coming…they’re spreading out… I can hear them communicating in Melayu … 

Jim : fuck… we’ll have to get back to Soh and Nelson … we will need their weapons…. 

Rizwan : fuck… they’re going to flank us…. They shouted for 3 men to head right….. while the rest continue pushing us in…. 

By the time we got back to the position where we left Soh and Nelson, I was panting and gasping for breathe. As if the situation was not bad enough, Nelson and Soh were gone. 

Jim : WHAT !! 

Mohan :They’re gone… they were not here when we arrive… 

Derrick propped Tommy up against the root of a buttress tree. 

Derrick : they probably went for cover when the shooting began…. They won’t leave us like this… 

The voices got louder and closer. 

Mohan : What do we do ?? 

Rizwan : They’re closing in… they’re closing in on us…. They’re all communicating in malayu…. Probably think we don’t understand them…. 

Derrick reloaded his weapon and spit a gob of saliva onto the ground beside him. 

Derrick : I guess this is it brothers…. 

Mohan exhaled and readied his machete. 

Mohan : If I’m going… I’m going to take a few with me at least…. 

I checked my magazine before slapping it back in. 

This is not good. 

I have 2 rounds left. 

Rizwan checked Tommy’s rifle that I handed to him and he had 3. 

My heart was beating really fast by then. 

You know the feeling of being able to hear voices in the dark yet not knowing where they are coming from. 

Derrick : let them come…..

Derrick left Tommy’s side and came over to Rizwan and me. 

The 3 of us formed a line, each hiding behind the trunk of a matured tree spaced about 2 metres apart. 

Derrick : Let them come…. 

Mohan retreated to Tommy’s side with his machete. 

I pulled my knife out of my sheath and placed it beside me. 

They were close, so close that I could hear the rustle of leaves beneath their feet. 

The shrub barely 20 meters ahead of us moved and Derrick opened fire. 

He still had a good 20 rounds of ammunition but that didn’t last long. 

I saw movement on my end and I squeezed the trigger as well. 

The crack of our rifles were met with more powerful replies as the bullets slammed into the trunks of the tree we were hiding. 

I squeezed my last round, grabbed my knife and crawled backwards towards Mohan and Tommy. 

Rizwan was done too and barely seconds later, Derrick was out as well. 

There was nothing else we could do but try our best to seek cover from the relentless hail of lead flying our way. 

There was another brief pause as the attackers reloaded. 

Beams of torchlight lit up the jungle ground for a few seconds before disappearing. 
Then it appeared again, longer this time. 

Then it stayed on as more beams cut through the dense forest. 

The men were talking, shouting across to each other. 

Jim : What were they saying ? 

Rizwan : they know…. They know we’re out of ammo…. If not we would have started shooting at them…. 

My eyes met the 1st man that came into my line of sight. 

He had a large torchlight and a revolver in his hand. 

The moment we saw me, he smirked, giving me a look of satisfaction as if he had just cornered a trapped animal. 

I gripped my knife tighter as I got ready to charge at him. 

Suddenly the man disappeared. He just fucking disappeared into a spray of blood and tissues right in front of me barely 20 meters away. 

I had no time to register the confusion when the roar of a rifle reached my eardrum. 

It was loud, like a clap of a thunder. The roar sent reverberations from my eardrums right down to my stomach. 

Another man jumped into view with a rifle in his arms. 

An unseen force sent him hurling against a tree as a mass of tissue and muscles painted the forest floor. 

The roar hit my eardrums again and I pressed my palms against my ears. 

It’s like experiencing a thunder clap right beside you. 

“ JIM !......Get the fuck on the ground ! all of you !! “ 

I don’t know whose voice is that but the lot of us hit the floor the same time a volley of automatic fire lit up the jungle.

It was loud, it was so fucking loud that I pressed my palm against my ears tightly as I shouted. 


The vibration of the air around us, the drumming of my heart, all my senses were on fire as muzzle flashes appeared out of nowhere . 

I could see them firing towards the search party. 

Someone is here. 

Someone other than us. 

Someone with better equipment, bigger gun definitely. 

I don’t know who they are but at least they are not shooting at us. 

Then I saw the first glimpse of our saviours. 

One of them jumped down from behind, landing right beside Tommy. 

Dressed in full tactical gear, he was armed to the teeth. There were no emblems, no flags, nothing to identify him. 

Seeing what he was carrying, I finally could put a source to the thunderous roar of gunfire. 

He was carrying a Artic warefare magnum rifle over his shoulder while he emptied the magazine of his automatic weapon. 

Letting his automatic weapon drop to his side, he brought up his sniper rifle and took aim. 

Fuck no. Not this close to us. 

A curse came from the man. 

A simple curse. 

In a language I understand, in a accent I can identify. 

“ you fucking…. Chee bye…..! ”

I gasped a breath of air and tightened my body as I felt the powerful weapon let loose it’s fury upon it’s target. 

The sound knocked all semblance of noise from my head as I rolled over to my side, trying to get away from the trigger happy soldier. 

He released his bolt, sending the spent round towards me as it hit my arm before chambering another into the rifle. 

He dropped the rifle down his side, reloaded his automatic weapon and continued his advance, squeezing off a succession of speeding lead towards the enemy

Thud thud thud thud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thud thud thud thud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That sound never stopped.

The peace of the jungle was shattered by a continuous symphony of automatic weapons.

I could tell they were advancing on the house.

Less than 3 minutes later, there were several loud bangs followed by a few more shots being fired.

Then it was quiet.

It was all quiet.

The gunfire had stopped but the buzzing in my ears were still there.

It felt like I had just attended a rock concert or spent the entire night dancing right under the speakers in a club.

I could hardly hear myself speak as I checked on the guys.

Jim : you all ok ?? are you guys ok ??

Aside from Tommy’s injury, it appears we were all ok.

Before I could heave a sigh of relief, 2 men appeared, their weapons pointed at us.

We were told to drop all our weapons.

“comply… or we will kill you…”

We dropped what we had and our bodies were searched.

After they were satisfied, we were made to walk in a straight line towards the clearing.

As I walked through the jungle, I could see it littered with the bodies of men that were sent after us. Men that until a few moments ago, were still breathing.

The stench I was smelling cannot be described.

There’s this taste of iron in my mouth, I’m not sure if it’s from my own blood or the vapourised blood of the people on the floor.

Coming out to the clearing, I saw more bodies.

“ get into the house”

That was all the man said before disappearing back into the jungle.

Mohan : Who the fuck are they ??

Jim : I don’t know… at least they didn’t shoot us on sight… that can’t be bad I guess….

We stepped into the house and saw Soh and Nelson inside sitting on the floor.

Jim : Soh … are you ok ?? … you guys ok ???

Soh nodded.

I looked around the interior, we were gathered around the living and dining area. It’s pretty spacious, about the size of your typical HDB living room with the wall of a guestroom knocked down.

Jamin was still alive. He looked shaken but otherwise still breathing.

He joined a row of men on their knees, hands behind their backs restraint by zip ties.

Standing beside them on each end were 2 thin and pretty petite guys. I would say they are about 1.6m tall max. They had camouflage creams on their faces as well but something they carried on their belts gave them away.

They were carrying Kukris, a Nepalese knife with an inwardly curved blade.


This 2 are Gurkhas.

I heard the voice of another man speaking in the room. Definitely a Singaporean.

He was asking for a status report, probably from the rest of his men still out in the jungle.

Another 2 men entered the house, one of them at least 2 metres tall. Fuck he’s huge, like a fucking mountain. The man beside him is obviously the man in charge of it all. Unlike the rest of the team that were heavy with gear, this man only had a side arm on his waist.

He had a phone in one hand, a walkie talkie on another and I could see the light from another phone vibrating in his pocket.

Jim : Soh… who are they… ??

Soh shook his head and shrugged his shoulder.

None of the men that saved us had any ranks displayed on their uniforms.

I don’t recognise it as our standard issue as well but the way they speak, they are definitely Singaporeans.

They must be the ones that took care of Edward’s men.

It all makes sense now.

The barking of the dogs in the middle of the night.

They were out there all along.

The man asking for a status report introduced himself as Captain Ricky.

Ricky : I’m Captain Ricky…. I don’t know what the fuck you guys were thinking….this has to be the dumbest idea ever in the history of our country…. What the fuck were you guys thinking ?!!!

None of us said a word .

Yeah, it was a dumb move on our part but it was the right move in our mind.

Ricky : We almost fucking killed all of you !....

Mohan : What ? … why ???

Ricky : why ? … are you fucking kidding me?? … after all that has happened….. you fucking try to buy shit from a known arms dealer…..what do you expect us to take you for ???

Before anyone of us could say a word, Jamin stared shouting.

Jamin : fuck you.. fuck all of you… I demand to know who you are….you cannot restraint me against my will like this….. what jurisdiction do you have in this country !!!

Ricky turned and looked at Jamin, unable to believe what he just said.

Jamin : I am a Singaporean just like you…..i hold a pink IC….. I have a red passport… !! … I demand my right as a citizen !!!...

Ricky : You are fucking kidding me aren’t you…. hahaha… I like your sense of humour….

Jamin : the Geneva convention defines the basic rights of a war time prisoner …. I know my rights….

Ricky : oh… your rights….

Jamin laughed as he mocked Ricky :

Jamin : Yeah… and there is nothing you can do about it…hhaha…

Jim : You little prick….!!.. I’ll fucking kill you with my bare hands !!!

I wanted to charge towards Jamin but was held back down by my friends.

Rizwan : Jim… Jim…. Calm down…. Calm down….

Jamin :hahaha… yes… I know my rights…. I can drag this out….. you can bring me back…. this will go to trial…. It will take years… hahaha… more will die before I am even charged with anything… hahaha…

Everyone looked on in disgust as Jamin went on a tirade.

Jamin : oh… and we are in Malaysia…. I pity your logistics planning …. All the paper work just to get me back… hahaha.. hahaha….

Since no one replied to Jamin, he got bolder.

Jamin : All of you will be hanged together with me…. ahhaha..hahaha… discharging your weapon in a foreign country… hahaha.. you’re fuck !!.. ahahah you hear me… you are all fucked !!! hahahahhahah….

Jamin spoke with suck intensity that saliva spit out of his mouth.

Jamin : I am a Mensa member since I am 6 years old!!!.... I am a scholar with multiple scholarships under my name…hahah…. Who the fuck do you people think you are…. ? you dumb fucks….get me the fuck out of this place…. I want to speak with my lawyer… hahaha….

Jamin started doing on about how rich his father is and that he would be able to buy his way out of anything.

I looked around the room , there has to be something I can use. Once I get the chance, I’m going to stab the motherfucker until he bleeds the fuck out on the floor.

Jamin : Who’s in charge here ??? hahaha.. I’ll only talk to the one in charge…. Hahaha… I’ll tell you something…. Hahaah.. you want to know a secret… ? hahahah….

Jamin spit out his so call secret with a defiant look on his face.

Jamin : I know you are here without authorisation… hahahahahah….

I could see Ricky’s expression changed as he turned towards the man in charge who was just done with his communications.

Jamin : hahaha..haha… see.. haha..i know people….. I know people high up….. no authorisation has been given….. for the arm forced to be involved… hahaha..haha.. everything is still going by the book…. Must check this… check that… collect evidence…. Ahahah.. interview witness… haha…documentations… haha….pathetic shit…hahaha

The man in charge finally spoke and he did so with a smile.

James : Hi…. Colonel James…. I’m head of public relations … how can I help you… ?

His friendly demeanour caught Jamin offguard as he paused for a moment .

Jamin : i….are you.. are you the person in charge ?? … I demand to be release….there is no reason for you to detain me and my friends…. You are here in this country illegally !!! … I know !!! I will know first hand if the stupid government of yours decides to send dogs like you to bring me back !!! hahahahah…I will know…

James : Oh… you know everything…do you… hahaha…

Then without warning, James took a knife from the giant standing by the door and went over to Jamin.

Jamin : what are you doing ?? what are you doing !!! I know my.. sergh..arghhh.. grurughhhh….!!! 

Nelson : wooahh..woahhhh.. fuck.. 

RIzwan :what the fuck !! woahh.. woahh!!! Wait… 

There was no waiting. 

There was no hesitation. 

James took a fistful of the Jamin’s hair and yank them back. I would have thought he wanted to slit his throat but he did not. 

Using the pointed end of the dagger, he punctured the skin below Jamin’s chin.
Use your thumb and touch the soft fleshy part below your chin right now, imagine having a blade pushing through that spot slowly.

No one moved as James slowly pushed the blade into Jamin’s mouth from the bottom. 

Blood oozed out as Jamin gurgled and choked. 

James’s voice was cold as ice as he held onto a struggling Jamin. 

James : The blade has pierced through your tongue…..but don’t worry… you won’t die yet… not so fast… 

Gruggghghghghhghghghghghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Gcraccckkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! 

That gurgling and choking sound raised all the hair behind my neck as I watch James held onto Jamin. 

James : Do you know…. My niece…she was only 4 years old…. 


James : She died…. Because you what you did…… at the childcare in Hougang…. 


James : now I will never be able to see her grow up…… I won’t be able to see her go to school….. she will not be able to show me her PSLE results…. I won’t be able to tease her about her first boyfriend….. 


Jamin’s eyes were starting to get bloodshot as he struggled and choked but was kept upright by James. 

James : ….the parents… of all the children….. the will not be able to hold their child in their arms again………….


James : They won’t be able to see them walk down the aisle ….. they won’t be able wait outside the delivery ward for the arrival of their grandchildren….. 

Gruggghghghghhghghhhh!!!!! Grrkk crrrukkkkkcccccccc!!!

James : all because of a selfish fuck like you… … 

Gruggghghghghhghghhhh!!!!! Grrkk crrrukkkkkcccccccc!!!

It was painful to watch ,and the sound made it even worst. 

James : Your lungs are filling up with blood… your own blood…….drowning….is one of the most painful way to die…. 

James shook a convulsing Jamin as he tried to make him stay awake. 

He twisted the blade in Jamin’s mouth, the scraping sound of metal against teeth and bone sent a chill down my spine. 

James : Just before you pass out….i just want to clarify something….. 

Gruggghghghghhghghhhh!!!!! Grrkk crrrukkkkkcccccccc!!!

Jamin’s mouth started to bubble and blood started spilling down his chin, cascading down in a spectacular fashion to his neck and shirt. 

James : They didn’t send us to bring you back…….they sent us to make sure people like you….. don’t go back…. 

James pulled out the dagger and a large squirt of blood escaped form the gaping wound. He let Jamin dropped to the floor as the pool of blood around his body started to spread. Jamin was still struggling and convulsing on the ground like a broken marionette doll. 

The rest of the men who were beside him started to panic. 

2 of them pissed their pants and almost all started crying. 

James turned and shook the bloodied knife at us. 

James : I’ll….. I’ll deal with you guys in later…. Fuck….the mess you got everyone into….

One of the man who pissed his pants started crying and begging for James to let his brother go. 

“he’s only 15…. He’s only 15… sobzz… sobz.. please… sorry… I’m so sorry.. sobzzz. Let him go please….” 

James gestured to Ricky and the giant by the entrance. 

He dragged the teenager out from the row of men. 

James : 15 ? ??..... the kids that died…. Could barely walk…15 is old enough…. 

He rest his bloodied knife on the teenager’s cheeks as his brother begged for his live. 

I watched in horror as the Gurkhas each took a prisoner, so did Ricky and the giant. 

They grabbed a fistful of their hair, exposing their necks up to the ceiling. The screams and cries of the men got louder and louder. 

The cries of men about to meet their end. 

I could see all of them pissing in their pants, the smell of pee was concentrated and strong. 

James grabbed the teenager’s head and he kid cried for his brother, shouting for him to be strong. 

Kid : be strong brother … be strong !!! … stay true to our beliefs !!! 

The kid’s older brother cursed and shouted for him to shut up as he kept pleading for his brother’s life. 

James bent down and spoke directly into the trembling teenage’s ear. 

James : Tell your friends….. 

Without warning, James’s men jabbed their knives into the throat from the sides of the kneeling men, severing their jugular. Their blades turned as the gurgling and choking sound of the 4 men filled the room. 

The kid screamed and tried to turn away but James held his head firm, forcing him to watch his brother and friends die. 

James : Tell them Singapore never forgets……. Tell them we came for you…. 

Gruggghghghghhghghhhh!!!!! Grrkk crrrukkkkkcccccccc!!! Gruggghghghghhghghhhh!!!!! Grrkk crrrukkkkkcccccccc!!!

After an agonising minute of so, the men stopped convulsing, they all laid still , face down in a pool of their own blood. 

James cut the kid loose . 

James : get the fuck out of my sight before I change my mind…. 

The kid screamed, wiped the snot from his nose and dashed out of the house. 

James looked out the window as the cries of the kid who just watched his brother die faded into the distance. 

Soh : What are you doing !!! how can you let him go !!!.. he will warn the rest… he will bring everything they have down on you here !!! … 

I looked away from James towards the spot where the 2 Gurkhas were standing. 

They were gone. 

Like apparitions in the night. 

Not a sound. It’s as if they just vanished. 

James : don’t worry…. He’s not bringing them to us…………. He’s bringing us to them… 



  1. i like your stories. there is something very 'Singaporean' about it ...this PM in your story has so much more character than the henpeck lameduck we have in reality ...

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